d*s wallpapers

Desktop Downloads by Deanne Cheuk

by Grace Bonney

this month marks the 5 year anniversary of design*sponge and i can hardly believe that it’s been that long! when i started d*s i was working a full-time job and felt that my life was really missing the sort of passion and connections with like-minded people that i desired. ac suggested i start a blog as a way to find my voice and talk about the things i love, and i can honestly say i had no idea that 5 years later i’d be sitting here running this site and finding my life full of the sort of passion and friendships that i’d so desired. i feel incredibly privileged to still be here, working with such a fantastic group of writers- and readers.

when i started in 2004, i was speaking to a few hundred of you and i can remember the sheer excitement of finding out that there were other people out there who cared about chairs as i much did. that fact alone made me so excited to get up every morning and work. now, 5 years later i feel overwhelmingly honored to speak to over 42,000 of you on the site and 32,000 of you via RSS (thanks for your patience with the RSS drama this month!). it has truly been my greatest honor and pleasure to talk to all of you each day. my friends and family know how often i say, “if it all ended tomorrow, i feel so lucky and so happy to have had this job, and produced something i’m proud of”. and that wouldn’t be possible without all of you. so from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

and as a special thank you, i wanted to find a way to give back a little something special. inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, clotilde of chocolate and zucchini, this month marks the first installment of a special year-long d*s artist series. each month i’ll be posting a free desktop wallpaper hand-drawn and designed by one of my favorite independent artists. i’ve invited 12 of my favorite artists to create wallpaper designs made exclusively for d*s; they’ll each debut their design the first monday of every month and i’m hoping that these beautiful custom pieces will brighten up your computer and act as a small reminder that i am so grateful for the joy you’ve brought into my life, and hope their artwork will do the same for you.

this month we’re kicking things off with one of my favorite women in the art world: artist, illustrator and art-director extraordinaire, deanne cheuk. deanne has created not 1, but 2 special designs this month- a gorgeous dark watercolor wallpaper and a light, colorful wallpaper (details of both are pictured above). since deanne is our first stab at the project, she’s gone the extra mile of making calendar and non-calendar versions of her designs. so i wanted to give everyone the chance to vote here whether they would like the series to continue with calendars built into the design, or without them.

[poll id=”2″]

next month we’ll continue with a new artist. so stay tuned for new work by artists like dan funderburg, camilla engman, julia rothman, lena corwin, nama rococo, christopher bettig, mike perry and, my personal art-idol, jen corace.

in the meantime, CLICK HERE to download this month’s wallpapers from deanne cheuk and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support over the past 5 years. love, grace.

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  • Happy Anniversary, I am so glad to be one of your readers. Passion and friendship had been my amazement in the connections I have found.

    Thank you

  • Congrats, Grace! We love what you do and appreciate that you do it! I’m so glad it brings you so much joy and I hope you know that we can feel that joy with every post!

    Chairs rule! :-)

  • These are so beautiful! Thank you for 5 wonderful years! I was looking for a new desktop background! These are perfect!

  • Grace, I still remember when a friend sent me your blog back in 2004 when it was on that old dots blogger template! I remember being so excited that someone posted about the things I loved every day. You’re such an original and a great inspiration to so many people, keep up the amazingness.

  • a very sincere congratulations. your site has enriched both me and my home so much- it is my daily happiness and I am so glad that you have found something that you love to do. All the best :)


  • Wow Grace! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into design*sponge. Your sincere interest is the key to your success, and your success inspires me to remain sincerely interested in my own work. Wishing you many more happy years to come!

  • Congrats on 5 wonderful and successful years. And thanks for the gift – my work computer is now beautiful with the deanne’s dark watercolor. Here’s to many more years of d*s!

  • grace —

    you are such an inspiration and such a lovely lady! thank you for all you do for this community. you have certainly filled my life with tons of joy and inspiration!


  • THANK YOU, Grace – for the wallpapers and the wonderful inspiration! Love love love the site.

