interior design

kristen hutchins

by Grace Bonney

on a cold day like today it’s nice to imagine living somewhere else a little sunnier and warmer- like one of these beautiful california homes decorated by interior designer kristen hutchins of kristen hutchins design. before starting her own firm, kristen was a senior designer for both ruthie sommer and kelly wearstler (a dream combo in my book). now she’s branching out on her own and has a lovely portfolio of both residential and commercial work to share. i’ve chosen my favorites above and below (i’m obsessed with that elephant pattern below!) but you can click here to view kristen’s full portfolio. congrats and thanks, kristen!


CLICK HERE to see 6 more beautiful images of kristen’s work after the jump!


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  • Oh yes, I am craving that California sun, too :) That light and feminine bedroom with a glass desk by the (sunny) window would be an absolute *dream*!

  • Beautiful home! Where did the stuffed creature that looks like a ground sloth sitting on the desk come from?

  • wow–my heart dropped when i saw these photos and i suffered instant pangs of homesickness for santa barbara. i love living in northern california, but there is something about the air and the light in southern california that can’t be found elsewhere. these interiors capture that essence perfectly!

    beautifully done.

  • I am loving the color palette, soft yet rich. And the tufted pieces in the living room are after my heart! Perfect! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • Just beautifull!!
    Do you know how I can get that picture of the older black man? its in a gold frame on a gold wall.

  • Divine. If Aphrodite herself needed an interior designer, I’d send her Kristen Hutchins. Beautiful work.

  • I usually like to look at the pictures first before I read about them…the second I looked at the first picture I thought “that house looks like such a california house”..then I scrolled down to make sure, and I WAS RIGHT!…

    there is something about that floorplan of the livingroom with the windows and the fireplace that is so california. It has such a 60s-70s space plan about it that only californians would recognize…I love it!