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sneak peek: danielle deboe

by anne

looking at the home of danielle deboe – a former furniture and home accessories buyer as well as former visual manager for anthropologie – you’d never know she just moved into this home over the holidays and has lived in 8 places in 7 years.  these days she owns her own store, room service,  and runs made in the 216, an event to highlight work being created in cleveland, ohio, where she is based.  because of her shop, tradeshows and the internet, she’s constantly exposed to new great products, but can’t afford it all, and must instead edit for her own needs and tastes. she considers her aesthetic eclectic, always involving a lot of color.  ironically, fashion-wise she tends to wear only neutrals. her home becomes a way for self expression, and her goal is to find a harmonious balance between new and old, and do it as affordably as possible. enjoy the full sneak peek below, and you can find all the full-sized images right here. {thanks, danielle!}anne

[above: In my office are temporary bookshelves, I am having a friend make me new shelves made of barnwood to fill either side of the chimney, but this space is very utilitarian for me, my books, my inspiration board and my desk, which is not pictured but a beautiful 19th century desk I found at auction, and I think it pairs quite nicely with my Panton chair.]

The fireplace, currently non-functioning has really lovely details and is definitely one of the main things that attracted me to this house.

My living room doesn’t get a tremendous amount of light so this is definitely my after work location.  I really like sitting under a lamp in this quiet room and reading, or cozying up with my laptop to work comfortably.  The sofa was a vintage find that cost more to dryclean and I know the original owner of the sofa as she is the owner of one of my favorite vintage stores in Cleveland,  so I didn’t even have to question its origins!

Another image of my kitchen shows the chairs, which were white metal when I found the 4 of them for $20 at the thrift store.  A little red paint and some quirky fabric found at Ikea for $8/yd and Voila!  A very pleasant place for me to start my day!

CLICK HERE for all 19 images of danielle’s home after the jump!

I think these quirky wall hangers are really funny.  They are by British designers, Thelermont Hupton. I switch out the postcards and memorabilia I hang near them as often as I change my inspiration board in my office…frequently!  But I really enjoy sitting with my morning coffee and seeing these pieces of nostalgia at the start of each day.

I spend the most time in my kitchen, even though I don’t do a whole lot of cooking (yet).  This room just makes me so happy every time I enter it!  I end up moving my laptop out of my office and working in here most mornings.  I have always wanted a clear cabinet in my kitchen so I can see my pretty plate and mixing bowl collection (which is not all present in this photo)…and of course my favorite Pantone mug collection, which I sell at my store.

A view from my office into the kitchen shows art by local artist Beth Whalley and a collage by Claire Teschel, who is also known for her Paint chip collection.

I have always loved Matroyska dolls and this mini collection near my cook book collection (that rarely gets used) were gifts from friends, so I enjoy keeping them out.

My kitchen gets the best light of any room in the house, so I knew I could get away with painting a wall with black chalkboard paint.  The plates I already owned, leftover from selling in the store, and they worked out nicely to marry the pink wall with the black wall.

What more can I say….I don’t cook, but I am REALLY trying to make an effort!  A little motivation goes a long way…that and a cute owl printed apron, what better inspiration for getting in there and getting to it!

I absolutely LOVE plate walls.  I have had dozens of versions of them over the years in various places I have lived.  This assortment of plates was all purchased from the sale section at Anthropologie and are some of my favorites in my collection.  Currently this is my most modest version, but I love the colors so much, and I am really happy with the composition on that little wall above one of my favorite chairs.

The best part of my foyer is that there is enough space for a table big enough to not only keep my Tim Walker photography book on, but to keep it OPEN!  Every other day or so, when I am in my foyer getting my jacket, gloves, hat, boots and stuff together to start my day, I flip the page to enjoy a new image from this most inspiring book.

The back entrance to the house also gets nice light, and I keep my hats and bicycle back there.  I have been a hat fanatic since I was a child, I just keep the current rotation back there, the rest are still looking for a home! And my bike, well, I don’t ride it too much in winter, so I like looking at it!, it only has happy associations for me, (except for that one accident -wear a helmet!).

Sometimes its my bike back there and other times my boots! I am a hat and boot fanatic!

My bathroom has NO natural light, and is really difficult to photograph, but I do LOVE it because I have my Eiffel tower shower curtain as the inspiration for the room, and the gray paint feels like a nice clean refresher from all the bold color throughout the rest of the house.

One of the bedrooms is where I am starting to amass my silhouette collection.  I sell many silhouettes in my store, but most of these were gifts or found at vintage shops and flea markets.  The rug in this room is from the Thomas Paul collection.

I love paper cut art and these are two of my favorite paper cut artists…

This is my inspiration board in my office. It is CONSTANTLY changing. While I fully subscribe to the internet I am still a die hard fan of magazines. Magazines that I tear to pieces and put up on this board, in my inspiration binder in my purse, on my desk, I have magazine tear sheets everywhere! Right now, there are images of horses, blue skies and bikes amongst others, because I am daydreaming about spring/summer.

