sweet bella

by Grace Bonney

last week holly at livingston and porter sent me a link to the sweet bella site and i’ve been clicking back and forth to it for days now. i’m trying to think of a reason i’d need to own these berlin bear brushes, other than to enjoy looking at them. and the porcelain apples? for some reason i’m dying to use them in a little arrangement next to my bed. no matter where i look on the site there’s something fun to check out- click here to view their full collection and shop online. thanks, holly!


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  • could you use the brushes for potatoes and such? and the apples would be pretty in so many different tableaus – you could use them on a fall table with candles or other botanicals. also on the kitchen counter.

    OR…you could use the brushes to dust off the apples!

    these might just be the type of thing you treat yourself to if you can because they charm you. i love having items like that around my house. they can really make a difference in the way you feel on any given day.

  • So fascinating & necessary!
    I’ve been searching for a beautiful pincushion since I started embroidering, & I think this is the one!

    One thing: how can we shop online? When I go to “ordering info”, the site requires a password. Am I missing something obvious?

    • tess

      i’ll email and ask- it may be that they’re a distrib and don’t sell directly- my apologies, i thought they did.


  • Love those handmade cards made with vintage game pieces to look like a PRIZE ribbon….Have been thinking about those and all of their sweetness since the NY Show! Enjoy!

  • if you love these treasures you should visit the site and see what else sweet bella has to offer we are lucky enough to carry her goods and there is pure magic at sweet bella

  • Hi, we missed this post – thanks for all the kind words! Please email us with product inquiries – we can refer you to a retailer in your area – (sweetbellainfo@gmail.com)