flowie + naochina

by Grace Bonney

before we jump into home tours and reader questions, i wanted to share these beautiful new pieces from naochina and yaling of flowie. first up- naochina’s new set of glowing ceramic lights.

based in shanghai, naochina is a group of product designers who have recently launched a collection of home decor designs. i’m really loving their “snowlights”- a series of ceramic cones that include ambient LED lights for a really beautiful and subtle glow. they remind me equally of little shining snowdrifts and glow-in-the-dark conical mushrooms. click here for more information and to shop online ($138 for a set of 3 lights or $42-$53 each).

yaling from flowie (click here to check out her adorable home), just released a new series of bags, pillows and tea towels with tie-dye patterns. although i shed my hippie ways after college there are a few things i still have a soft spot for: handmade hemp belts (i know, ridiculous) and tie dye. so when i saw yaling’s new tea towels with a tie dye pattern i was hooked. it’s just such a happy look. click here to check out yaling’s new collection and shop online.

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