romance at the river + once wed weddings at d*s

by Grace Bonney

tgif! i’m so thrilled to finally make it to friday- and to wrap up a wonderful week of guest posts from emily and the whole team at once wed. it’s been such a pleasure having them and i’m excited to share their final post- an engagement inspired shoot from jose villa. click here to check out all 14 photos!

also….i’m thrilled to announce that next month, emily and the once wed team will be joining us for a wedding-themed post every other week! i’m such a huge fan of emily’s eye and, rather than try to replicate her wedding style, i figured i’d go straight to the source. so starting in october, be sure to check out emily’s wedding selections here at d*s!


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  • great news! i’ve really enjoyed the posts and the styling, ideas, light and textures of the photographs; so will very much enjoy seeing them as a regular feature here

  • I have to disagree. I think twice a month is too much wedding! There’s not doubt that weddings can make for stylish parties, but so can SO many other events! I think we get emotionally stuck on weddings as pinnacle events. Even as a married person who loved her nuptials, there is wedding overload on the web. I appreciate seeing the stylish and cutting edge alternatives to the cookie cutter approach once in a while, but even my favorite blogs seem to suffer from wedding industry overload.

    • minna

      we post 7 times a day, 5 days a week. i don’t think 2 posts a month will feel anywhere near close to overload ;)


  • i agree with you minna, perhaps plain ole entertaining posts would be wonderful and more suitable for this blog, it is becoming rather tiresome hearing about weddings ( isn’t that what a wedding blog is for). in the beginning this was a blog dedicated to home design and it was stressed that it would remain that way. though, at the end of the day it is grace’s blog where if she sees fit can go all over the place if she wants too.

  • I very much respect the sentiments of C and Minna, but suggest they look beyond the wedding part of the post and look deeper into the design elements that are being discussed. The wedding topic is just a vehicle used to deliver unique design ideas.

    Wedding overload is real. Why? Because we all live tough lives and the wedding genre allows us to fantasize, to pretend that life has a crisp beginning that starts with love and carries us through.

    I indulge in fantasy. I indulge in design. Are they really that much different?

  • I for one am extremely excited about wedding posts on d*s! Oncewed is one of my favorite blogs and I think Emily will definitely add something great to the site.

  • I’m getting married in less than two months and have had my fill of wedding blog overload. I love once wed, but it might be really cool to see once wed style some non-wedding events for this blog- do something new and different.

    I know wedding blogs can sometimes inspire you in regards to styling your home or a dinner party, but I can understand the sentiment of some of the previous posters- it might be cool to see something a little different ala the Sunday Supper route.

    • hi guys

      just a quick note- take away the cake and a wedding event shoot is just an event shoot. we won’t have cakes and brides in every once wed post- we’ll be focusing on great tablescapes and design schemes that apply to any type of event you’d like to throw.


  • Once Wed is inspiring, even if you aren’t concerned with the wedding aspects. I can’t wait to see more from Once Wed on D*S!

  • Good points, all. You’re right, Grace – in the context of that many posts a month, it seems it will be a good balance. And I appreciate Lydia’s comments, too. Fantasy does play a very important role in design, and I guess that’s why there’s a natural synergy with the wedding industry. Thanks for the nice discussion everyone!

  • I am so thrilled to see my top two blog favorites uniting! This, as well as all the other new additions & exciting changes at d*s have been a pleasure to watch. Congrats Grace and the team on all your hard work :)