    • thanks so much everyone- this has been the best 5 years so far, and i look forward to making the next 5 even better :)


  • Congrats Grace! Where has the time gone?
    Thanks for your endless inspiring posts and for your support of independent designers! For that we are incredibly grateful. Cheers!

  • Thank You

    I love this blog and visit every day. You have introduced me to so many things and have given me so many ideas–I really appreciate it!

  • thank you, grace…and all of you at d*s.

    while d*s is beautiful, and so easy to read along with…it must take so, so, so, much work to bring us readers such incredible, thoughtful content each day.

    thank you so much for sharing your talent, vision, and dedication with us!

  • This is one of my favorite places on the web! Congratulations on 5 years! :)

    LOVE the wallpaper! I can look at loveliness while I work…thanks!

  • Congratulations and happy anniversary! You have been my daily inspiration for the past 3 years. I love your site. Your connection with the creative world has been something to look forward to every morning! You have helped motivate me do the creative stuff I love and and open up a shop. My heart is big… I am thrilled for you on your success and accomplishments! Thank you!

  • Congratulations on 5 years of blogging, Grace! I love the work that you do and I look forward to visiting this happy, creative space every morning. You’re such an inspiration for bloggers everywhere! Happy blog birthday!

  • ToDaY you are 5! Hooray.

    You were a pioneer and for all of the people you’ve inspired, connections you’ve helped us all make, and sales you’ve contributed to- I am forever grateful!

    I look forward to more d*s in my life. Evermore THANKS. You deserve a cupcake with sugar on top. XOXO

  • Thank you, Grace, for a wonderful addition to my desktop – and for the wonderful additions to my inspiration every day.

  • Congrats to grace! Also to deanne cheuk! The dark wallpaper works surprisingly well with icons!

  • Does anyone know the typeface that she uses on the Light Version of the calendar?

    I’ve seen it used somewhere before but I’ve been having some trouble identifying it.

  • Congratulations Grace, and thanks so much for the desktop wallpapers – what a great idea!

  • congratulations Grace! i’ve enjoyed the first 5 years. It’s been so inspiring.

  • Congratulations on the big anniversary! I am constantly amazed and inspired by the projects and homes you feature. Thanks so much for doing what you do :)

  • congratulations! and brilliant idea for the monthly backgrounds. just what i needed to today to make staring at my computer when the sun is out a little bit better.

  • grace, CONGRATULATIONS on five amazing years. i’m so impressed with all you’ve accomplished…you’re an example to me every day, whether you know it or not. best of all, i know it’s all due to your genuine love and passion for art and design…which makes you so deserving of every ounce of this success!

  • Happy Anniversary Grace! And thanks for the inspiration, mentorship and support! I look forward to 5 more! And thanks for the special gift !

  • the wallpapers are a great idea!!! I love it!
    The dark one, especially, is amazing this month!

  • Congrats!!! I’m a long time reader and you’ve been an inspiration through all my stressful moments stuck in a cubicle and trying to be creative.. now, working from home, d*s still continues to brighten my day. Thanks!!!

  • I am a new reader and am very grateful for your blog. You are my Domino, my inspiration, my aspiration. An everyday companion!

  • Hi Grace,
    I find you and your blog a source of constant inspiration, and can only imagine how satisfying it must be to start something from scratch and experience such astounding success. Just so you know, you ARE the go-to website for all things design. I visit every day on my lunch break, and always always always see something that gives me a little thrill. Congratulations and keep it coming!!

  • yay and hello fellow chair lovers. this is such a sweet site. i live for the sneak peeks, and i’m so happy to have a little design sponge in my life everyday! you are an inspiration grace. thanks for all you do.

  • Congrats Grace! You have done so much for the world of design and independent stores and designers! You are a gem…truly!

