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michael penney at canadian house & home

by Grace Bonney

when it comes to magazine websites, canadian house & home is my hands-down favorite. they have great home tours, young, vibrant editors, fun blog posts and my all-time favorite: michael penney.

i’ve been following michael’s blog posts for a few months now, each one seemingly getting better and better each week. so naturally when i got a tiny peek of his home i was dying to share it here. so i was thrilled to hear from trish at house & home about his upcoming home tour in this month’s issue! if you’re not near a paper issue, today h&h is launching a gorgeous digital slide show of michael’s home. i’ve chosen my favorite shots above and below, but you can view the full home right here. it’s so pretty i can’t stand it. all that blue and brown. swoon. thanks so much to michael, trish and angus for sharing these shots with us.


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