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sneak peek: emersonmade

by Amy Azzarito

for the last few months, grace and i have all been seriously obsessing over the gorgeous handmade fabric flowers from emersonmade! so we we’ve all been dying to get a peek at where these fantastic creations are dreamed up. ryan and emerson moved from new york city to a seaside town in new hampshire two years ago. what was once a one-woman operation has grown into a full-scale business run out of a nearby historic mill. (next on the horizon is a full clothing line due out later this year! yay!) if you’ve been smitten with emersonmade, like us, you might recognize their home from some of their product photo shoots where the super cute couple model their own creations! {thanks emerson & ryan}amy a.

[We purchased the house about 2 years ago when we moved from NYC and we had to completely renovate it – it was a shambles when we got it! We wanted it to feel open, relaxing and inviting. The type of place that immediately puts guests at ease. This is our library. [photo above] We have driven all over the Eastern seaboard picking stuff up. Everything in this picture, other than the sofa, are from our excursions. The floor was initially covered in a non-slip paint with sand bits in it. We had them stripped and found this old heart pine.]

[photo above: We built this fireplace with two things in mind, 1. That you could look straight into the fire, and 2. that you could have a place to sit next to the fire if you wanted. We incorporated all the original hardware from the previously non functioning fireplace so it looks like it did 130 year ago. The nautical map, on the mantle, charts the ocean from NYC to Maine – it traces our move from Manhattan to New Hampshire.]

[photo above: Another view of the library! It is beautiful in there during the day because it is northern facing and gets no direct light. It glows with the reflection of the trees! The lamp is beaded chandelier with probably 30 little beautiful light bulbs.  when we turn it on at night look like little full moons behind the beads!]

[photo above: This is where we eat! We wanted to be able to eat dinner next to the fire. It’s open to the kitchen since that is where we spend most of our time. The table and chairs are from our collecting excursions. It sits 10-12 people comfortably.  We have those fold up chairs all over the house! if you want to have a party in the grass you can bring them outside! The chairs get around.]

CLICK HERE for the full EmersonMade peek!

[photo above: Emerson collects vintage clothes and a few are hanging here.  We have a lot of guns around, this one is a quick grab to protect the farm from any varmints.]

[photo above: We designed our pantry so that everything would be visible. We have mostly unrefined ingredients because we don’t eat sugar, flour and processed ingredients so we just line it all up in here and grab what we need.]

[The fantastic sink was found on craigslist for a bargain price, and we had the butcher block built. We use it for all our food prep.  Ryan bought Emerson some initial pieces of ironstone for their anniversary and the collection just took off from there.]

[photo: This is the music room. It’s still in work in progress! We have Two-Man music parties in there! The map is a little map of Rome. It has beautiful colors – we found it for $1.]

[These beds date back to Emerson’s grandmother’s childhood. Her mom used them as a girl. They are really sweet and bright – especially in the morning light.]

[This chair is also from Emerson’s grandmother – she has a fantastic collection of furniture.]

[photo above: We had to tidy up that beside table! Usually it is piled sky high with too many books about health, gardening and new projects! The books covered in kraft paper are Emerson’s sketch and scheduling books for the EmersonMade line.]

[photo above: Laundry room sink and folding table. That rooms got lots of light! We got the sink from an old man who collected beautiful sinks in his barn way out in the woods! Emerson covered the old farm table with linen and padding to make it an ironing table. We make those little flag banners at EmersonMade and we have them all over the place!]

[photo: This is our front door which leads directly into kitchen area. Ryan’s brother made the beautiful Emerson Farm sign.]

[photo above: We have a lot of chickens and ducks that free range all over the place. They love the front yard for some reason. The ducks and roosters are always causing all kinds of chaos out there.]

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  • i actually just went into hyperventilation at the pantry. DREAM WORLD. & that sink! and everything!! perfect!

    we’re looking at vermont houses next time we head back – i want to move home already, but this really really makes me homesick!

  • this home is so beautiful i want to cry…the emerson-made gal is the most brilliant stylist.

  • have emerson merrick and emerson made been friend-matched yet? if not, it is soooooooo long overdue.

    p.s this house made me audibly sigh whilst in bed. my husband thinks i’m bonkers.

  • COMPLETELY obsessed with this sneak peek. I absolutely ADORE ADORE ADORE EmersonMade, so I’m not at all surprised that their house is so incredible. I particularly love the open pantry! And the laundry room is so festive! I wouldn’t mind doing laundry if I could hang in that room while doing it!

  • I am almost speechless with delight after viewing this lovely Sneak Peek. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • I can’t even begin to express to you how much I want to live in this house. It’s wonderful. I’m saving this page forever. We just bought our first home and, althought it doens’t come near the size of this one – this is exactly how I want our home to feel. The floors, the pantry, that sink!

