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Joy Thigpen’s Atlanta Home

by Amy Azzarito

moving from vancouver to atlanta 2 years ago with her young family, joy thigpen knew she wanted to find a little old house in a walkable town. when the family saw the trees in the backyard of a little 1929 house – a fig tree, an apple trees, pecan and oak trees and even blueberries bushes – they were all sold! when it came time to think about decorating the interior, joy, a talented photographer and creative director/stylist for shoots and events, kept coming back to feist’s mushaboom. as someone who has a lot of experience with creating environments, joy has found that having a theme song can help establish the aesthetics of a space. (to get a look at joy’s work, check out her beautiful tablescape created with emily of oncewed on the design sponge guest blog) with a newborn son and a 2-year-old, this would be the home where her kids would spend their childhood and she wanted the home to be as lighthearted and playful as the children! {thanks, joy!} –amy a.

[When you walk in the front door, you enter our living room (which was another requirement for me in our house hunting) and it has become the center of our home.  I was inspired by a lot of Scandinavian design and painted most of the house in a warm white to give some visual respite from all the color and pattern elsewhere. I found the sofa on Craigslist, the 1920’s French deco leather chair was a steal at a flea market, the lucite table was from CB2 and the rest were pretty much clearance/floor samples from Anthropologie, and items from Target and flea markets.  For most of the house I just gathered things I liked with no real attention to how the pieces would work together.  If I loved it and it was a REALLY good deal I brought it home.  Almost every time I brought a new piece home I thought – shoot! it really doesn’t match at all!  But within a day or two decided I liked it all together anyway!]

The wallpaper behind the yellow chair was a splurge from Anthropologie but I severely underestimated how much I’d need to do my little accent wall and couldn’t afford to get any more so I just hung it on boards and used it as artwork instead!

I asked my 2 year-old daughter what color she wanted her room and she proceeded to list every color under the sun. I told her I’d see what I could do.  So I bought a bunch of the little paint samples and some glaze and did the rainbow thing….a bigger undertaking than I had imagined since I just had to have the colors fade into each other. :)  It gave me a lot of bang for so little bucks. This was my daughter’s first big girl bed and we used my sister’s college futon, which ended up being perfect because it was low enough to the ground that I wasn’t so worried about River falling off.  It ended up setting the scale of the room which as I finished setting it up, I got down on my knees and realized I had made it all to her eye level and scale.  That was a very happy accident that I will always do in the future.

Since I didn’t have anything to put on her walls and I felt like more artwork would be competing with the rainbow anyway, I saw a box full of princess dresses a family friend had just given her and felt like that was the perfect texture and collection to dress that wall AND keep all her dress up clothes in front of her to spark her imagination and reach whenever the spirit moved her.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Joy’s sneak peek (including all the images on one page) after the jump!

For my son’s room I used the $5-paint-sample-to-decorate-an-entire-room trick again.  The design was inspired by a little porcelain vessel from Russia.  As we moved in, his room became the place to put things we didn’t know where to put and in they eventually gelled into Oswin’s room.

For our room I wanted a more soothing version of the rest of the house.  When we moved in our walls were lavender painted over overlapping wallpaper with another paper on the bottom half of the room and a wallpaper border.  I wanted the room to be mostly white but it seemed like a nightmare of a task to resurface the sheet-rock so I decided to upholster it.  I stapled a layer of batting down then finished it with white muslin we still had left over from our wedding. The bedspread is from Anthropologie, the pillow is from Pottery Barn, and the heart is from the newspaper. :)

Our spare room has always served many purposes and lately was pilling up with boxes and bins and was totally out of control.  So I moved the bed to the middle of the room and lined the walls with shelves from Ikea.  Now we can walk in the door again and all my props and tools are accessible and organized.  Yay!!

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  • So beautiful! I recently purchased that same coffee table and I love it. Where are those leaf curtains in the living room from? They would look fantastic in my my bird/guest/TV room.

  • I just love the idea of decorating by virtue of hoping everything you love somehow works together. It usually does because really a person’s taste is pretty consistent. LOVE this. :)

  • Anyone know where the yellow chair is from? Or even where the fabric on it is from? I’ve been searching for yellow flower fabric exactly like that!

  • Ah… are you kidding me, all the walls in your house are amazing! I can’t get over the paint job you did in your daughters room. And I’m totally feeling “mushaboom” in this house! Thanks for the peak.

  • I really admire the artistry involved in taking so many eclectic tidbits and arranging them all into such perfectly assembled rooms. Come to my house, would ya? :) Looks really, really good.

  • What a wonderful idea – having a soundtrack help create the theme of the room! I love Feist, perhaps I should do something similar. This room is so fun, just like Mushaboom!

  • Fresh space!

    This is one of my favorite sneak peeks yet. So fun and fanciful but it feels so down-to-earth. Lots of bold colors, yet I don’t feel like I’m being beaten over the head with them.

  • The colors! Oh how I love it. And what a fabulous find on that Craigslist sofa… and the living room rug… and what an amazing job you did on the little girl’s room. My oh my. :) Bravo.

  • I too would love to know where the leaf curtains are from. They are exactly what I have been searching for!