  • Happy Anniversary! I have enjoyed your blog so much. Lovely refreshing, blingless, simple beauty. Fab!
    Lots of love from
    Dorset UK and Hong Kong xx

  • Wow! Congratulations, Grace.
    I used to “nurse and surf” on your blog back then…. now my “baby” is 5 1/2 years old! I’ve SO enjoyed reading d*s all these years. Thanks and keep up the good work! (o:

  • Congratulations!

    I found this site only a short time back and had no idea how long it had been around.

    I enjoy looking around when I have the time.

  • What a nifty idea – and a great slew of artists that you have picked out for the project.

    Though it has been said many times already, CONGRATS on your big blogging anniversary. :D

  • Congratulations, and thank you. But one request — could we have the backgrounds in 1920-by-1200 resolution too? I imagine I’m not the only person with a 24-inch iMac. These are too beautiful to miss!

  • Thank you Grace for giving us so much. I’ve visited your site since last year and am inspired in so many ways. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! And thank you for the wallpapers!

  • Fantastic! I love the version with the calendar on it. I love this site, too. Congratulations on 5 years and many, many more to come.

  • Congratulations Grace. And thank you for sharing your reflections with us. Your example pushes me one step closer to taking the risk to make my life full of the passion and connections I too know are possible.

  • i’m a little late to the party, but heartfelt congratulations!

    finding this blog was pretty life-changing, it’s been such a source of inspiration and pleasure for me. you have introduced to me much beauty.

    keep up the super-good work!

  • Congratulations Grace! You have set the bar for inspiring and knowledge based blogs! Thank you! Here’s to many more great Design*Sponge years!

  • Happy Anniversary and THANK YOU for starting and continuing this fabulous blog! I’ve been reading since almost the start and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve discovered new finds and inspiration from d*s. Countless questions and compliments about things in my home from friends and I always find myself saying “I heard about it on Design*Sponge!” Thank you Thank you!

  • Congrats on your 5th! Hoping for many more years of inspiration. A day without D*S is like a room without windows!

  • Congratulations Grace! I love D*S and I’m proud to be one of your 42,000 readers. You’re such an inspiration to all of us and I feel so honored to have been featured on D*S in the past. Happy B-day D*S!

  • Happy Anniversary! Your blog always makes me smile. Thanks for the beautiful wallpaper as well- it will brighten my day for weeks :)

  • Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! you’ve done such fantastic work, and you’ve achieved so much. all this is such a model, and everyone at design sponge deserves all the best! France loves you!

  • Congrats, Grace! We’ve loved seeing the blog evolve as you add new features. What an inspiration it continues to be!

  • You, my dear, ARE THE INSPIRATION. Your content, design, voice, attitude, ideas, willingness to help others are all first class. You deserve all the success and praise in the world. Congratulations to you and all of the people who support you daily to make this world a happier place. Happy Anniversary!! xo

  • Awesome Grace, congratulations! I hope you treat yourself to something real nice, you deserve it for all the great work you do! Thanks so much for your blog, and happy 5 years!

    • thanks so much again guys :)

      and jacqui- i did! i ordered some mexican otomi fabric i’ve been eying for like 4 years. finally going to do something with it in my home ;)


  • I just wanted to add to the long chorus of congratulations with a huge added THANK YOU!!! Thanks for providing everything from visual treats to a peek into real (creative) people’s homes to the amazing inspiration and resources you have been providing to all of us trying to strike out on our own. I feel just as luck to be a part of the community you have built. So cheers! maybe grab a glass of wine ;)

  • d*s is my morning coffee – thank you so much for the inspiration that keeps me alive and kicking every day.

  • Big congrats on all your success! It’s heartwarming to witness the enthusiasm and pluck and flat-out great taste that you offer everyday. Some of the designs/ideas/projects you feature make my heart crack a little with how much I love them, and it’s so clear you feel the same way. All the best for continued good fortune!

  • What an accomplishment! Congratulations on turning five! You are one of the very first blogs I ever bookmarked, and you continue to be only one of the best. Thank you!

  • Hello Grace!

    With big blogs like these, readers like me often forget to comment and share the love. So I thought this would mark the occassion to say THANK YOU.