  • This is my absolute FAVORITE Sneak Peek yet. I am obsessed with EmersonMade and seeing their home has made my week! Bravo!

  • Where are those wonderful glass storage container in the pantry from? I have been searching, but they are all so expensive!

  • Where is the lighting above the dinning room table from? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! I love it! Very beautiful home!

  • Where to begin…
    I wish we were organized enough to have a beautiful, open pantry, filled with beautiful glass containers…
    Those single beds are so fabulous!
    What a lovely, warm home… thanks for sharing!!

  • beautiful! i wonder how close they are to me (in exeter, nh!) wouldn’t be suprised if they’re close, lots of pretty homes around. love the decorating

  • Based on her website and product photos, it doesn’t surprise me at all that their home is so gorgeous. I love the sweet touches like the nautical map that has that double meaning. The chickens are the perfect touch!

  • Just like their handmade flowers, their house is charming, light & fresh. I love it all! The kitchen and pantry are perfect. Great sneak peak.

    A random question – where is the bedside table from in the master bedroom? We are currently on the hunt for nightstands and I think those would be perfect!

  • I’m always a sucker for a sneak peek, but this one? I’m already envisioning summer nights spent on the NH beach and cooking dinners out of that to-die-for pantry. Love it!

  • I really wish they would adopt me. They are awesome creatives, have a cool house, and have a blog about a stuffed mouse. So cool.

    And the natural light in their home is making me delirious. I’m stuck in my home office which is in my basement. Sigh…

  • Oh my goodness I love seeing this fellow Seacoast New Hampshire gem! Thanks for featuring their beautiful home!

  • hands down my favorite sneak peek EVER!! what a beautiful job you’ve done with your home. unbelievable and so inspirational! that pantry is my new happy place.

  • this is fantastic. i love how simple and refreshing their house is. makes me want to move to the country and decorate only with whites and neutrals.

  • love, love, love!! this has been an excellent d*s day! can this many awesome posts in one day possibly be duplicated?

  • beautiful and amazing. your world is my new imaginary playground.

    I dream of having a pantry that looks like that someday… but mine will need to include flour and sugar, as I don’t think I can live totally without them.

  • I know I already commented but I need to follow up:
    1- where did that wonderful bedside table come from in the master bdrm?
    2 – do you have any before pictures?
    3 – if you ever decide to start a B&B I’ll be first in line.

  • AMAZING. I want my house to look exactly like this. This is my favorite sneak peak EVER.

  • Hands down, the best sneak peek ever. I am nearly brought to tears reading this post. Everything and everyone in this house is beautiful! I will have dreams of that pantry for days to come. Thanks!

  • I am almost silent with awe – they have some seriously unusual and delectable lighting. And the pantry – everything really! I’m going to their website in the hope that some of the chic will rub off if I buy something!

  • Gorgeous. So beautiful and relaxed. I’m absolutely inspired. When, oh WHEN, will I ever be out of this apartment?

  • I absolutely love this house!
    I am on the hunt for the perfect off-white/ivory colored wall paint (there are so so many to choose from)… I love the clean wall color featured here, especially in the music room & coat rack. Could you share your beautifully neutral wall color?

  • Just ordered emsersonmade poppers for my daughter’s birthday party. So excited. I get so many compliments on my bloom. LOVE the house. The kitchen is fabulous. Andrea — a great neutral is BM1528 Early Morning Mist. Found it in Domino. Looks great in every room I put it in. HTH.

  • Oh good god, this house is bee-yoo-tee-ful! The floors, the kitchen, the dining table by the fireplace….all so, so beautiful and yummy.

    And I nearly died of lust when I saw that pantry set-up. Wow!

  • Wow, that house leaves me speechless. Every space is stunning, but that chandelier in the library…I would never want to stop looking at that. OK, so not quite speechless!

  • i think my hear stopped when i got to the picture of the pantry…that is my idea of heaven! pure perfection!!!!

  • My favortie house so far! Simple, stylish and timeless! Soooo what I want my home to look like!!

  • Wow. Seriously gorgeous.
    I made my boyfriend look at each and every photo so he knows what I want in my future house!

  • Only one other person mentions the fireplace!! It’s my favorite thing about the house. And I’m totally stealing the baker’s half sheets for boot storage by the door!

  • I am loving that kitchen. It’s so light, clean, classic and beautiful. Lovely sneak peek!

  • Dream house! A library = brilliant! The pantry storage = perfection. Free-range hens and ducks wreaking havoc = dream come true. Congratulations on your little piece of heaven. Very inspiring.

