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sneak peek: steven harrington

by anne


for a long time now i’ve been a huge fan of illustrator steven harrington‘s work, so today i’m really excited the share a sneak peek into his california home. i especially love the way splashes of color specific to his work weave their way into his home. don’t miss more of his work right here, and click here to check out additional images of his home. [thanks so much, steven!] anne

[above: This is my small Craftsman house located in South Pasadena, California. I live here with my brother John. Top-center is one of my favorite pieces drawn in graphite by Josh Petherick from Australia. Directly below are a couple of house ware pieces I created for Urban Outfitters and Nylon magazine. The ‘built-in’ bookshelves are also one of my favorites.]


knit from my mom.


Here’s an ‘in-progress’ studio shot. Spin Art makes me dizzy….


Here are a couple of newly acquired screen prints from my friend Piet-Parra of Amsterdam. He just recently had a gallery show here in Los Angeles, was super epic.

Here’s a cut-construction-paper piece created by Florencio Zavala, has been a radical trade. Along with this vintage album cover that Karla bought me for my birthday.


Owls and pipes are two other things that I enjoy collecting. The top right pipe is an opium pipe and the top left pipe was personally bought by me from some tribes’ people in Thailand. All of the owls are from all over the world, the second one from the right is a wooden whistle that ‘Whoos’ when you blow into it. I keep trying to make it through the Hobbit collection….


My brother John working hard on the porch. I love our porch, especially during the summer. It’s a little tropical ‘get-away’ especially after you have a couple of margaritas.

Here’s an ‘in-progress’ studio shot. Spin Art makes me dizzy….


Some cut-paper piles. Elements for old and new pieces….


Here are some of my most prized posessions in the house— very rare reggae/Jamaican 45 singles. I try to keep them organized in these little vintage record boxes.

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