    Thank you for being so amazing.
    Thank you for inspiring so many of us.
    Thank you for the free wallpaper (yup I am using it!)
    Thank you for all the Biz Ladies
    Thank you for the before and afters
    Thank you for it all!!

    I wish you the best for the future and you are an inspiration to us all who want to go after our dream like this.

    Renee xxx

  • without your humble sense of awe and genuine love for creativity and design, and most especially community, this site would never work…But because you set this site up as a place of sharing and inspiration, it is unparalleled and your success is a testament to that fact and to your humble spirit. sorry if that’s a little deep, but it’s true!

  • I’ve only been following this blog for about 6 weeks but I love it and I’m sure I’ll be following it for the next 5 years at least! Thanks so much for the wallpaper and all your great work!

  • Absolutely love this! Happy 5 years. Also, would it be possible to request some larger resolution backgrounds? I’d love to be able to use these! (I’m rocking a super-huge 1920×1200 >_> )

    • hi guys!

      i’ll look into the larger resolution versions- deanne is a busy lady so i don’t want to swamp her with too much work ;)


  • I absolutely adore Design Sponge. My day is not complete unless I read it. I have learned so much, and it brightens any day. You are exceptional. Thank you!!!

  • Congrats on all your success!! I’m a relative newcomer but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog. :)

    The wallpapers are just beautiful and wonderful gift. Thanks so much!

  • hi guys!

    thanks so much for your kind comments about the anniversary and deanne’s beautiful wallpapers. i just wanted to leave a quick note about the larger sizes.

    i checked in with deanne and she said that these sizes should work on monitors up to 18″ in size. sadly, if they’re produced in high resolution in a larger size, they could be reproduced for other purposes (ie: someone using deanne’s work without permission) and deanne would prefer to stick with these standard sizes to prevent that sort of situation. thanks for your understanding,


  • Congratulations Grace and thanks for the lovely gift!

    Very excited to discover that Deanne is from Perth.


  • Congrats on 5 years! What an accomplishment. You deserve all the happiness you receive from this venture! Here’s to 5 more!

  • Happy anniversary! Love LOVE all that you share with us, and now these great wallpapers are thrown in the mix! Best of luck for the future.

  • Congratulations, Grace! 5 years is amazing, and I’m so glad I’ve been apart of it for the last year and a half (and counting!). Can’t wait to see what you have cooked up for the rest of the year. But let’s face it, I’m just as excited to see what you have cooked up this week :)


  • Happy anniversary! Thankyou so much for these gorgeous downloads. I think I would like a choice of calendar or non-calendar each month – it really just depends on my mood what I’ll pick!

  • Well done Grace! Its been a pleasure to receive design sponge in my inbox every morning for the last few years. Congratulations and keep em coming! Cheers from Australia :)

  • Grace.

    You are a true inspiration to me on all levels!!! Thanks for sharing your love and passion of Design through D*S. I know that if had never started your blog I would have never started mine….

    Congrats on 5 years and counting!!!!

  • Huge congrats, Grace. This blog is a stunner. Every time I visit I am blown away by the amount of content, the way it has been organized and the heart behind it. Bravo. – @gwenbell

  • Congratulations Grace! Your blog is such an inspiration, thank you so much for everything you’ve shared on D*S and the wonderful wallpaper gift! I can’t wait for more!

  • i have been reading your site everyday … sth is missing if i don’t come and stop by each day! thanks for introducing so many interesting designs! your wallpaper idea is such a great news to readers!

  • congratulations grace! i love reading your blog – it’s a real treat, full of lovely things. well done!

  • Happy blogbirthday Grace! I don’t comment a lot (almost never) but i’m here everyday. I discovered d*s a while ago when i started reading blogs, and you make, by far, the best blog around, worldwide.
    I hope it will keep on that way for a very long time :)
    And thank you for the gorgeous wallpapers, i adopted the light version (more summer-ish!).

