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diy project: kate’s log buttons

by Grace Bonney

log buttons
here’s a last minute idea for your gifts- wrapping them or making them! these log slices take mere minutes to complete if you have a saw and drill handy. you could also ask your local lumberyard to cut them for you if you don’t have a saw, because it’s just a few quick slices. you can add these to gifts or cards as extra decoration, or add them to sweaters, scarves or hats for a nice organic touch. i hope you have safe, relaxing, and happy holidays everyone! see you in january!! – kate

note: the screen printed faux bois wrapping paper is available from blankspace gallery in oakand.

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!


1. logs
2. drill with small bit
3. chop saw (or saw with mitre box)
4. safety goggles and dust mask
5. scrap piece of wood.


1. $5 for logs (or free if you have them on hand)


30 minutes


1. slice the logs in thicknesses between .5″ and 2″.
2. drill four holes evenly spaced from the center of each slice.
3. brush off all the sawdust and use a bbq skewer or chopstick to poke out the sawdust from inside the holes.
4. if you want to, you can paint these with a couple coats of clear sealant to prevent dampness or staining, but i put mine out to air dry a bit and left them plain. it’s up to you!


log buttons closeup
log button
log buttons detail

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