paperwindows and walls

amy ruppel for blik + papercraft

by Grace Bonney

good morning! i’m still reeling from last night’s laughs and the idea that next week amy and i will get to ask martha stewart a few questions in person (click here to suggest questions!) so i thought i’d start off with a little thursday morning eye candy from one of my favorite artists, amy ruppel. amy just designed a series of three large scale wall decals for blik, ranging from $45-$75 each. i’m partial to the tree design over, but there are two owl images to choose from (images below) as well. click here to shop her new decal collection at blik.

ps: over at the d*s guest blog, the bbbcraft sisters are continuing their craft theme with papercraft today! they’re sharing all sorts of beautiful handmade paper valentine ideas, so click here to check out all 15 of their lovely valentine images.

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  • Trees and birds, ways to illustrate them are endless and I can not get enough of them!
    That is cool: meet Martha. Say hello from me ;)

  • I really like the vintagey feel of the owls! They’re such a refreshing contrast to many of the very modern wall decals.

  • Thanks for the post on wall decals! I’ve been looking all over for them as they would go perfectly in my newly renovated basement (once that is done)!

  • Thanks so much for highlighting these! After looking at various decals and finding nothing I wanted, I had plans to try to do my own for my daughter’s nursery using fabric and cornstarch! Ha! Maybe someone could pull that off, but if I did it, it would have looked terrible. But now I don’t have to go through the pain and anguish of that! Yippee!

  • Wonderful to finally see them.. I have been repeatedly checking the blik website for when would they arrive. Owls and architecture are awesome; great for our daughter’s nursery!

  • Wow, I’m so excited to see these Amy Ruppel wall decals. I’ve bought several art pieces in recent years and this is a really cool new development for her. Thanks!