  • thankyou Grace for your daily dose of goodness and for inspiring so much creativity!! Congratulations on having the best blog in the sphere… and thankyou for the beautiful wallpaper treats!

  • My goodness. This blog is an inspiration to me personally, and I’m sure, all bloggers out there in blog land. Thak You so much for your amazing vision and for sharing it with the worls as beautifully as you do. All the very best for the years ahead!

  • Just to add : ) . . .

    DS is the ONLY daily blog that I subscribe to, that I can’t wait to open, that I get lost in, and that I truly love.

    We are all JUST as lucky to have DS as you are!!!

    MANY THANKS and for sure, 5 more!

  • No, no.. Thank YOU grace! Your blog is one among other things (husband coming home, playing with my son, etc) I look forward to EVERY DAY! Congrats..

  • Oh, congratulations!!! You are doing a wonderful job! it’s so inspiring and interesting, I lack words to describe how much I enjoy every Design*Sponge!! May you be healthy and live in harmony!! Because this is what I get from you – harmony and strength. Thank you a thousand times!!!

  • congratulations! and thank you!!! d*s has been soo inspirational. wish u all the best. xx

  • Hi Grace!
    Thank you so much for your blog, and congrats hitting the 5 year mark! I am a fairly recent subscriber to your blog and I think its wonderful.

    You couldn’t have said it better when you wrote “i was working a full-time job and felt that my life was really missing the sort of passion and connections with like-minded people that i desired.” I often feel that way. Being a fairly recent collage graduate of graphic design (although time is going fast!), making the transition to the workplace has been very difficult for me. Its difficult to find inspiration to keep going and keep creative and your blog has really helped. Not exactly finding what I want to move forward with in my career, reading your blog makes me feel like you said best, I am not the only person who thinks the little things about design count and aren’t silly. I am not alone, and I thank you.

  • I’m getting watery eyes at work. I can’t believe how much influence you’ve had on the world around us, encouraging all kinds of designers to go bolder (and not to be embarrassed about their love of bird decals, ac be darned!). I see your influence when I go to the local Sunday craft market, when I shop in design stores, everywhere. Your attitude of always improving the site and its offerings is just as inspiring as all the artists’ and designers’ work you feature. Congratulations!

  • thank YOU for creating a blog that i have faithfully read ever since a friend showed it to me two years ago. these wallpapers are stunning!

    ps- i cannot WAIT for julia rothman’s wallpaper…

  • Just about a month ago i discovered this wonderful “blog”. I feel inspired everytime I read the Posts and it has become an addiction to look at the site to feel connected in some kind of way to the disigners and to all the style variations. I love the DIY and Sneak Peaks.
    For being a begining Interior Desing student there is a lot of inspiration to continue in the hopes of becoming a professional in this field soon.
    Wish i could’ve found this sooner. But I have enjoyed every bit.

    Thanks for your inspiring work and ideas Grace. Thanks for the wonderful taste and choice in all the work shown here. “Feliz Aniversario” Happy Anniversary.

  • Best wishes and hope you’re having cake today to celebrate a grand achievement – I’m glad every morning to see what’s online and to have contributed in a small way!

  • Congrats, Grace!! Thanks for all your inspiration. As a stay-at-home mom, you’ve been my link to the outside world of design – my ” Saving Grace” so to speak ;)

    Thanks for the wallpaper! It totoally brightened my day!

  • I normally hate all the gushy comments in blogs, but I just wanted to congratulate you, Grace! Thank you for having the best, most professional yet still personal, best edited, classiest, best info-to-word-count ratio blog around. I look forward to reading your blog everyday. I will keep reading as long as you keep going. You are my absolute favorite blog (and I read too many!).

  • Grace, I love that you’re thanking US and you have brought so much beauty and inspiration to our lives every day. Checking your blog is one of the highlights of my day, for sure. Thanks so much for your work and creativity; here’s to five more years and more of Design*Sponge!

  • love it. i have it on my desktop now! thanks for having such a great blog! i enjoy it daily!

