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sneak peek: isabel asha penzlien

by anne

as i’m in the process of de-cluttering my own life, i’m instantly drawn to the beautiful simplicity of photographer isabel asha penzlien‘s home in chinatown, new york. in keeping her home minimal and functional she’s also able to use it as a photo studio (oh, and not to mention, a badminton court as well!). isabel was born and raised as one of six kids in hamburg, germany and moved to new york to study fine art photography at ICP in 1995. her work has appeared in various publications, including catholic, the guardian, I-D magazine, index and teen vogue. over the last few years she published a series of photography books and keep your eye out for her latest project – an on going portrait project about music students. she also does commissioned family portraits which she finds highly enjoyable coming from a big family herself. thanks so much for sharing your home with us today, isabel! you can find additional images right here, and don’t miss all of our gorgeous sneak peeks here! –anne

[above: my place gets a lot of sun all afternoon and i painted the floors in a pale  mint color and keep the walls white. less is more for me and i try to keep only things i need.]

on the wall above the chest of drawers are some paintings and photographs of my little collection. i am trying to get back into playing piano and my boyfriend gave me a little keyboard to play with.

in the center of the room is my farm style dinner table and benches by Marc Hundley which i love, they give the  place a real homey feeling.

CLICK HERE for the rest of isabel’s peek (and all the images on one page) after the jump!


my desk is build taller to accommodate my height. above the desk i keep all my negative in gray folders that are numbered.


i like to play badminton in my apartment  and keep the rackets and shuttlecock on the wall because i like the way it looks and they are out of the way.


i also love my bathtub and the little garden of succulents, they make me happy when i take baths.


my bed is on the loft above the kitchen and its comfy up there and i keep my books up there to as well as my clothes which hang from the the ceiling. i keep a very few clothes, only things i love and wear.

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