heidi romano

by Grace Bonney

Inner glow
heidi romano is a fine art photographer based in melbourne, australia. she recently finished a new series of botanical photographs that are seriously tugging at my heart strings. i don’t know what is is about getting older, but for some reason all the things i liked to do when i was really little, like saving three leaf clovers in book pages, are now my favorite activities again. so when i saw heidi’s photographs of leaves and flowers pressed on pages i instantly remembered all the book pages i had stuffed with little leaves. you can see more of (and contact heidi about purchasing) the new collection, garden of knowledge, right here. thanks, heidi!

*click here to learn how to make your own flower press!

Footfalls amongst the leaves
Late summer

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  • I am with you on this.
    Our family Shakespeare was the biggest book for pressing flowers that I could find as a kid. It is still suprising to have a pressed flower fall into my lap when reading it…

  • the thing with going back to childhood past times, i think comes from the fact that after you stood the test of intensely going outwards, towards other people and institutions, in teenage and early adult life, you have time and maturity to go back inwards and find the treasures you stored for yourself.

  • Loved this post! I too could reconnect with those days when a leaf, a petal, a feather would be securely saved in my diary..! I still love these child-like acts..!

    Cheers and thanks for sharing,

  • the colors are soooo beautiful! I want a fall/winter wardrobe in this palette, consisting mainly of boiled wool and cashmere!!! :) mmmmm some day

  • These are beautiful! I used to make a variety of things with pressed flowers when I was younger. Now that I’m a designer perhaps I shall revisit this beautiful craft.