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behind the bar: the honeymooner

by Grace Bonney

Sadly we are home from our glorious honeymoon and oh, what a perfect honeymoon it was! A special “Thank You” to everyone who sent us suggestions of things to do and see while in France. We met amazing people, ate incredible food, drank delicious wines, discovered beautiful shops and even had the chance to buy some exciting new products for HORNE.

Every evening while staying in Provence (at La Bastinde de Marie), our inn laid out the most amazing spread of olives, radishes, breadsticks, tapenade, tomatoes and meats to enjoy with our aperitifs. While eating my nibbles, I discovered Pastis. Pastis is traditionally served alongside a pitcher of water that is used to dilute the liqueur to the drinker’s preference. I found I liked to also add ice but I was later informed that some purists refuse to do so, instead using only cold spring water to dilute the drink and nothing else (not even cold tap water is acceptable).

I so enjoyed pastis that I thought I would share a pastis-based cocktail for this month’s column. I must warn you, not everyone will like this drink. It isn’t as carefully balanced as our previous drinks and the flavors are a little more abrupt (I think the only reason Alissa agreed to let me do it was because of how pretty it looks). What it does do well is complement the pastis in a unique and interesting combination – which is surprisingly tricky to accomplish.

CLICK HERE for the full drink recipe (and more photos) after the jump!

I am not exactly sure what the drink is called (we discovered it at some tiny brasserie in Paris and my French is really non-existent) so I think we will call it “The Honeymooner.”

1.5oz Gin (we love Hendrick’s so I always tend to use that)
1.5oz Pastis (Pernod – or you could always use Pastis’ trendier cousin, Absinthe)
1 teaspoon Grenadine

In a rocks or old-fashioned glass carefully layer the grenadine, pastis and gin (in that order). Do not stir the drink but watch as the ingredients combine over time. Add ice and garnish with a lime (if desired). And then, of course, enjoy!

Lastly we want to say “Happy Birth-Day” to our nephew who was born today! Above is a picture of his beautiful sister, our niece, Rylan.

Alissa & Ryan

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  • yum! pernod is my favorite drink and I’ve never heard of mixing it with anything. thanks for this recipe and congratulations to you.

  • I love Pernod and plan on making this. I have childhood memories of traveling with my parents and my mom having Pernod at cocktail hour. At Harry’s Bar, I remember them bringing the alcohol out in a small pitcher and giving her a glass with a glass “strainer” of sorts on top of it. They put chipped ice in the strainer and poured the alcohol over it, which slowly trickled through the ice, leaving chilled, milky Pernod in the glass. Awesome. I wish I could find these glasses, but haven’t been able to online.

  • Hendricks is my absolute favourite gin – and I have tried a few (for research purposes, obviously). This sounds delish, so shall have to force myself to try it! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • I too am very fond of Hendrick’s…how can you go wrong with the subtlest aftertastes of cucumber and rose petal…must try this drink soon…sounds divine!!! Thank you!

  • ooooooooooooooo this drink was NOT for me!! I have loved the previous behind the bar drinks, but this? Definitely not for everyone. The flavors are just too abrupt, nothing smooth about this at all! A little disappointing after spending $60 at the liquor store to achieve the taste. It was very pretty in the glass though

  • I have to say Pernod is Pastis but Pastis is from Marseille and as a real girl from Marseille I have to tell you real Pastis is the 51 ! or Ricard …

  • what happened to your wedding blog? I loved the fabric flowers you made for bridesmaid dresses and also the ring pillow. I wanted to ask you how you made them and now I can’t find photos! oh no!