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sneak peek: max & linda of wallter

by Amy Azzarito

wallter makes some of my favorite bedding – and i’m all about local, so i have to say that i love that they manufacture their products just a few miles from their studio. one of my favorite things about their san francisco bay area home is the children’s bedroom. my parents also used the closet space for beds in my childhood bedroom – shared with two sisters. so it was fantastic to see the space max built for the boys – every kid wants his own little nook! {thanks to max, linda, adam & arby!} -amy a.

[We were lucky enough to buy our house in 1999, shortly after we were married and before the housing bubble began. It was a perfect little fixer upper – before our business began, before dog, and before kids. Since the condition that we bought it in was less than desirable, we’ve redone every room in the house. Now we have 2 sons; Adam age 8, and Owen almost 3, and our little Boston Terrier named Arby, all living in 1100 square foot, 2 bedroom one bath home. Our home truly reflects who we are as designers and how we like to see our products. We like being our own product testers and live with everything we make.

photo above: This is one of the rare occasions that our bed is made. Ironic that we started our business making bedding, however we hardly ever make our own bed. The headboard is a $10 thrift store find. All we did was clean it up a bit and paint it white. The bedside lights are from Design Within Reach. The small Saarinen table is another roadside find. It was in pretty bad shape so Max re-painted the base and veneered the top in walnut . On the ceiling we created a rosette with our circles. I love our bedroom, especially when the bed is made. It gets a lot of light all day long and always feels calming.]

[photo above: Living room. The sofa and chair are from Walter Knoll – perfectly fitting. The prints on the wall, are from a Bay Area graphic artist, David Lance Goines. The lamps are from our good friends at Alex Marshall Studios. As soon as we met Alex and her husband Andrew we knew we wanted to collect their ceramics.]

[photo above: Original fireplace that doesn’t work. Great place to store floor cushions.]

[photo above: Since I am originally from Cheyenne,WY, this poster is particularly meaningful. Cheyenne Frontier Days, the world’s largest outdoor rodeo, is a Wyoming institution. Again, Alex Marshall ceramics above and on the table. The Ripple lamp is very special to us because it is the first prototype they made, and we were the product testers for them. We’re not giving it back. The Saarinen table was found by the side of the road in LA and given to Max by a friend. We had just moved into our house and he knew we needed a table. And our favorite indestructible aluminum chairs by Emeco – standard issue with 2 kids.]

[photo above: We tried to salvage as much of the original kitchen as possible when we decided to update it. Much of the house, built in ’39, was left original until the ’70s and ’80s when there were some “upgrades”.  We pulled out all the “upgrades” and worked with what was left to try and save some of the original flavor of the kitchen. The counter tops are stained maple plywood.  They were supposed to be temporary and used as a template for something more elegant and durable. Fortunately, they have been great and have lasted 10 years. The canister collection was from Max’s grandmother. My favorite is the one labeled “grease”. And of course we love our chocolate brown fridge from Mueller. When we ordered it, people questioned the color choice, but we’ve never grown tired of the brown.]

CLICK HERE for the full Wallter sneak peek!

[photo above: This side of the kitchen is all new. Max built the cabinet above the stove to hold our daily use dishes. Its also the perfect place to display our mix of vintage enamel and newer pieces by our friends at Kiln Enamel. The white mushroom bowl in the center, was my mom’s and was the catalyst for  the collection.]

[photo above: We used our circles (cut in half) to display my collection of Kiln Enamel necklaces. The owls are vintage and were originally designed as covers for hair spray cans. Now they cover candles and perfume. There’s Arby the dog sitting on his chair.]

[photo above: Everything in the bathroom is new. It was in particularly bad condition when we moved in. We tried to live with it for as long as possible because we wanted to address more important issues with the house. We felt like we had no choice once the mushrooms started to grow around the tub. We chose walnut for the walls, and the floors are cork. Not the most practical choices, but they look as new as when they were installed 5 years ago. It’s a great warm place to get away from all the boys in the morning.]

[photo above: When our second son was born, we had to come up with a way to create personal space for our older son. I thought Max was a genius when he built a loft bed into the existing closet space. It was an odd shaped closet, which made it hard to put anything away without it getting lost forever. Our older son Adam loves having his own area, and now that Owen has grown out of his crib, he wanted to move into the closet too. It’s perfect because the rest of the room became their play space. We only need one large dresser for their clothes. Since they are boys, they always wear the same 5 shirts anyways. No need for a closet. ]

[photo above: The bar was a really cool find. Push down the top to hide everything and turn the key raise it to start drinking again. The table is vintage Herman Miller and the chairs are Scandinavian handed down from Max’s step mom. Max cleaned them up and reupholstered with Maharam fabric.]

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  • absolutely love the closeted lofted bunkbeds….brilliant! congratulations on a beautiful home.

  • lovely! one of favorite sneak peaks ever. stylish without trying so hard or being overwhelming. i wonder how the owners clean the corked bathroom floor?

  • Lines are so clean, each room’s aesthetic is absolutely distinct, yet every room flows seamlessly into the other. Amazing….thanks for the sneak peek!

  • I love the circle detail on the ceiling in the bedroom. I would love to hear more detail about how they achieved this.

    Care to elaborate???

  • What a great house! Love the colors, clean lines, love it all! Here we go with the dreaded paint color question…I love the green in the breakfast nook, could you please post the name? Thx!!

  • LUV the kids room – i never use my kids closets cause i put everything in their dresser so i should take the doors off and make one of these lofts!

  • I can honestly say this is one of my favorite home tours ever! I live in a 1120 sf and I often feel smothered by all of my “stuff.” This palette is just so refreshing.

    I would like to see more images to see how the space lays out.

