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diy project: kate’s pipe cleaner garland

by Grace Bonney

pipe cleaner screen
while working on the projects for the design*sponge book, i made a lot of trips to the craft store…let’s not say a number, but too many! every visit i rushed past the rainbow haze of the kid’s section to get to the serious adult stuff like balsa wood and X-acto blades…i know, i’m super hardcore, right? but anyway, this last trip i allowed myself to browse the kid’s aisle, and let me say there are some real treasures there! so the month of november is dedicated to making modern, useful design projects out of kids’ craft supplies. this first project is made with pipe cleaners, and is inspired in a big way by tord boontje’s until dawn curtain. this would be a great holiday garland (they sell tinsel pipe cleaners!), a quickie room divider, or drape it over a hanging bulb to create a neat lamp (not touching the bulb of course). this cost five dollars and took the duration of a movie to create, so you can definitely experiment with the possibilities. have fun!! –kate

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screen supplies

1.pipe cleaners (i used about 150)
2. scissors

screen flower process
1. to make the petals, fold a pie cleaner in half and twist the two together about an inch up from the ends. twist once or twice and leave two ends that are about a half inch long. then push the shape into a petal shape (at this stage it also kind of look like a fish)

2. to make the flower center, cut a pipe cleaner in half and cure one half into a circle, twisting the two ends around each other and pinch against the circle to close.

3. to make the diamond shapes, take a whole pipe cleaner and bend at right angles in a couple places. twist the ends together like you did with the petal to leave two flaps about a half inch long.

4. to connect the pieces to each other, wrap the two flaps around the pipe piece you are connecting to and pinch them against the shape so the ends aren’t sticking out. to connect section to each other, cut extra pipe cleaners into inch long pieces and use those to connect two flowers or bigger sections of flowers and gem shapes.

5. keep making flowers and shapes until you have enough for your project, then start connecting them randomly. i recommend holding up your screen occasionally to see how the shape is coming along. go back in with extra piece of pipe to connect loose pieces until your screen moves uniformly. add to pipe cleaner loops to the top for hanging.


screen day

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