new: flowie 2010 tea towels

by Grace Bonney

good morning! i’ve spent the last 20 minutes of my morning huddled around the stove waiting for a kettle of water to heat up (why does my landlord insist on keeping it so cold!?) for my tea, so i’ve been staring at my rather dingy tea towels. i love to have a rotating cast of towels that i can change out when i’m bored but all but one of mine have probably seen their last day. so i was happy to hear from yaling at flowie about her 2010 collection of designs. i’m always partial to her linen teatowels so these new violet ($18), claire ($18), and evelyn ($18) designs are right up my alley. for some reason i can’t get enough purple in my life right now so i’m loving the claire design. but you can click here to check out all of yaling’s new teatowels online. thanks, yaling!

*click here for a sneak peek into yaling’s sunny home and here for her delicious “cheese fry” recipe.

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  • These are lovely designs. But sadly there’s no way I can afford $18 for 1 tea towel. It’s a towel. For drying dishes. I’m going to need a lot of them… and though I wish mine could be this beautiful, I’ll have to make do with a lesser known artist’s tea towels.

    • casey

      you can re-use towels pretty easily- so this is a reasonable price for a handmade piece.

      if you factor in a VERY conservative rate of 1 hour of production time for this piece (not to mention her material cost for the towel and inks) and an hourly rate of say, $12 an hour, she’s not walking away with a very big profit on these towels.

      it’s good to keep things like this in mind when considering handmade work. it may be on the expensive end for you, but it’s a fair price for handmade work and it can easily be rinsed, washed, and re-used over and over again.


  • These are beautiful! And I also cannot seem to get enough purple in my life these days. Any additional purple posts would be welcomed!

  • I am a big fan of handmade, don’t get me wrong. I exclusively purchase gifts from Etsy! :) Maybe I just don’t value tea towels enough.

    • casey

      i don’t think it’s so much about tea towels in particular as factoring in the cost of labor/materials for any handmade work. whether you’re buying a card or a tea towels, things are going to cost more if they’re handmade. though i understand not wanting to spend your $18 dollars on a tea towel if you’d rather buy something else :)


  • Once I get my kitchen in decent working order (i.e. put on the rest of the drawer and cabinet pulls, finish painting….) I’d love to have these towels.
    I think the ones in the first photo would actually make a great cafe curtain.