  • love it…gorgeous home. it’s nice to see New Hampshire represent. I live in the NH seacoast area too and it really is pretty great.

  • I have a mad crush on this house. MAD. CRUSH. I don’t think I’ve seen someone else’s house look so much like EXACTLY what I would want to put in my house. Sigh.

  • I have a severe case of “house envy”… We live in New Hampshire and the Yankee simplicity of Emerson Farm is classic and charming . Shows how much a good “eye” can make the most of a space. Emerson’s posies are my new favorite thing!

  • I just discovered Emerson made a few days back and did a post on them…n what luck…now i get to see her beautiful house…n yes i’d like to live in their pantry :)

  • I didn’t think it was possible to weep with envy, lust, and admiration all at once. Apparently, it is.

  • What a lovely and welcoming home! Hate to ask the question about the one item that wasn’t found on an Eastern Excursion, but please tell me about the sofa. I’ve been looking for a purple sofa for over a year! Thanks!

  • What a gorgeous and inviting home! So many things to love about it – especially that wonderful laundry sink. Thanks for all the beautiful – and organized – inspiration.

  • Thank you for giving us a glimpse into Emmersonmade. I too am obsessed with her website and products (especially the mouse). I’ve ordered a beautiful symphony rose to wear and it’s wonderful.

  • Thank you for this sneakpeek. I love Emersonmade. Her great style has made this California girl enjoy her New England life a litte bit more.

  • Sorry to say this, but the combination of a high chair and a gun standing on the floor totally blocked my ability to enjoy the visual here.

  • where do y’all think she found those cute folding chairs? any thoughts?

  • My two-year-old looks like a wood nymph with the linen flowers, and I am very much looking forward to the clothing line. Gorgeous space!

  • I love being able to nosey at peoples homes properly instead of a sneaky peak as I walk down the street. Beautiful creative space and that’s exactly what I’d love to do with a pantry!!

  • The Emerson Made line is my favorite all around package. They’ve got it all – humor, style, talent, a commitment to a lifestyle that defines an easy, modern form of ‘classic ‘. I have but one question; where does The Mouse live?

  • WOW!! Just hard to believe how beautiful this home is. I love those bright yellow beds, such a wonderful, cheerful idea! I am crazy about the Emersonmade line, I’ve been buying their stuff since they first started! (collectors items?)

  • Oh, my god. This is absolutely my DREAM pantry. I have been looking for the wicker container just like that. Do you know where can I get it ?

  • Where are those folding chairs from? So many of the ideas in this house are so perfectly flexible, I could use them in my tiny apartment. Everything is casual and deliberate, comfortable and classy -love it!

  • love, love, love!! i’ve always wondered about the brains behind emersonmade – where their home is and what it looks like! it is as wonderful as i imagined it would be! she has such a knack for styling! thank you so much for sharing!

  • I absolutely love this house – especially the pantry, dining room, kitchen and blackboard! The pantry is so pretty and neat – just how it should be. It is such a great idea to be able to ‘see’ food instead of searching endlessly in the kitchen for something! I love this house! Thanks Design*Sponge for the inspiration :)

  • I am obsessed with the bed in the master bedroom. Can you tell me where it’s from?

  • added a pic of the Emmerson Farm pantry to my blog as my dream pantry..hoping to do a version of it in my own kitchen early in the new year..absolutely fabulous love it love it love it

  • i love this house! the pantry is great – interesting how they dont eat sugar or flour etc but she smokes cigarettes…!?

  • love the pantry wall….was the shelf unit; off the peg…if so., could you give the manufacturers name brand….we store in kilner jars but cant really afford custom shelving, which so far is all that seems available….thank you

  • The Pantry is awesome. I am actually ridiculously jealous! I am in desperate need of self storage solutions for my kitchen. I have too much stuff and not enough space. Although, as beautiful as the pantry looks I don’t think I can live without eating sugar, flour and processed ingredients. Well done you guys!

  • Anyone able to provide source on lighting in pantry “hallway”, three in a row, hanging down? Thanks.

    tricia16 at hot dot rr dot com

  • I’m with Mirjam. A very accessible-looking gun sitting on the floor in the same house as a high chair???????

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  • I have recently switched to wheat free and beginner vegetarian and with all the “new” ingredients I am buying, I could not find a creative way to store the jars without having to stack them one in front of another, making it difficult to see what I have or don’t have. The pantry is wonderful. I have a small broom closet with shelving added the depth of the closet, so things are buried. Now thinking of removing those deep shelves and putting in narrow ones on the three walls, then I can store each individually. Should have thought of this idea long ago, but now new healthy lifestyle puts it all in perspective. Thanks for your ideas. I am 67, but always on the lookout to make things better and more efficient in a small home.