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diy project: lindsay’s wine bottle vases

by Grace Bonney

inspired by erik’s recycled wine bottle torches, lindsay and taylor from purr design decided to create these beautiful wine bottle vases in their home’s dining room. i love the way they set off the area with a painted square, and today you can learn their full how-to steps for the project! thanks so much to lindsay and taylor for sharing!

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We have an interesting living space, one where the living, dining, and kitchen areas are all basically one big (or, actually, not-so-big) room. And so, to separate out our dining area from the other spaces, we painted a big gray square on the wall, which turned out better than we expected, but we still needed a creative centerpiece for our new dining ‘room’.

We loved the idea of reusing old wine bottles, and thought a reinterpretation of the Erik’s recycled wine bottle torches, adapted for indoor use, would be perfect for the space. It’s unique, sculptural, inexpensive, and dynamic, easily changed from one season to the next (just swap out different silk flowers to reflect the season).

Total cost for this project (if you don’t count the cost of the wine, because, well, you get to enjoy that in other ways) was under $5 per vase.

You will need (per vase):
– (1) Empty wine bottle of your choice
– (1) Top plate connector/ceiling flanges (3/8″ size)
– (1) 1″ split ring hanger
– (2) screws to fit and hold the top plate connector (you may also want drywall anchors if you are not mounting directly into studs or another material)
– (1) piece of 3/8″ threaded rod, cut into 2 1/2″ pieces.
– 1/2″ double sided foam mounting tape (optional – if your bottle’s neck is smaller than 1″, like ours were)
– Silk flowers of your choice.

1. With a hack saw, cut your threaded rod down to size. Ours were about 2 1/2″ long, as we didn’t want our bottles hanging out too far from the walls. If you are hanging multiple bottles, just be sure you cut your pieces to equal sizes.

2. Position the top-plate connector on your wall, and mark the holes where the screws will go. Pre-drill the holes, insert any necessary drywall anchors, and then attach the plate to the wall.

3. Screw in your cut rod pieces, and then your split ring hanger.

4. If your wine bottle has a narrow neck (the 1″ split ring is loose around it and doesn’t fit snugly), apply a layer or two (as needed) of foam mounting tape to the neck of the bottle where it will be held by the split ring. Remove the backing from the other side of the tape, position the bottle in the split ring, and tighten the screws to secure in place. Pop in your flowers and voila!

Notes: We had quite a time finding the proper hardware. I think we went to a total of 3 Lowes around the city before we found them in stock and in the right size. Some stores had them in the Plumbing section, others had them in the Electrical. We’ve seen the connector piece called both a Top Plate Connector and a Ceiling Flange, who knows what it is actually called. The hardware (except for the threaded rod) comes in either copper or zinc (silver) finish, so you can choose whichever would best match your decor (or break out the spray paint).

About us:
We’re Lindsay Landis and Taylor Hackbarth, the husband and wife team behind Purr Design a web and graphic design studio, Pattern & Paw handcrafted pet collars and leashes, and (yes there’s more) Love & Olive Oil, a food blog documenting our culinary adventures. We live in Nashville, TN (where we’re still adjusting to the humidity, even after 2 years) with our gray kitty, Kalypso, who coincidentally inspired the recent re-decoration of our loft based around (you guessed it) the color gray. Way to be a trend-setter, kitty.

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  • I like this idea of bringing the outdoors in. I just came from Lindsay and Taylor’s food blog and am imagining myself sitting at that table devouring all their culinary delights!

  • This will be the second project I will actually undertake from DesignSponge! The first is the felt-circles curtain. We had a painting above our dining “space,” but we took it down since we are messy eaters. This will be better and I will have a great place to put flowers, as our dining “space” is in the middle of our apartment!

  • I love this! If you want real flowers it’s a great way to keep them free of kitten abuse. BUT, how hard is it to remove the bottles?

    I’m thinking if you wanted real flowers instead of silk, you wouldn’t want to fill them full of water because it would be heavy. But then you would need to change the water/refill it frequently.

    Eh, nevermind…silk is probably the better way to go.

  • Absolutely love how the dining area is defined by the square! The vases are the perfect accent.

  • I was in love with the wine bottle torches but sadly don’t have an outdoor space. This is the perfect compromise! Making these will fit in with my DIY day saturday. I am going to try Grace’s sunprints.

  • This is what it’s all about. One great idea leads to another, to another, to another. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for inspiring me right back.

  • really spectacular. it’s amazing how the good ideas are the ones that should’ve been thought of a long time ago!!

  • This is so cute! I bought a bunch of these bottles at salvation army and this is a great use for them. Great for a small space.

  • These are amazing!! You guys should submit them to eBay; they are taking ideas for the best creative reuse projects and looking for new DIY spokespeople…

  • I love this idea! I don’t have my own place yet, but when I do I will definitely be using this. It is so simple but unique!

  • Your design is really fascinating. I loved the modern look and this definitely suites that style. The only thing I would have changed was not making them all the same height on the wall. I feel like this would bring out the modern look a bit more. This would be a fun project to do and I’m excited to try this.

  • very cute and very creative…

    This is perfect for people who live in lofts or apartments because it saves tons of space!…

    If my house was a bit more modern and didnt have something on every wall already I would totally be doing that this weekend.

  • Love it! Definitely filing this one away for a rainy day project. My concerns are similar to Gillian’s, though. Is it advisable to put water in the bottles if you’re using fresh flowers, or should this be a silk/dried flower only project? And along those lines, does anyone know where to get silk flowers that don’t look totally awful and/or ideas for things other than flowers that might look good in these bottles? (You know, for those sad times when the fresh flower budget is running low.)

  • I love the wine bottles – but I’m posting to ask where you got your table/chairs at?! We’ve been looking for somethign similar (bar stool height) for our kitchen. Thanks!

  • So cute! My husband made something similar out of a pair of metal cage-like paper filers I had bought from Target a few years ago. He lined them with this translucent material he scavenged from these funky geometric green plastic placemats. We used them as votive holders but they could also carry floral arrangements.

  • Hey Lindsay and Taylor, this is a great project! Love to re-use wine bottles! Instead of attaching hardware directly to the wall, though, I’m inclined to put the collection of bottles onto a board which can then be attached with wall hangers/hanging wire to the wall. This would mean less damage to the wall. You could also easily detach the collection from the wall to fill/re-fill/dump water from the live flower display. Just a thought. Love the look of the square painted on the wall!

  • this is a great project. where did you get the table and chairs. i am looking for somthing like this. thanks!

  • thanks for posting this; I plan to use the top plate connector and split ring hanger combination as a cheap alternative to ceiling mount curtain bracket. I will send you picture if I succeed. thanks again for the post!!

  • Can I use this idea for my ICT GCSE Coursework? We’re doing Upcycling/Recycling and I needed permission. Okay thank you.