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  • So much great stuff! Can you tell us more about the purple and white rug peeking out in the foyer picture, and also the paper cut artists? I think I recognize Nikki McClure, but don’t know the other one. Thanks for sharing your lovely home!

  • I think that this is my favorite sneak peek yet. First of all, that sofa is amazing. Secondly, I adore the pink and purple walls. And what is there to say about such a fabulous boot collection? Love, love, love.

  • This home tour is so happy! My house is a riot of bright color also, so I’m naturally drawn in by it. And I have the same owl apron!

  • Is there any way to find out what paint color that is in the picture with the hats and boots?

  • Those dining chairs are amazing! I also love the relative calm of the foyer compared to the color in the rest of the house.

  • Thank you all so much for the compliments!

    JB: the rug is by Thomas Paul and is the peacock feather pattern. You were right, the papercut called GRAVITY was Nikki Mcclure whom i ADORE!

    Courtney: i LOVE boots almost more than furniture or clothes! Thanks for the compliments, when i saw the sofa my friend thought i was insane but it makes me so happy!

    Thanks Alex, B and Amanda!



  • Definitely my favorite, favorite, FAV-OR-ITE home I’ve seen on this site so far!!!! I love it! Especially the color and pattern combinations: those are exactly me & my style! :)

    (does she make up blog lay-out designs?? I’m in need of something awesome… :) ).

  • Your place is amazing! Thanks for sharing. Who are the paper cut artists? There is a great exhibit of cut paper at the Museum of Arts and Design in nyc right now.

  • Yum! Such lovely and discriminating taste in paint colors! Love the furniture too and that your tour mentions all the things you keep around you for the sole purpose of making you smile.

    I also looove papercuts (and like to make my own when my fingers are up for the task). Where can I find that tree-with-gears papercut? I have discovered that I may not be able to live without it. :) Thanks!

  • Can you please go over all the paint colors? I am especially interested in the pink of the kitchen and the red of the kitchen chairs.
    Lovely. And those boots…jealous

  • anne marie, look up TES ONE that is the artist, or william rupnick gallery in cleveland, which is the gallery i bought it from. xoxo

  • Tell me more about the deconstructed cuckoo clock in your office! I love it and would be grateful to know where to find it. Thanks!!

  • I’m from Cleveland, and the city gets a bad rap most of the time. I’m so excited to see such an awesome representation of the city! Thanks for sharing Grace!

  • absolutely gorgeous. i too love the pink kitchen. it is so cheery! where are the sweets and cheese prints from?

  • Darn it all Danielle! You are blooming marvelous! Love the kitchen! Great color! And you are right about the sofa- it rocks!

  • I really NEED to know what the color is in the kitchen. The wall with the chalk quote “try cooking” Thanks in advance!

  • I LOVE your home, Danielle! So many lovely details. I don’t cook either and keep thinking of ways to make it more appealing. The owl apron seems like a great start!

  • hi! what can you tell us about the cheese and fruit prints in the kitchen? love them!!

  • Danielle I love all the rooms the are so you….The boots and hats are great Thanks for sharing see you soon

  • I have a tote made of the same fabric as your apron! I love it :)

    Love your silhouette collection too.

  • I think I am in love with the kitchen chairs. Like everyone else, I am dying to know what the paint source is.

  • kitchen pink paint color: Ralph Lauren: Mademoiselle (of course, i picked it b/c it had a french name!)

    the hallway blue i listed above

    the purple is: Ralph Lauren: Medieval Purple

    the bathroom gray is: Ralph Lauren: Sweatshirt gray

    xoxo thank you all! this is such a joy!

  • oh and the kitchen chairs i did several coats of just red spray paint for metal that i bought from home depot, don’t recall the brand

    the cheese and fruit posters are available thru my store: 216-281-4221

    the clock is metal and i bought it at Anthropologie



  • Danielle,

    I love your store. I used to live down the street from it and LOVE it all.

    Also, I went to school with Beth- she was a year behind me at CIA. She is GREAT!

    I am so pleased that Grace featured a cool Cleveland place like yours on d*s!!! Congrats!

  • So beautiful and lovely! LOVE . that. couch. It is awesome and I can see why it makes you so happy, your fireplace is beautiful too! Awesome boots, I love a good boot all worn in and handsome…and I love all of the pretty colors in your home & those awesome hooks in your breakfast nook! So happy & homey! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • The entry way table is such an awesome piece of furniture. Actually, the entire house is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  • I spy a Nikki McClure. I’ve been coveting another of her papercuts, entitled Extend, but I do love Gravity as well. Lovely home Danielle!

  • I love the lamp (near the table and gold frame mirrow). Can you share where you got it?

  • I don’t think there’s a single thing that I don’t LOVE about this home! Danielle, your aesthetic is so quirky-cute and darling. How could I not fall in love with the space?

    oh — and CLE rocks!

  • Love the brick chimney, Valentines Day feel kitchen nook, the old wood floors, the great pieces of furniture… lovely!

