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moomah: creative arts cafe + diy mouse toy project

by Grace Bonney

i get a real kick out of seeing creative people combine forces to bring something good into the world. so i was thrilled to hear from jacqueline schmidt of screech owl design (click here and here to see her beautiful homes) about a new project called “moomah” she’s working on with tracey stewart.

moomah is a creative arts cafe in the tribeca neighborhood of manhattan that focuses on providing classes, nutritious food (served in fun ways), and art exhibitions, among many other resources. i was blown away by not only the gorgeous interiors (i’d like to move in, pronto), but the idea of providing such a safe, positive environment for people of all ages to come and learn, make and create. and then you throw in jacqueline from screech owl? i’m sold.

so many aspects of moomah‘s classes and interiors involve diy projects (like the gorgeous epoxy tables) that i thought it would be fun to not only introduce moomah to the creative community, but share a fun project that’s perfect for little or big hands- provided you have a cat (or dog) at home that would like to play. even if you don’t have a pet, this project makes for a fun hand-made toy that can be used as decoration, or a gift for the pet-lover in your life.

i’m going to see if i can wrangle the moomah crowd into shooting a diy video with me for d*s so stay tuned for much more on moomah in the coming weeks. congrats to jacqueline, tracey and everyone at moomah on their new venture! [interior shots of moomah by kim cornelison]

CLICK HERE for the full project instructions (and more images from moomah) after the jump!

DIY Cat Toy from Moomah

*Click here to download the instructions with images instead*

Step One: Flatten your flag shaped peice of wool on a hard surface. Grab the long narrow tail, as above.

Step Two: Starting with the tail, roll tightly and evenly to the opposite end.

Step Three: When the wool is rolled , hold it tightly while you pick up the separate woolen tie.

Step Four: Wrap the woolen tie around the top of the mouse’s body. (opposite the tail.)

Step Five: Pull the woolen tie tightly and make a knot to form the mouse’s ears.

Step Six: Congratulations, you are done! To celebrate, find a pet that you would like to share your recycled do-it-yourself toy with, and the two of you can play!

[more interior shots of moomah- below- by kim cornelison]

[image above: shadow boxes at moomah]


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