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diy project: kate’s monogram wreath

by Grace Bonney

i love fall wreaths, but as i was looking around at all the varieties i realized that they mostly come as circles (duh kate, that’s the definition of a wreath). not that i don’t love circular wreaths, but who says you can’t mix it up a little? while this project may not fit the literal definition of a “wreath,” it is certainly inspired by them and expands the possibilities. i made the letter “K” for my name, but i could see doing a small “hi,” or maybe even your address numbers. this would also make a very personalized, thoughtful housewarming gift, and it only takes a little bit more time than making a plain old circle. have fun! –kate

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1. vine garland (this is grape vine twisted into a coiled garland, which you can find at craft or floral supply stores. it come in 12′ -15′ lengths, which is more than enough for one wreath.)
2. bailing wire (or floral wire, but bailing wire is cheaper – you can get it at the hardware store)
3. wire cutters
4. scissors (thick, good for pruning)
5. leaves, flowers, etc. for wreath
6. fine gauge floral wire (match color with your foliage)



1. draw out your design. measure your desired hanging spot on the door or wall to get a rough idea of what size you need.

2. unwrap your vine garland and begin to wrap the bailing wire around it, wrapping it around until you reach the end of the garland (or how much of the garland you think you will need). cut the bailing wire with the wire cutters and twist it around the end of the garland to clamp it.

3. now your vine garland can be manipulated much more easily with the wire to give it structure. start to bend it in to the shape you wish, cutting in places where you need to and add more wire if the garland is poking out.

4. use pieces of bailing wire to twist around loops, overlaps, or connections in you design to keep them secure. keep bending the garland int shape until you are happy. i suggest holding this shape up where you plan to hang it to see if it is the right size, noting that it will get fuller by a few inches when you add the greens/leaves.


5. now start snipping 6 – 8″ lengths of the fine gauge wire. you need a lot of these to create little bunches of your greens which will be secured to the garland shape.

6. use your scissors or pruning shears to cut pieces of your greens and make small bundles. secure these bundles at the base with by twisting a fine gauge wire piece around each one, leaving several inches of extra wire for looping around your wreath shape.

7. when you have a bunch of these prepared, decide which direction you want the bundles pointing and start adding them onto the wreath, looping the wire around to the back and twisting them shut. you only need to put greens on the front and sides of the shape.

8. continue adding until all of the vine garland is covered. if you have to take your multiple pieces apart to access them, you can easily rewire them back together at the end.

9. cover any exposed wire with snips of greens or leaves.

10. hold the shape up and decide on a good spot to add a loop (or two) for hanging. flip the shape over and thread fine gauge wire through the garland an twist to create hanging loops. now your shape is ready to hang!!



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