  • The sofa really got my attention right off the bat…very cool. The red chairs in the kitchen could really perk you up on a cloudy day and I can see why you would really want to work in there.

    Cooking really is fun if you give it a shot. I liked the message on the wall.

    Kimberly Aardal

  • I am in love with that paisley sofa! Also love the red chairs in the kitchen…definitely a nice pick-me-up in the morning. Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

  • What a lovely post! So much to be inspired by… I never thought red and pink could look so great together!

  • Can you tell us about the tree-branch jewelry stand in your bedroom? I saw one in a jewelry ad once and have been looking for one ever since.

    Thanks so much for sharing – you have an amazing sense of style.

  • That paisley print couch matches the colors in the fireplace design! Love all the color in your place–it makes me happy just looking at it!

  • This is so crazy, I have the exact same dresser -the one in the bedroom, found by my grandma in Clevelend possibly, not sure, and sanded down to the wood just like that one by her. Do you know anything about it? Is it a regional style to Northern Ohio? I have never seen a duplicate!

  • This is just a fab posting. Do I spy some treasures found at Gray’s Auctioneers? With a little eclectic style and a desire to reduce, reuse and recycle, you’ve created what we call in London a ‘bijou pad’ aka a jewel of a home. Come visit us again when you can. We’d love to see you.

  • I almost spilled my tea! I have that same picture of the horse in the red hat on my inspiration/things i love board in my sewing room! That is just too strange! And I really love everything about your home…the pink kitchen is beautiful (especially with those red chairs) and the eclectic mix of such interesting things is just charming!

  • Thanks everyone for the sweet and lovely comments!!

    Callie: i bought the tree branch jewelry stand at urban outfitters about a year and half ago.

    Sarah, i bought the dresser through GRAYS AUCTIONEERS in Cleveland. the only thing that drives me bananas, is i can’t get the knobs off, no drill or manpower has been able to get them off, and if you see in the pic i have a cluster of new drawer pulls that i LOVE just waiting to replace them. anyhow GRAY’s is a GEM!

    Marna Elizabeth: that is SO funny about the horse!!!

  • I was doing my daily blog reading and was so surprised to see a fellow Clevelander on here! I have been to Danielle’s store and it is just as lovely as her home!

    Your kitchen is adorable! I love the chairs against the pink!

  • You should know that some one is selling the exact same chairs as those fantastic red ones for 1200 dollars on etsy.

  • Hi again! I contacted the gallery about the Tes One print, and it looks like they have it on a white background. Yours looks so great on the blue mat – did you have the background changed, and was that difficult to do? Thanks!

  • Tina, That is hillarious about the chairs!

    and JB i took mine to a framer and had it put on a blue background when they framed it so it would sit well next to my other blue and black papercut piece. i think it looks super awesome on any color even white though!

  • There isn’t much in Cleveland these days (I’m from there) but her store and Suite Lorains and a few other Vintage stores I make sure to visit each time I am home!

  • Not only does she have amazing taste, Danielle is also one of the nicest people in the world, and she is a one woman force for good in Cleveland – the city is lucky to have her.

  • Danielle, or anyone that knows that answer, how do you hang plates on the wall like that? I mean without anything being seen but the plate. I too love anthro plates and think this would look great on a wall in my kitchen.

  • Lesley, simple plate hangers, which i buy at home depot or pat catans are almost invisible and so EASY to use. do it in your kitchen i PROMISE you it will look amazing!

    stephanie- miss you and thank you! xoxo

  • fabulous, danielle!! i just LOVE your sweet little cleveland pad. and i sure do miss seeing you around town! hope all is going well up in the 216. p.s. it makes me happy to see my piece in your house:)

  • Danielle, it’s gorgeous!

    Those who have asked about the cheese and fruit prints should know that they’re surprisingly affordable, on a nice weight of paper. Don’t hesitate to go get you some!

    Clevelanders – and visitors – can find Danielle’s shop just a few minutes from downtown, in the Gordon Square arts district of Detroit Shoreway/EcoVillage, along with a restored vintage movie theater, great restaurants, antiques dealers and more home stores.

  • danielle – your newest pad is simple lovely… just like you. :) i’ve already stolen the purple wall idea for a wall in my bedroom but mine is a few shades darker. you’re such an inspiration and – as a few have already mentioned – cleveland is lucky indeed to have you. personally, i think the gold dachshund on your mantel is the best thing about the whole place. (wink) xo

  • Danielle! So beautiful. I’ve scoured the comments and haven’t been able to find the name of the blue that is in the foyer with the collapsible table. I couldn’t tell if it’s the same color as the other blue with the bike and the hat rack (which took me a while to figure out was the same wall– they look soooo different).

    We were in the middle of the homebuying process when your sneak peak came up, I’ve been thinking about your colors ever since. We get the keys Wednesday and I’m ready to go buy paint!

  • Michelle! congrats on your new home!!! SO thrilling and nothing better than a fresh start and blank canvas! the foyer is actually a purple color, it reads differently than in the living room as the light is so different, but the purple is listed above.