Handkerchief Artwork: Allison Manch

by Grace Bonney

I’m just so happy.
To be here, guest blogging on Design*Sponge this week! Thank you so much to Grace and the team for having me, I am very excited for the week ahead.

My name is Caroline and I am coming to you from Looks Good To Me, my illustrated blog on which I pull together a variety of things that well, look good to me.
I work in the fashion industry and thus many of my blog posts are fashion-related. Since Design*Sponge focuses mostly on the vast design world beyond fashion, I am going to spend this week writing on where these two worlds collide. Home and decor, art and design. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

As a textile designer, I have a deep love for vintage fabrics, particularly vintage ladies handkerchiefs. To me they are a symbol of days gone by when manners reigned supreme and a true fashionable lady never left home without one folded carefully into her pocketbook.

Allison Manch, an artist and photographer from Seattle, WA seems to love handkerchiefs as much as I do. Her artwork is hand-embroidered onto the vintage pieces in the shape of song lyrics and references to pop icons. Allison’s embroidery does not compete with the existing artwork on the handkerchiefs but embellishes upon them, adding another dimension that makes something antique and sentimental into an art piece that is new, modern and highly personal.

I have been a longtime fan of Allison’s work and try to catch her shows whenever I am in Seattle. Her next show is this winter at the Grey Gallery and Lounge in Seattle.

CLICK HERE for more images of Allison’s work after the jump!


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