d*s wallpapersweekly wrap up

december d*s desktop calendar from jen corace!

by Grace Bonney

today i’m so thrilled to end the week with a special (digital) gift: a new d*s desktop wallpaper from one of my favorite artists of all time: jen corace. jen was one of the first people i wrote about when i started d*s and i’ll never forget how nervous i was to record a podcast with her in providence. her work continues to captivate me and i’ve already started thinking about saving up to have her do a full room mural when i have kids one day (or my office if that ends up being too long away). today jen was kind enough to create a custom desktop wallpaper for december, which is now AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD HERE. thank you so much to jen for sharing her time and work with us!

i’m heading out to run some errands, until monday, have a wonderful weekend! below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

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  • I’ve been looking forward to the new wallpaper all week, and it looks great! But I’m unable to download it — my browser tells me the files (I tried all of them) contain errors. Anyone else having this problem?

    • cymbidy

      i downloaded them with 3 different browsers and they work for me. what browser (version and computer type as well) are you using? i’ll try to replicate the error on my end. also, are you behind a firewall at work?


  • Thanks for the quick reply, Grace! I’m on a Mac, and still can’t get the image through firefox. I just tried Safari, though, and there was no problem. It could be on my end too — I might have jumped the gun because I’m overcaffeinated and couldn’t wait for my new desktop!

  • oh, also: it’s firefox version, just in case there is a glitch you need to chase down.

    • hi guys

      i tested the latest versions of firefox, safari, ie and chrome on my mac and my editor’s pc and we can’t replicate the error, nor can my coder.

      cymbidy, your firefox version is relatively old, so i’d consider downloading the newest version, which is around 3.5.3 now. that could be the issue. it only takes a second to update and it should solve the problem.

      i can’t replicate the error with explorer, but in general explorer is a less than desirable platform for viewing d*s and it’s tough to get designers to code for it specifically, so that could be an issue. if you’re using IE, try using firefox, safari or chrome- i tested all those and they work fine.

      if you’re seeing the file name when you load the page just wait a moment, they’re large files and take a while to download.

      in general, we’ve had over 4,000 downloads of the files so far so i think they’re working, there just may be a few glitches with older versions of browsers. sorry for the inconvenience.


  • I’m having the same problem… I’m on a pc using explorer. I haven’t had this problem with any of the other wallpapers.

  • Hi Grace,

    Just wanted to say that the wallpapers don’t seem to be working on my computer either (PC running IE7). I tried all four versions, and keeping getting a lil’ red “x” instead of the image. I also tried the earlier wallpapers and they work fine.

    Thanks!! Love these calendars :)

  • I think there may be a problem with your file and IE7. I am unable to download them as well. I have always been able to download all your other files and I would be so diappointed not to have this beauty on my desktop!

    • cassy

      just a quick note- we downloaded and tested the files with IE 8 and it’s working fine over here.


  • Aha! I figured out a way around our problem. If you right click on the link and choose “Save Target As,” you can save the image as a jpeg and once you’ve opened it some where else (Media viewer, etc.) you can “set it as background.” Hope this helps all those IE7 users! Persistence pays. :)

  • Ok, downloaded Firefox and that fixed it. Thank you. It really is such a lovely calendar!

  • hi,
    im having trouble downloading the new desktop as well. im using internet explorer and when i click on the link, i get an error box with a red x…not sure if this error is from my end??
    thanks!! :)

    • hi guys

      we downloaded the current version of IE and it’s working fine on our end. so if you’re using IE 8 and it’s still not working on your end, it may be an issue with your firewall or browser settings. we haven’t had anyone have a problem with the current version of firefox, so that’s always an option too.


  • thanks for the download. It is a nice calendar. I have no problem with the downloading. I have forwarded your link to my friends. They were looking for a wallpaper. Thanks again:)

  • Just found your lovely blog through cabin + cub…where have I been???? This is so exciting..thanks for the download.I am off to read some of your past posts…and become a follower. Oh happy day for me. Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season…I am a wee overwhelmed!

  • thank you so much for these! i am really loving downloading these each month… definitely something to look forward to once a month in cubicle-land!

  • Please keep the wallpapers coming! It’s so delightful to have new and inspiring artwork to look at each time I open my laptop!

  • These wallpapers are so wonderful, I have a hard time changing each month!! Thank you Grace, and thank you to all the artists. Design*Sponge has always been one of the brightest spots on the internet.

  • Hi! I’m a little late for this one, but I love Jen Corace (& swimming)! When I click on any of the calendar options, a blank page with a red X opens. All the other past calendars work, so it’s weird! Thanks for your help!

  • I’m late on this one but I love it! When I click on any of here calendar options, a blank page with a red X opens. All the past calendars still work… Thanks for your help!