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sneak peek: kelly moseley

by anne

kelly moseley isn’t our first sneak peek-er to ditch new york to head to austin, texas for the “bigger life.” after twenty years in greenwich village, it was time for the family (now with two young children) to start a new life. in new york kelly had honed the art of buying undervalued properties and flipping them to afford 200 more square feet in apartment space, and eventually worked her way up to luxurious 1100 square feet apartments, but when they arrived in austin she wanted something long term. after months of looking they ended up buying a dilapidated 1930s cottage. it was a far cry from her dreams of a simple clean-lined modern home, but it was the expansive backyard that sold them. kelly soon became her own first client as she started anabel interiors, and the space was perfect for her musiscian/record producer husband, louie lino, to build his dream studio in the backyard. it’s now safe to say after two years of hard work, they now can enjoy the home they’ve created (see more here). {thanks, kelly!…and to linda ketelhut for the tip!}anne

[above: My years in New York taught me the important lesson in design – that art and treasured furnishings can be found in the most unlikely places. Living on a budget most of my life, my instinct relies on thrift store finds, the outlet mall and good bargains. I advise clients to splurge on a few must-have classic items that can set the tone of a room, like I did with my Saarinen dining table. From there, you can accessorize with less costly, yet stylish pieces. At IKEA one day I spotted a simple wood chair with clean lines but was otherwise, boring. I pulled out a paint color chip I’d been carrying with me for weeks. Placing it against the chair, I could imagine how the grass green paint and the colorful tea towels I had in a kitchen drawer at home would transform these chairs, so I bought six, inexpensively and proudly finishing off my favorite room in the house.]

I love mixing up different shades of white, cream and pale grays. A splash of orange in the cube and the chair keeps the space lively without compromising the relaxing quality of the room. And the sea grass rug – I adore it! It anchors any style of furnishings with just the right amount of organic texture.

When I’m not working on my porch, this is where I get things done. I need color to keep me inspired so I infused this room with that green shade I love so much. I wanted lots of desk top room and drawers for all my rulers, Sharpies and Exacto knives. I put a favorite old chair I got years ago in a little shop in the West Village in the window corner. The drapery panels were made by Leslye Womac of Best Dressed Windows in Austin. Her work is sublime and will make you want to put draperies on every window in your house! The artwork is some of my larger paper collage work.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Kelly’s sneak peek (and all 10 images on one page) after the jump!

The kitchen is first room we decided to renovate. It’s the heart of our house. With kids, it’s homework central, it’s snacks, chatting with neighbors and friends that stop by, a place to put all the junk we carry into the house…. an occasional good meal gets prepared here too. The pendant lights are “Lights Up! Deco Pendant” from one of my favorite sites, Design Public. The cabinets I chose were simple shaker style panels. I matched the color for them as closely to the wall color as I could so that everything would blend nicely. Our kitchen is open to the living room so I wanted more of a ‘library’ look rather then “oh, and there’s your kitchen!”

Here I took an old wood mirror and painted it bright yellow, my latest color obsession. You can put anything with this color and it’s instantly modern and happy.

Many happy times on this porch, aka ‘my office’. On cool mornings, I take my coffee and laptop out to check email and make notes. For twenty in years in New York, I dreamt of one of these!

This room is so often overlooked in terms of adding style. Here in the kids bath, my husband made simple shelving which I lacquered gray. Now there’s lots of room for towels (they go through them like crazy!) And art – a must, the edgier or more graphic, the better.

I’m a wallpaper junkie. I can’t stop ordering paper samples so when I get some that are particularly beautiful I put them in frames and hang them in my studio for bit. It’s a great way to get instant art. These are Graham and Brown– Mode Darcy.

My family and I taking a much needed break.

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  • Love your house – where did you get the coffee table? I have one that is almost identical, but the shelf on the bottom is more of a rattan – same lines though – I have 2 side tables that match. I found mine in an antique shop in NY state. I also just painted a mirror and a table yellow- love it! the table is electric and adds some ‘oomph’ to my living room! thanks for sharing!

  • I love your house and wondered which paint colors you used throughout. Especially the dining room.

  • i love your house! and i’d love to know where you got your kitchen cabinets from – gorgeous!

  • Very nice! Love those yellow and white curtains in the office. They work incredibly well with all the green accents in the room. Also, that dresser underneath the yellow mirror? Total fabulousness!

  • Thanks for featuring more Austinites, especially such fabulous ones as Louie and Kelly!

  • I love the house and especially the Cleanliness print in the bathroom may I ask where you purchased it?

  • All the gray paint color in house is: Benjamin Moore: Stingray

    The print in bathroom is one of mine
    at: studioanabel.etsy.com

    Thanks everybody for all the kind words. It’s been really fun working on this house and the best part is that is still on-going!

  • Well executed! The various rooms have a contepoary/timeless style. The ‘thrift store’ ‘vintage’ style is well done…makes it interesting (or curious) but not costume-y. The kitchen cabinets ROCK! If you painted those…would you share the color name/paint type/ brand name paint??

