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sneak peek: delphine

by anne


one of my favorite things about this sneak peek from erika firm of delphine is the story beyond the images. she lives in rancho santa fe, california (just north of san diego and 5 miles from the beach), but it’s not just her, her husband (who is also her business partner) and their son, but it’s a four generation household, each who brings their own creative juices to the home. her mother is wonderfully creative- paints, designs, makes jewelry, her father is an engineer who loves to make furniture, and is an excellent cook, and her grandmother – for whom the business is named – sews, embroiders, speaks french around the house and is the favorite cook.  so today we’re please to share with you the place that embodies them all. and if that’s still not enough, check out lots more images right here. [thanks, erika!]anne

photos by jessica davis photography

[above: This is “foyer number one” … the entry way in our house. These 1976 David Rowland Stacking chairs were rescued from my dad’s factory–they were going to throw them out!]

This is “foyer number two” … a completely random, giant “nook” that is immediately after “foyer number one.” We didn’t know what to do with it, so we made it into a sitting area. The yellow-green armoire houses all our table linens.

The reading chair in our bedroom. We’re going to recover it in yellow velvet… if I can ever find any. The print I picked up in San Francisco at a street fair.

Our guest room. The dresser was given to us by my husband’s childhood neighbor. it was sitting in their basement for more than 20 years. John stripped it and left it natural. The bedspread duvet cover is from ikea. The lovely orange and white pillows are from Union Of Art.

Our five-year-old son’s bedroom is due for a makeover. He wants to paint it orange. Or green. He can’t decide. The bed spread is from Pottery Barn Kids (discontinued in green, but still available in red or blue); the bed is from Pottery Barn Kids (discontinued); the embroidery of the mer-man holding a baby is by my grandmother, Delphine. She embroidered our son’s birthday into the design. The surfboard above his bed belonged to his namesake, John’s best friend, who was killed in Iraq during the very first mission of the war in 2003.

I found this neat dresser at The Corner Store, a vintage furniture store in La Jolla, California. The roses are from the garden. The mirror was a gift from my mom–she got it in Mexico. The photo is of my husband, John, on a merry-go-round when he was about 6 years old.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the delphine sneak peek after the jump!

We love Joy By Mel Lim’s pistachio geese wrapping paper so much that we wallpapered our powder room with it! The vinyl wall decals are by Mel Lim for Blik.

My grandmother, Delphine, embroidered books with designs of fruits and flowers, and stitched the names of each design in French under the illustrations.

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  • Beautiful color combos here. I don’t think the boys room needs a makeover, I thought it was darling, although that heavy surfboard above the head of the boy’s bed freaks me out a little, I hope it’s extra-super secure.

  • Wow – so fun to see Erika’s style echoed in her home, it feels so much like the entire Delphine line. Such a great feature!

  • I like very much the magical and romantic mixture of luxury and decadence in the foyers and some other details.
    Plenty of personality.

  • Such a great place! I’m wanting to reupholster my couch with yellow velvet and I can’t seem to find the exact yellow I like anywhere, goodluck!

  • Hey everyone. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments. I like the idea of finding white velvet and dying it since I can’t find the color I really want. We’re also planning on painting our bedroom this summer. Right now it’s a gross dijon mustard color and I want to paint it a pale Caribbean blue water color–fresh yet soothing.

    And don’t worry about the surfboard … John mounted it to the studs in the wall, and it’s secured safely to the display as well (we do live in earthquake country so we were extra careful when installing).

  • OMG, I want that chair just the way it is. No yellow velvet. Can I have it…of course I can’t, but I will be on the search for one like it.

  • Erika, what did you use to mount the surfboard? I’ve got one with a similar story and need to place it somewhere where it’s not getting bumped into.

  • Erika,what a lovely home! So pretty.
    Andrew, I bought surfboard holders on ebay, mine are wooden.

  • Andrew, we got the display mounts at Surf Ride in Solana Beach, CA. I didn’t see on their website but you can call them. Most surf shops should have them.

    By the way, we also have pics of the Delphine studio on our flickr here:

  • Erica, what is the beautiful wall color behind your dresser from the Corner Store? It’s lovely.

  • Love your guestroom! I’ve been looking for a duvet just like that, but haven’t seen one on Ikea.com. How did you find this one!?!

  • i lived in san diego for years and rancho santa fe is a pretty fancy area. i pictured all the houses looking like Teresa’s from Real Housewives of New Jersey, over the top and gaudy. what a refreshing surprise to find a home with a simple and sweet character. I love all the wall detailing.

  • OMG! it is really a surprise that your home is so lovely. It belongs in every home and decor magazine on the planet.

    Your discriminating style and attention to the details are what make your house a home.
    love you lots!

  • Yeah! Love seeing Erika’s family home on design sponge! I have has the honour to be a guest in this lovely abode… Grandmother Delphine’s espresso is not to be missed.

  • I have always secretly suspected your home would be featured on D*S. Still not sure how you have time to run delphine *and* thoughtfully decorate your bathroom, but I’m not complaining! Just jealous of such good taste. So lovely, so delightful :)

  • Erika, you forgot to mention that gorgeous armchair came from your favorite tatie!
    Grat job, I love the whole presentation! Love you, …