  • I love the whimsy of the little girl’s room! From the sorbet rainbowed walls to the fairy princess dresses, it’s absolutely perfect.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • I always think a person’s home reflects their heart…what a good heart!

  • I have the same aesthetic of buying whatever appeals to me – so glad to see that that approach can actually look good! :) Such a comfy, warm home, love it!

  • I’m usually a lurker, gawking at all the beautifully designed homes, but I had to comment on this one.

    LOVE your daughter’s room. I have a 2-year-old girl who I could see having so much fun and happines in this room. I never thought to use a futon as a child’s bed but it is now on my list of ideas.

    Also LOVE the living room. The colors are heart-stopping and inspired.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • The idea for the guest/storage room is amazing! I’m a college student who probably wont be able to ever paint a wall or hang anything up. I’ve been brainstorming for ages on how to show case DYI projects and creativity, but I couldn’t come up with any solutions. Having shelves wall to wall and showcasing the bed is a great idea!!!

  • Wow! Lots of fabulous ideas to be found here! Love the liberal use of color throughout! Very lovely!

  • I think it’s a testament to Joy’s eye that she could buy what really jumped out at her and then make it all work. I aspire to that level of taste – having enough of a joined aesthetic to trust my instincts, but also willing to mix and match simply because I love something!

  • Love your girls room!!!!! And I love that the room is built for her size. The whole thing is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  • oh, thanks everyone! i really do love being at home and i’m so glad to get to share it with you all…its such a happy place.

    A’s: curtains are a merimeko print i got for 75% off at Anthro but you can still get the fabric elsewhere; the rug was also from Anthro; and the paint colors for the rainbow were Sherwin Williams (top to bottom): Lively Yellow (which is mostly green), Optimistic Yellow, Oleander, Charisma, Begonia, Dynamo, and Aquaduct.

  • This house is really lovely, I like all the bold colors and great wallpaper,it’s so brave and works so well. I’m inspired!

  • so how did you get the colors to blend so nicely? any tricks, or do you just mix the adjacent colors? the rainbow room is fantastic.

  • yeah, i painted regular stripes (not even straight lines) and then went back with clear glaze and the adjacent colors and blended them with a big paint brush. double dipping the roller works pretty well, too but then you have to use so many rollers!

  • Princess dresses as wall decor? It does NOT get any better than that!

    And after painting all my interior walls just ONE color, I can only imagine the work and determination it would have required to do that ombre rainbow. Simply awe-inspiring!

  • Your daughter’s bedroom is AMAZING. It’s what all little girls dream of having.

  • The paint is beautiful! Great idea. But, what I’m really in love with is that bed frame…did you make it or buy it? Details please!?

  • All the patterns together work! You think they wouldn’t but putting bold on bold is effective. Love the rug/carpet and the curtains.

  • not only gorgeous pictures of a home which just seems to sing (does that sound crazy?) but i love the description of how the rooms and furniture choice was made

  • ditto all amazed, awed & complimentary words above. where can i find the rug in the rainbow room?

  • Can you please explain further how you created your bedroom walls – i love it!!!

  • oh, i just painted them! for each room i did pencil in little measured marks so the lines would stay straight and even–and i did keep the strongest stripe at the same spot (my eye level) since both designs can be seen next to each other through the doorway of the living room..this actually helps them flow better and compete less. for my sons room i just kind of doodled something similar to the little russian porcelain.

    for my bedroom walls i just used a staple gun to stretch the batting first (which acted as a primer and smoother) and then the muslin. it felt kind of like stretching a canvas (and i have been quite tempted to paint on it!) and turned out to look a good bit like panels of sheet rock that are at the same time, both softer and more industrial because i left the line of staples exposed.

    and again, you’re comments are all too sweet! thanks everyone! :)

  • I love your home. It was nice to hear that you brought home affordable pieces that you loved and it all created its own unique cohesive style in your home! And your daughters room is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow, I love this room. Not only is it bright and happy, but it’s nicely designed and laid out. Looks comfy and homey!

  • Please, would you share your source for the fabric on the bright yellow and white chair? I have been looking forever for that pattern. Thanks much!!

  • Incredible sense of style and whimsy! Love, love, love the entire house! Thank you for allowing us to view it.

  • What a beautiful home. And I totally agree with Laura; the homes that look lived-in are so much nicer than the staged ones. There is so much personality in each of the rooms here. Absolutely wonderful!

  • Joy!! I love it! I had dinner with Vicki tonight and mentioned Chelsea’s home being on here and she said yours was too! It is all you! I hope you are well!

  • I really like your aesthetic for collecting. I love the living room the most!

  • I love your daughter’s room! I’m deciding on how to decorate my nursery and am inspired by your work. out of curiosity, where did you get the white transparent fabric with color fringe hanging from the ceiling?

  • I love the rainbow room! It reminds me of a Rothko painting (which I am a fan).
    Can you tell me whitch sort of paint you used (acrylic, watercolor, gouache …) and if you have painted directly on plaster?
    I read that to blend colors, you used the transparent glaze with adjacent colors : a brush for each color then?
    I hope you will excuse my awfull English, I’m French …