  • Laura – the kitchen cabinets are from Kitchen Kraft in Austin. They are custom made to the space and come in many pre-determined finishes.

  • Laura – the curtains were custom and the bamboo blinds were Home Depot (the best deal around!)

    Samae – the office desk is actually Ikea kitchen cabinets in glossy white. I used their stock counter tops for a nice contrast to the white. But be warned you need an adjustable height chair because the desktop is a few inches higher than standard desk height.

    Nativison 71 – the cabinet color is “Portobello” (through Kitchen Kraft) but it’s pretty close to the wall color which is Benjamin Moore “Stingray”.

  • I too love your desk and have been looking for something just like that. Where did you purchase that find?

  • I love the curtains – among other things – but can’t find contact information for Leslye Womack anywhere… Can you post it or point me to her? Many thanks.

  • Outstanding!!! You are a genius in design. I want my house completely reworked with your golden touch!!

  • Despite your nod to thrift stores, you make every room feel custom-made. I love the unexpected surprises in color and texture. It’s creative cardio for my eyes. Each unique space is a design for living, beautifully.

  • My favorite space is the dining room. The clean lines of the table and lamp with the punch of color in the chairs and upholstery. Lovely.

  • That is a seriously awesome space you have created…your home is a livable piece of artwork…wish you could come and design my workspace!

  • Total genius, you are incredible! Every room is clean, beautiful and bright. NYC’s loss is Austin’s gain, we wish you awesome success!

  • brilliant idea on transforming the ikea chairs. one question: are they comfortable seating for an hour-long dinner?

  • Wow. I’m in design heaven. That first picture of the dining area is exactly the feel I’ve been craving for my kitchen. All so well done!!

  • What a comfortable, stylish home you have made for your family. You have a great eye for finding those thrift shop finds.

  • I really like your kitchen cabinets. Did you paint them were did you order them that color? It’s difficult to tell what colore they are…tan or gray.

  • Maybe it’s because I live in Austin, but this house is just perfect! Every room has a perfect space to furniture ratio and the colors are so light and fresh. Love it!

  • Just curious, what is the name/brand of yellow paint that you used on the mirror? What a beautiful home, it looks so peaceful. :)

  • Where did you get those bar stools? I’ve been looking everywhere for something like that.

  • I swooned at the first photo and was thinking, “I wish we had houses like that here” and then I realized it WAS here… in Austin!

    Every room is lovely, calm, and serene and the whole house looks like it would be a wonderful space to live in.

    Have been oddly drawn to the deep golden yellows also lately – like Kristen would love if you would share the shade you selected for the mirror.

    Thanks for showing your house!

  • I love your house… I saw a hint of a nautical map in the background of the hallway… where did you find it?

  • Wonderful home. Very peaceful. We are about to do a kitchen renovation ourselves. I was also interested in the name of the cabinet color as well as the source for the bar stools.

  • omg… that home is my dream..i liked everythin’ in it. an’ i like the windows with that long curtains))…<3

  • I like the office chair and know I’ve seen them around in a variety of colors … does anyone know who makes them?

  • I have gone back and looked at this probably 10 times, I absolutely love Kelly’s style! Thanks for the inspiration, I’m sure I’ll be “borrowing” quite a few ideas!

  • The best ever. Elegant, clean, cosy, interesting, functional, clear, warm, cheerful, artistic, personal, organized, delightful in every detail, full of light and joy and peace and green surroundings. I’m totally in love. Definitely my dream house.

  • ahh finally some answers!

    the mirror color is a yellow I mixed myself. But “Citron” in Ben Moore is pretty close.

    The lamp under mirror is designpublic.com

    The porch furniture is vintage. Got it super cheap in upstate NY — if it had been the Hamptons — forget it!

    The nautical map is the North Fork of Long Island where my family and I spend time in the summers. I got it in the nautical supply store in Greenport. What am amazing shop that is!

    The poster in the dining room is of a show my husband played with the band, Nada Surf. You might be able to find it on their site: nadasurf.com or go the smallstakes.com for other very cool music posters.

    and oh yes, the office chair is made by Lider and I got it at Eurway in Houston.

  • ahh one more I forgot – the Ikea chairs. Yes, they are comfortable, for at least an hour, after two and a few glasses of wine, you might want something more cushy.

  • There is nothing about this house that I don’t like! It’s so open and clean. I’d like my future house to look like that!

  • That kitchen is dreamy. Restrained and warm, beautifully done. I love the wallpaper samples (might be the answer to my master bedroom!) and have wanted an arc lamp…I am late to the party, but can you tell me where you got that? You are very talented, Kelly!

  • I love your home. I live in Calif. now and I miss Texas. I am interested in the stone for your fireplace. Is it real Texas limestone or a cultured stone?

  • I know this had been posted a long time ago, but I wondered what your trim color was? LOVE the house!

  • Yes, I also would like the name of the white trim color that is paired with the stingray.
    Kind regards!

  • Please tell me where the natural looking roman blinds were purchased and their brand. Are the made of sea grass?
    Thank you.