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sneak peek: elise vaughn

by Amy Azzarito

when aussie elise vaughn opened her clothing boutique brass razoo shortly after moving to nampa, idaho – which is just outside boise – the boutique quickly became a showplace for elise’s design work. elise reconstructs vintage and contemporary clothing and jewelry to create something new, totally unique and irreplaceable. she brought that same love for the unique to her 1915 as a railroad track home, which as a result of successive renovations had been completely stripped of its original charm. elise was ready for the challenge! she and her husband have been bringing the charm back –  piece by piece.  {thanks elise! and thanks to kirsten grove for the lovely photos!}amy a

[My husband and I found our house the day we moved to Idaho.  He saw all of the work that was needed and I saw all of the potential.  In my work, I am passionate about restoring worth and beauty to pieces that have lost their luster yet continue to possess hidden potential.We have been going through the restoration process for the last 12 months, bringing back the wood flooring, adding molding and trims, putting in vintage doors and hardware, redoing the main bathroom to include a clawfoot tub and pedestal sink, and so on.  Though we definitely put our own design spin on the restoration process, our ultimate goal was to add character and embrace our own personal styles through our home.]


We had many trial and error painting nights until we found the perfect shades for each of the rooms.  My favorite shades of grey for the walls were Dark Umber and Poppyseed.  It was difficult to find greys that did not look either purple or brown in certain lights.

Personally I thrive when I am surrounded by bright colors and vintage treasures.  Thus our home is filled with both.  The vintage pieces throughout have been collected from flea markets, estate sales, thrift stores, craigslist, and garage sales throughout the area.  I am always on the hunt for new pieces and thus our home continues to change and progress.

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My favorite green that I used in the kitchen is called Pickling Spice.  The color green is so calming and happy for me.

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  • truly an inspiration to see that the grays and beige can still be so robust and charming. This one is going in my tear file for future decor ideas for sure!

  • It seems unfair that one home should have so many wonderful sofas! Just kidding. Elise and her husband have done an excellent job. This is such a creative and comfortable space.

  • I LOVE that big sectional! I’ve been like a mad woman since summer trying to find the perfect one!

  • I love the contrast of bold color with these neutrals. A lot of thought went into these color combos and this is such a sophisticated result! plus the restoration of the home. love it.

  • That headboard is extraordinarily delicious (as is the rest of the house)… I think I found my winter-I’ve-been-snowed-into-my-house project! Thanks for the lovely sneak peek!

  • So refreshing to see the mix of bold colors and retro flair – LOVE the padded head board!

  • I LOVE the playfulness and the colors – very well done! Can you tell me about the fabric on the sofa with wood trim? I’d love to buy some. (I love how you put the burlap ottomans with it.)

  • We’re in the process of buying our first house and one of the things to be done is painting. I’m finding myself having to decide on colors for my entire house in just a short span of time! This post was very helpful!

  • oh my word! elise! i saw her name in my google reader and couldn’t believe it. I love this lady and am so thrilled people across the globe are able to see her home! how exciting!!! love you elise!

  • oh and, go to kirsten grove’s blog (linked above) to find out how much that headboard was…you might go crazy.

  • Love the yellows and reds with the more muted tones. Would you mind sharing which brand of paint you used? Beautiful home I must say.


  • yessssss! i’ve been anxiously awaiting this. i love Elise and her style is truly incredible. this home is oh so lovely. cheers to you dear friend!!!

  • EEGads. It’s like you opened up my skull and gave me my dream home: bright, but moody, quirky but not overmuch, Too too perfect for words. *happy sigh*

  • Way to go sis! Your home is such an awesome expression of you and Wade. It speaks of your unapologetic zest for life and your ability to find beauty in unexpected places. You are not afraid to ‘give it a go’ and that is what allows your talent to truly soar. It’s really hard to say which room is my favorite. I love the dark grey with the white in the living room and I hadn’t seen your sectional yet. Awesome find! I also LOVE the burlap ottomans in the blue room. Brilliant! I am so excited that Design Sponge found you. You are such an inspiration and DS is such a great site!!

  • My first time on this site, where to begin? It’s hard to believe a home like this exists in Nampa (where I live as well). I love pretty much every item and paint color you chose for your home! I’m definitely going to visit Brass Razoo sometime, maybe just to look most of the time (funds are low right now). Hope you’re doing well here in Idaho.

  • My first time visiting your site and love every item, paint color, and piece of furniture you selected for your house. You have an amazing eclectic taste (between modern and traditional) which is a breath of fresh air for Nampa (I live here as well). I plan on visiting your boutique sometime in the near future as well. G