  • Grace, I don’t know you but I visit you every single day and dream, dream, dream. Thank you so much for your lovely, outstanding and exceptional eye. A surprise every day: that’s what you give me. Thank you.

  • Grace you’re the best!! You’re are fully a part of my morning routine… wake up, check my email, make my TJ’s oatmeal, read D*S. It must take so much hard work to bring such amazing posts everyday and I’m so thankful that you’re willing to do it. Congrats on 5 years!!

  • I visit (multiple times!) every day too. I’ve had so much fun reading Design*Sponge the past few years. Congratulations on reaching the five-year mark and thanks for creating such a fantastic resource and community.

  • Congratulations! It’s clear your efforts have been an invaluable contribution to pioneering the ideal standard for a vital media format. d*s is the only blog I read daily, and as many have commented before, is a constant source of inspiration. Thanks so much for all of the substance and beauty you, and those who you collaborate with and feature, add to the design world.

  • Congratulations on taking your passion and sharing it with us! Also, thank you for the desktop wallpapers, I’ve been looking for a good source for a while.

  • Grace — thank *you*. Your blog is my favorite — inspirational, fun, beautiful. And thank you for the calendar/wallpaper! What a cool idea. :) Best to you and d*s!

  • These are absolutely fantastic!!! I’m using one for my office computer and one for my home computer!!! Beeeauuutiful (oh, and Miss Deanne? definitely one of my fave designers too)! THANK YOU!

  • Congratulations!! and thanks for doing Designsponge, it is one of my daily read, and a huge source of inspiration and joy. I hope you continue working on the blog as long as you keep enjoying, we all appreciate it!!
    Regards from London

  • Congratulations! The wallpapers are so unbelievably gorgeous!!! I wish I could wallpaper my life with the light one. :)

  • TOTALLY LOVE the delicious new backgrounds! Thank you so very much! I have not voted but feel duty-bound to explain my little tale…
    When first seing the ‘August’ image I nearly freaked out thinking there was a whole calendar like this and clicked in a feverish urge to find out more… which I did to find it was only one month in which case, I have downloaded the calendar-free image. Would LOVE to get my grubby paws on an entire years worth of calendar though… hope this helps with the query…



  • goodness, and I just have to say whilst yacking-on here that designSponge is one of the most beautifully designed, jam-packed, fascinating, stylish and VITAL parts of my day and I’m sure many other indivuduals’. So the thanks is all to you.

  • Kudos, Design Sponge! You are my favorite blog. Whenever I visit your site, I always come away giddy and excited. Thank you! Thank you!


  • Thank you Grace for the never ending inspiration. Over the years your site has influenced my desire to be more involved in the design fields, and now I’m hoping to start a graphic design program in the fall! Thank you for providing great content, motivating me, and others, to be creative.

  • congrats! honestly, d*s is better than most magazines in the genre. i read your blog every day. as a matter of fact, i was staring at a d*s post one day and thought “why on earth am i still working as an in-house graphic designer when all i want to do is design patterns and textiles?”. you guessed it – a year later, i’m back in art school, studying textiles. seriously, thanks to d*s giving me sort of lightning strike moment. pip pip, bonne chance!

  • yes! thanks! it’s been nice to see the blog evolve and inspire. it’s actually super inspiring to just read these comments! i’m almost crying over here! :) keep up the good work!

  • congratulations Grace. I’ve enjoyed reading for five years and hope to be along for the ride for many more!!! Happy Anniversary!

  • Your persistance has largely contributed to my ability to live as a full-time artist! I thank you so much for all the days you have pushed ahead to commit to this fabulous community of like-minded gazers! Thanks for firing up my business and your kind inclusion of my work in your creation!

  • I’m a new blogger and subscriber to your blog so I’ve missed most of the last five years but congratulations and I’m looking forward to the next 5! I love the wallpapers too. Thanks!

  • I have been enjoying my August backdrop, and would also like to know where to get the September one.