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living in: annie hall

by amym

Say it with me guys. Annie. Hall. Who knew that these two words could have such a energizing effect on people? When friends asked me what movie I was plotting this week, just hearing the words “Annie Hall” made everyone grin with delight and start bouncing up and down on their seat. Not only is it charming, adorable and honest, it’s also drop dead stylish. Diane Keaton? That tie? Those glasses? The upper east side in the 70’s? All amazing. Honestly, 7 years ago I moved to New York City so I could try my hand at living in Annie Hall.

A funny and bittersweet love story concocted by Woody Allen in 1977, Annie Hall is the stuff dreams are made of. Not only are the script and acting legendary, the movies mixes 70’s groovy and uptown intellectual in a really witty and inspiring way.

[image above, clockwise from top left: heriz rug $3599,sunglasses $11, rotary phone $40+, chesterfield sofa $2000, potted lady palm $80, wooden tennis racket, assorted books, pulldown classroom maps, basket bag $59]

On the list of Annie Hall must haves? Tufted leather, folksy rugs, houseplants, tall piles of books and yes, a lobster or two. Just be sure to check the self-deprecating neurosis at the door!

[image above, clockwise from top left: lomo camera $70,felt hat $17, antique log cabin quilt $565, widdicomb highboy dresser, classic chrome table lamp $179, lobster $14.99/lb, vest $236, tie $8, bresson rocker $1800, tristano frames ]

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    • tula

      this is all amy- she does this fantastic new column each week :)

      you can read her personal blog here, too! emersonmerrick.blogspot.com


  • love this! i didn’t realize that the movie came out in the same year that i was born… i fear that annie hall is aging better than me! ;) love that basket bag!

  • My 19 year old daughter adopted Annie Hall as her favorite movie 2 years ago. She’s already put together the wardrobe. I’ll have to help her with the other design elements. Awesome!

  • Oh thank you for the flashback! Some of my best memories: early college years, watching Annie Hall, looking for pieces to add to my “vintage” wardrobe! Love the movie!!

  • One of my all-time favorite movies EVER. Was 11 when it came out and it absolutely defined city glamour for me. All I wanted was to grow up and live in a fabulous NYC book-filled apartment with hardwood floors and oriental rugs and drink white wine and talk about Ingmar Bergman films. Thanks for celebrating this brilliant moment of cinema style.

  • I love the whole concept of this series–Living In–and especially love this film! I have been reading your blog for quite some time, you have a great eye for design and details. Thanks!

  • I am crazy about this film! And your post is great cause not only we can live in any hall but we dress like her too! I could definetly use the ties and the vest. Loved it! thanks!

  • I LOVE that you included the lobster. My favorite part of the film is when Allen is trying to recreate the lobster moment magic with a different girl.

  • I was going to say this too, so I’ll second AK: Thanks for the lobster! When I was reading Julie & Julia and the lobster scene, this is the only thing that was in my head! I don’t think I could ever pull off the Annie Hall look, but I love to love it! Thanks!

  • i LOVE this movie soooo freaking much it is one of my all time favorites!!! great post! I dream about living in this movie and in NYC in the 70’s dreamy! I want all of this!

  • As a child, every woman I aspired to emulate (3rd grade teacher, year 9 bioliogy teacher, Julie, from Welcome Back Kotter, my favourite friend of my mothers) wore those glasses. Great memories!

  • this is why I love the blogging world. I LOVE woodie allen and when I mention him to anyone in our town they look at me funny as if they’ve never heard of him or wouldn’t be caught dead watching his movies. well, so good to know I am not alone!

  • Sorry to jump back into the comment stream but wanted to cast a few votes for future “Living In” posts (pardon if they’ve been mentioned before): grand English manor a la “Gosford Park”, dystopian future by way of early 70s a la “Clockwork Orange”, and the entirely fabulous but impossible to categorize Italian sets from “Suspiria.” Keep up the great work, this column is BRILLIANT.

