maria lintott ceramics

by Grace Bonney

as i pour myself another cup of tea i’m wishing i was pouring it into these beautiful scalloped mugs from maria lintott ceramics. hand made in hertfordshire, england, each of maria’s designs have a lovely sense of lightness to them. i’m especially fond of her fluid bowls as well- those loose edges and sides are so beautiful. click here to check them out on their new website.


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  • Ggggorgeous! Anything would be lovely in these! Tea, coffee, paperclips, flowers, etc. Love the moustache protector on the cream-colored cup in the second photo. Takes me back to 4th grade, Mr. Marshall’s class, Xmas present coffee cup w/ said moustache protector. But I digress. Lovely!

  • The first set are really sweet. Old fashioned but somehow modern at the same time. I like the pastel colors. The second group is really great. I like the wonky, off balance feel of the bowls. It’s like extending the potter’s wheel to the table.