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copenhagen chronicles: textile/furniture final exhibition

by Grace Bonney

[this post is the seventh in a series of guest posts we’ll be sharing from our summer correspondent in copenhagen, brittany watson]

Hi folks, After 6 weeks of often little sleep, constant travels, and definitely lots of printing we showed our digital textile prints at the final exhibition of the Danish Institute of Study Abroad students this past week held at the Royal Academy of Architecture. Can I please let out a little sigh of relief please? Sigh. Thanks, much better. We were joined by the architecture/interior design and furniture design students and it was pretty stellar if I do say so myself. Six weeks is a short amount of time to pack in four printing processes and a final show, but it was all worth it. Well, you decide. Thankfully, I’m here for a couple more weeks soaking in all things Scandinavian before it’s back to Washington, DC to start school again. In other words, this isn’t the last of me quite yet! -b. [image above: Just a few of my awesome fellow textile design classmates: Sarah Griner, Katie Chappuis, Natalie Apuzzo, me, Amanda Barnes, and Shif Whiteman.]

Paying homage to my Danish ancestry, I dubbed my final print “Watsonville.” I began with the shape of a family tree and added buildings rotated along a central axis and then breaking off into “branches.” Many of the buildings are iconic Copenhagen structures, confirming the notion that cities, like people and families, are living, breathing, and constantly evolving/revolving over time. I kept my test prints in a book I made with a contrasting green fabric and added two more books, one for sketches and the other for products I made with my print using Photoshop.

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U of Massachusetts Boston student Katie Chappuis’ test prints and bag she made.

University of Michigan student Shif Whiteman’s birch trees.

Pratt fashion student Tiffany Nousiopoulos’ floral print and test prints.

Lina Fedirko, also a Pratt fashion student, and her print of curvature of geometric figures.

Pratt interior design student, Amanda Barnes’ bold curves.

Natalie Apuzzo, Pratt industrial design major, wrapped in her light-themed print.

University of Connecticut student Emma Sullivan’s digital print.

Onto some chair designs. This one is from fellow Corcoran student, Darlene Molnar. She got secret access to a laser cutter, the lucky duck.

One of my favorites! Sarah Moses, Yale art student, teamed up with a local tattoo artist to color hers pretty.

Shari Francis of Pratt spruced hers up with a great Marimekko pattern.

Taylor Fidel of George Washington University measured the contours of the human body to pinpoint where the tubular beams should fall.

Tiffany’s heat transfer experiments for fashion

Sarah’s portfolio display

Emma and Katie picking out colors for dyes

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