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living in: fantastic mr. fox

by amym

roundup1 _ff
Perhaps fox hole living isn’t your idea of bliss, but there is no denying that Fantastic Mr. Fox is a morsel of such homey goodness it would be morally bereft of me to ignore it. Over the holidays, I saw the sets from the movie displayed in the Bergdorf Goodman windows and i was totally blown over. Filmed using stop motion animation, each set was lovingly hand crafted into a vast maze of miniature dollhouse rooms and streets. Now I’m all a flutter over miniatures. Thanks a lot, Wes Anderson.

Nfox brooch $49, tie $10, nest haven chandelier $898, william morris acorn paper, landscape painting $189, easel $76, Dom Perignon $120, chesterfield sofa $5998, blazer $158, bandit mask $11, acorn bowl $17.

roundup 2_ff
The spectacular, hand-crafted and bucolic world of Mr. Fox and co. has me scrambling to find a proper corduroy blazer and roast up a chicken. Who’s for some stolen hard cider?

amy m.

dozen brown eggs $3.50, stump side table $199, chicken toy $2.50, lantern $18, wooden table $1000, fox earrings $100, kilim chair $1699, vintage shovel, barkly turntable $1298, log ring $4580.

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