  • This is really great, thanks so much, but I’d like to note that it is a HOLGA camera sold on the lomo site and not a “lomo” camera. Big toy camera no no. Keep up the great work.

  • i really liked this post!. I love woody allen, and this movie is a favorite. a humble idea for a living in movie: sabrina (the one from the 90’s).

  • One of my favorite films of all time! I’ve always loved the apartments and furniture featured in this film…as well as Diane Keaton’s wardrobe.

  • Is it just me or does that animal hide rug in one of those pictures look Ikat? Do they do ikat on rugs like that?
    Awesome post.

  • I love me some Woody Allen and am almost reluctant to admit this … but I’m never seen Annie Hall! (Shock! Shock! Horror! Horror!) BUT … I did happen to record it and save it on my DVR so there is hope for me yet, right?

  • Annie Hall is an all time fav of mind. I heart Diane Keaton and look at the items, still classic, still prevalent! Another movie set/home I covet is (again) Diane Keaton’s Hamptons place in As Good as it Gets.

  • What a great movie to pick for the Living In series, one of my all time favorites!

    I know nexts weeks movie already, Its so stylishly chic and the sets are magical..

    Royal Tenenbaums!!! if that movie isnt worth a Living In, I dont know what is.

  • love everything about this post and of course about annie hall. both are extremely inspiring and cute. i feel i’m gonna watch, one more time, the movie tonight :).
    love it.

  • Im just thinking of more movies that would be great for Living In…

    Breakfast at Tiffanys (Her apartment was beautifully done with the clawfoot bathtub couch)

    Gone With The Wind (I figured nothing is more glamorous than a georgian manor, and living glamorously during a difficult time is much needed)

    Anna and the King (any verison really, loads of gold and south asian mixed with english, perfect!)

    Boogie nights (sure its about the 70s-80s porn industry, but the clothes and sets were amazing)

    Valley of the Dolls (no explanation)

    and lastly Marie Antoinette (The Sofia Coppola version, the one time I actually wanted to be the beheaded queen of france)

  • I love this series and I love this look most of all! I can’t wait to see what the next one will be…

    I just watched Sleepless in Seattle for the first time last night (eh) and I loved Meg Ryan’s vintage kitchen…just a suggestion…

  • I’ve loved Annie Hall and Woody Allen since I was a kid! So delighted to see this post! How did I end up marrying someone who can’t stand Woody!

    I love it! Its my new bookmarked obsession. The Little Women entry was such a delight to see!! I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!
    Some suggestions that I would love to see featured in Living In would be…
    Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    Anne of Green Gables



    500 DAYS OF SUMMER (Tom AND Summer’s apartments).


  • Sarah B, Diane Keaton wasn’t in As Good as it Gets. That was Something’s Gotta Give. Both were good movies :) I loved Greg Kinear’s apartment in As Good as it Gets.

  • Love this feature! I just watched the movie Harold and Maude and thought it might make for a great Living In. Lots of great ’70s decor. Really quirky/heartwarming film too!

  • For the most beautiful sense of a Victorian room please look at The Propostion (an Australian ‘western’): marvellous blue walls, ebony furniture, flowered china and silverware cutlery with an astonishing rose garden in the desert outside. Unexpected in the circumstances!

  • I seriously love this! I mean everything you’ve listed I want! Keep these “Living In” things coming, they are so awesome and unlike anything I’ve seen!

  • Annie hall my love I,m seriously in love of all woody movies… and this ones is my favorite…! I love the museum scene…

  • This is such an amzing idea…i have spent years trying to recreate themes from movies but you are the first person i have met who see’s the inspiration of this too. Really awesome. If you ever feel like doing ‘atonement’ you would make me very happy.

  • Thanks so much for “living in”! I can’t believe how many of my all-time-favourite films you have included over the past year. This Annie Hall post was perfect as per usual, I just would have included Annie’s weird black tar soap which is available at Lush.