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sneak peek: heather balliet of amorology

by Amy Azzarito

as a little girl heather balliet loved to plan parties, then she got her bachelors degree in human development and began working with clients in crisis intervention. it wasn’t until she planned her own wedding, that heather realized how well her two passions – helping people and planning parties – could go together. so she created amorology and now she plans parties and weddings for a living! together with husband troy and two children, heather calls the san diego area home.  living so close to the ocean, heather’s home is filled with little reminders of the sea and of all the weddings, she’s done!  {thanks, heather! and many thanks to Jamie Hammond Photography.}amy a.

[My husband Troy and I purchased our home 3 1/2 years ago in the San Elijo Hills (North San Diego County) area.  At the time we had one little boy and it was a dream to be able to get started working on our home to make it our very own.  Together we worked late into the evening  as we pulled out carpet and replaced it with wood flooring, painted the walls from VERY high ladders, tiled the bathrooms and added crown molding and baseboards.  I loved the fire place mantle my husband designed and built, as well as the wainscoting and French doors that were added on to what would eventually be our little girl’s room.  As a wedding designer, I wanted my home to be a reflection of my taste and style and a comfortable place for my brides to meet with me.  We have found so much joy raising our family and making so many memories in the home that we have created.]



[We wanted our little girl’s room to be as bright and happy as she is, filled with lots of color and texture.  One of my favorite things in her room is her little aqua table with stools.  I love using small scale furniture that feels like it was made just for her.  This is a favorite place for my children to sit and color or have snacks.]

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[I also like to try to incorporate one element from each of the weddings that I have done into my home.  It makes me happy to look around and be reminded of the beautiful brides that I have worked with and the special moments with them. In  2-year old Milla’s room, a bright orange parasol from our “good fortune” wedding, hangs above Milla’s crib. A handmade fabric bird and a birdcage from our ” Lovebird” wedding perch on her shelf as custom made fabric snails from our “walk in the rain” photoshoot, crawl along her ledge, near the toadstool.  I always encourage my brides to use things that can later be re-purposed to their home and serve as a lasting memory of their wedding day.]

[Children’s rooms are probably one of my most favorite elements of a home.  They allow for a playful component in design and show that a little person with big personality lives there!  My goal for creating my children’s rooms was similar to my style of wedding design.  I wanted it to be a space that was truly their own and reflective of who they are.  My little guy, 4-year-old Finn, is already a musician and performer at heart.  Like his daddy he loves guitars and we knew that we wanted to be able to encourage his talents and allow for easy access of his guitar, which sits right by his bed.]

[When I found a book that had a big black dog in it called “Sally Goes to the Beach”  I knew that I had found the perfect element to add to his room. It combined our reoccurring subtle fish and beach element of our home with Finn’s love for big black dogs that resemble our family dog, Kobie.  I cut and framed pictures from it’s pages to hang on his wall, which is a really inexpensive way to get art that you love.]

[My favorite thing in our home has to be our starfish that hang on our wall, representing our family.  With each new child, on Father’s Day, I wrap up a baby starfish to add to our wall, as a gift to my husband and our growing family.  The children love looking at them everyday and pointing out which starfish is supposed to be them.]


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  • amazing! i love every single thing about this home :) the colors are so cheerful and energetic. i also love incorporating elements from weddings in the home!

  • amazing! i love everything about this home. the colors are so cheerful and energetic! i also love incorporating details from weddings into the home!!

  • Love the bird art on the ledge – would love a close up or info on who did them/where to find them.

  • Love it all. It’s precious from head to toe. I especially love the starfish stories. Much better gift than a tie! As a child, I always enjoyed playing the game “which one is me, mommy and daddy” in every picture. I will have to remember this for the future!

  • I just adore the children’s rooms! So bright and festive. Feels like a mini vacation spot.

    Love the idea of incorporating a bit of wedding sweetness into everyday life too. I may not get to plan another wedding (happily married) but I want to bring that preciousness into my home decoration.

  • I was glancing at the photos and thought, wow! this looks just like the style of a girl i know. then i noticed the ‘B’ and thought, ummm… this REALLY looks like heather. Sure enough i scrolled back up to the top and there was her name. Seriously, this girl is so talented. everything she creates is beautiful, creative and fun. I know many brides who work with her and they rant and rave about the end result. Heather – You are such a rare talent and i know where it all came from… your mother. you two make a great team!

  • I love your black table and the ornate antique chair! I also love your ‘snow’ globe on a black pedestal vase.

  • What a beautiful home. Would you mind sharing where you found the little aqua table with stools?

    Thanks for posting this!

  • heather is so incredibly talented. i’m lucky enough to call her my best friend. her home feels as just as cozy and comforting as it looks.

  • Love it! Here is what I thought to myself when I looked through your pictures: “This is what I have always wanted my home to look like but can never quite get.” What is the fabric used on the seat of the occasional chair near the fireplace? I NEED it!

  • I love all of it. Such beautiful paint colors. Would love to know the fabric used for curtains and bedding for daughters room and paint color, so fresh and happy. Love that it’s not typical pink!

  • I’ve been in this home and love it!
    Tastefully decorated and especially cheerful. Love the color!

  • I love this! We are a beach couple and this really inspired me! Our initial is “B” as well.. how fun. Thank you!

  • Yes – I, too, would love to know more info about the birdie artwork on the ledge in the baby’s room. Love it.

  • loving those kids rooms. The drapes in the baby’s room are gorgeous. And the table and chair set in there are perfect.

  • where did you get the blinds and what color are they? the blue walls are awesome and would love to know the brand/color

  • the bird art on the ledge is a series put out by the company EEBOO. They make gorgeous 8×10″ size “flash cards”. This is a counting series of birds that I also bought to frame. I have their animal alphabet cards spelling out my son’s name in his room, and they mat and frame like gorgeous art (as you saw) and each set is under $30! Good luck!

  • Funny, I looked at the pictures before reading and I kept thinking how this house reminded me of my own house–after looking at the top it’s no wonder, another San Diegan! Great style, thanks for sharing :)

  • The kid’s room is wonderful but not very kid-like more hip adult than child. The colours are great but I would think the inclusion of animals and characters on the walls would create a sense of play. This room although beautiful gives off a “dont touch” feeling.

  • Can you tell me who makes the fabric in the baby’s room? I am in love!

    What a glorious home!

  • Working as the house seamstress for Amorolgy I always love going to Heather’s house. Not only is it beautiful but it has a good feel inside of it. I always feel welcomed when gong there. It is so fun to see the bird and the snails in her home. They can be ordered through pincushionprincess.com.

  • wow…love your beautiful house! Had to check out your armorology website…OMG, you are so talented! Is it too soon to book you for my daughter’s wedding (she’s 5!)? heehee:)

  • LOVELY!! where did you get the blue table and chairs in the nursery? I’m looking for something just like that for my little girl :) Thanks for sharing!!!