soap studiooos + paulova

by Grace Bonney

lately i’ve lost my zeal for pillows (in exchange for a new obsession with throws) but i really got a kick out of these playful chair-top pillows from brooklyn designer marianne van ooij. i’d actually love to see these as slipcover (backs-only) that you could use for events. it would be such a fun way to transform generic rental chairs into a fun new look (printed in custom colors even?). in the meantime, you can pick up one of marianne’s playful new pillows right here for $35.

over the break i finally started cooking again and found myself loving a little antique salt cellar i picked up at a junk shop in brooklyn. it’s a tiny fragile piece, so when i eventually break it (as i tend to do with anything small and breakable) i’m eyeing these sturdier designs from paula lopez otero at etsy. her hand thrown salt cellars are so sweet, and are right in my price range, under $25 each. click here for more info and to pick up a set.

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