windows and walls

farrow & ball: the chelsea collection

by Grace Bonney

when it comes to paint, farrow & ball can do no wrong in my book. i’ve never seen a color of theirs that didn’t turn out beautifully on a wall (in any light) so i was excited to hear about their latest “chelsea papers” collection of wallpapers. inspired by 19th century silk woven jacquards, the collection features two floral patterns (my favorites) and a striped design that complements the botanical prints nicely. each pattern is block printed in a number of colors, but i love the grey and blue tones- you just can’t go wrong with those. the collection launches in march but if you have any questions before the launch you can email farrow and ball right here. thanks, amanda!

BP2215_Butchers Table_M

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  • I LOVE the first one SO VERY much, Grace! Right there with you on that one! Fortunately, I don’t have to succumb to temptation as I already am lovingly surrounded by the interior chic of “orange peeled” walls. So sad. :(

  • These are just gorgeous. They are so classic, but also feel very fresh and new. I just painted my dining room gray, but now I’m lusting for these. Perhaps on an accent wall in the near future.

  • I have to say that the pictures here are not seeming to be my style, but I LOVE that blue print. Love it. (Of course, blue is one of my favorite colors — drives my husband crazy.) I’m up to my ears in alligators, with all kinds of things to do that got put off in the insanity of Christmas, but for some reason I want to put that stuff off even more (note: I cannot) to think about new colors in the living room, and re-doing our bedroom. Hence my looking at redecorating sites … I love all this stuff, and I get so many good ideas.

    New book I’m loving is “At Home with Laurie Ann,” about how to turn your house into a home (whether it’s an apartment or your home for years). It’s good for me, because it’s step-by-step, and very practical, and lets you combine new things with stuff you already own. If nothing else, you’ll love the photo gallery.

    Now, I wasn’t thinking wallpaper, but that blue is really calling to me. I’m rethinking my whole plan for the bedroom. Good grief, I’m rethinking the whole color scheme, and I thought I had at least that figured out.

  • I love this wallpaper, it might even get me over my fear of it. However, my eye is drawn most to the seal velvet sofa or chaise lounge in the last picture. I now see them everywhere!

  • I wonder if I put the middle one in my office if I would get any work done or just sit in a complete calm day-dreamy state and stare at my walls all day.

  • The moment I saw that first photo I thought, “Look at that lamp, look at that lamp! Where is it from??” It took me a second to realize that the post was actually about wallpaper (which is also very pretty). I second the others and wonder, where can I get my hands on that deer lamp?