  • Love your place, love your little BT! I have the same bathroom layout and am looking for a giant inset medicine cabinet, can you share the details on yours?

  • Cheyenne Frontier Days! I am from Northern Ireland, living in SF Bay Area, but I happened to be driving through Cheyenne one year when Frontier Days was going on. I realize this is a bit of a random comment but this brings back memories! The house is beautiful, by the way.

  • Would love to know more about the plywood countertops in the kitchen. DIY? If so, would love to hear tips on re-creating that in my own kitchen. I have been living with green formica WAY too long!

  • i love the lofted kid play area! i would have died for that as a kid! the mueller fridge is fantastic, too!

  • I love the vintage Cheyenne Frontier Days poster. I also grew up in Cheyenne and still love rodeo, drinking during the middle of the day on Wednesday, pancake breakfasts, and parades with “shoot outs”.

  • I beg to differ but I believe my hometown, Calgary Alberta, has the biggest outdoor rodeo in the world every summer – the Calgary Stampede.

    Oh and I love the understated simplicity of your place and the great lamps.

  • really nicely done- wondering if you made the wooden hooks to left of kids’ loft? so great!

  • I’ve never commented before, but I couldn’t not say how much I enjoyed this house tour. So, so wonderful! The bunk beds are fantastic. As are the circles over the bed, the kitchen, all of it! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Wow…so amazing, I just have to comment!!!! Seriously, every room is so well thought out and executed. I am a bit jealous! I would LOVE to know WHERE CAN I FIND that amazing sunburst mirror, the coat rack in the boys room, and the pillow on the white chair? Thanks!!!!

  • looove the boys loft space. please share where you found the awesome world map rug! would love it for my daughter’s play area!

  • Hello! Thanks everyone for all the great comments. I wanted to answer a few questions.

    Joyce – The cork floors are wiped down with a soapy wet rag then they are wiped with a dry towel. The floors have held up really well. There is a flexible channel between the floor and the tub to catch any overflow.

    Mirta- The coffee table is the Nelson Bench from Herman Miller.

    Booke – The medicine cabinet came from a store that has since closed. Sorry I was unable to find the paperwork on it.

    Pam – The counter tops are made of Maple plywood. The edges are veneered in maple. I mixed my own mahogany stain to match the fridge. The important thing was to use a stain controller and to wipe the stain off in a straight line. I then finished it with a Polyurethane. Not bad for $150.

    Thanks again for the comments, we enjoyed them all!

  • i have dreams of an all-white room, but seeing that sensational splash of orange on the bed, has made me re-think my thoughts …. hmm …

  • oops, I missed a couple of questions:

    Kirsten – The yellow color in the kitchen is “Pale yellow” from Glidden, semi-gloss. Oy..I love the color…but the paint does not have enough pigment….3 coats later I have decided to go back to Benjamin Moore and do a color match.

    hishouse;herhelp. – The couch color is a dark, dark red called “Ox-Blood”.

    Liz – The coat rack in the boys room is from our collection and can be found here: http://foldbedding.com/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=119

    Jennica – The Starburst is also from us and can be found here: http://foldbedding.com/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=32

  • I’ve been looking for a bar like that for ages! Do you mind letting me know where you got it, or who it’s by? THANK YOU!

  • I am SO happy to see this kitchen was left in it’s original 1930’s state. Real Estate agents are always going on about how you have to update your kitchen to increase your home’s resale, but what sold me on my house was the fact that the kitchen hadn’t been updated! I’m sure I can’t be the only one who feels t his way. And obviously … from the above article … I’m not! And that fridge may just be the most beautiful thing ever invented in the history of the world. Seriously … no exaggeration.

  • I love that fridge but I cannot seem to find a source. Can you tell me where you ordered it?

    Thank you.

  • My only question is…who in their right mind would throw away a perfectly good Saarinen table?? What a find for you guys!

  • These are some absolutely glorious designs. I’m a cabinetmaker who is always surfing the Internet looking for something new and exciting, because when I do our bathrooms and kitchen, I do NOT want to do the same thing everyone else does. As yet I still have not figured out what I’m going to do, but one fine day I hope to have something wonderful to share with people on the Internet. And if I do, concepts like these will help me get there. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Love the Cheyenne Frontier Days Poster….love it ALL actually. I went to school in Cheyenne – moved around a lot and am now in Laramie… anyway, it’s nice to see you here on Design Sponge, Amy!!

  • Love, love, love!

    I’d love to get my hands on a rug like the one in the boys’ room. Can you tell me where it’s from?!

  • Love this house tour! I was linked here from ohdeedoh, featuring the shared boys’ bedroom. What a genius idea for saving space and solving the “bunk-bed” problem.

  • I have what looks like the exact same mushroom bowl. It was my Mum’s and I love it. It has lost the enamel in some places but still looks good on a shelf. Says Finel, Made in Finland on the base. I think it would have been bought in Yorkshire, England.
    Love the boys’ bedroom!

  • The boys’ room is brilliant! As a map lover, I’m wondering, where did the world map rug come from???

  • Your house looks great.

    I can’t believe you found 2 Saarinen tables either. And that awesome headboard for $10? I look for stuff like that all the time. I must be living in the wrong town.

  • Another plea for map rug info from a traveling family in the midst of playroom design! Lovely home…such a delightful energy in your design!

  • Where did you purchase your fridge? I can’t find anything similar in the US. LOVE IT!

  • LOVE THE FRIDGE! Where did you purchase it — can’t find anything in the US similar to this.

  • Hi! Love your house! Would you mind telling me where you purchased the ladder for the boys’ closet conversion? Or was it home-made?

  • Still for the source of that lovely map rug! Also, I love the closet turned bunk beds – what a fantastic idea! Thank you.