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diy wednesdays: postcard journals

by Grace Bonney

part of the fun of hosting art shows in the shoppe gallery is working with artists to make promotional postcards. over the last couple of years we’ve collected a wide variety of beautiful cards (both from our gallery and others in the city), but we’ve never quite known what to do with the inevitable extras. from our previous posts, you might have guessed that we’re big fans of note-taking and list-making, and it just so happens that these promo cards are perfect for creating mini-journals. fill them with ideas, notes, and lists, or give them away to all your friends.

have fun!
derek & lauren

ps: if you’re looking for good materials for this project (and happen to be in san francisco) swing by the shoppe and pick up a few cards for our upcoming show “little pink houses” featuring new work by the magnificent lisa congdon and mati mcdonough, opening friday july 10th.

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here’s what you’ll need:

a 4” x 6” postcard
2 pieces of 8.5” x 11” paper
x-acto blade, ruler and cutting mat
bone folder

1. cut 1” off the long side of your paper, making it 7.5” x 11”. repeat with the other sheet.

2. fold each piece of paper into quarters and cut along the fold lines.

3. stack the pages (2 pieces of paper will yield 8 pages- add or subtract as desired) and fold in half. use your bone folder (the edge of your fingernail or the back of a spoon will work just as well) to create a nice, clean fold. fold your postcard in half and smooth down the crease with your bone folder as well.

4. center your stack of pages on the back of the postcard, lining up the creases. flip over and secure with two staples along the fold line.

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  • this is a great idea! i could even see doing this with my own postcards to give away as cool freebies! thanks for sharing! :)

  • This is such a clever idea. I’ve a bunch of postcards that are just in shoe boxes. I was planning to put them in the recycle bin, but now, I know what to do with them. Those would make great party gifts, too. Thanks for sharing this project!

  • what a great idea! i too have a giant stack of postcards i’ve collected over the years. super cool way to make use of them – thanks! i’ll be making them with scrap paper.

  • Brilliant idea.
    I love notebooks and tend to go through a lot of them.
    Now my only regret is that I tend to throw cards away after a while…
    Time for change!

  • Oh I like this idea!
    I have so many cards kicking about our house and can’t bear to throw them away but don’t know what to do with them either. I’m a big notemaker and to do lists are my passion. Thanks for a reason to keep my cards!

  • Wow, this is such a great idea! I have so many cards saved up from birthdays and holidays and keep them in my closet. No more hiding them – can’t wait to make some journals. Thanks! :)

  • i’ve been looking for a tiny journal for small lists and i think this would be perfect! i’m off to make it right now!!!!

  • This post came at a perfect time of year – many of my friends are traveling and send beautiful postcards that would be perfect for this project!

  • Great project. I also have many cards that could easily be used. I will just fold and cut off the picture portion and use like it was a postcard!

  • OOoo, love it! have a whole drawer full of postcards… can’t bear to throw them out ever… this is the perfect solution!

  • This idea is great. I often will cut off the fronts of greeting cards to use as postcards, but now I will use them to make notebooks for my purse. Thanks!

  • I just finished sorting all my cards & postcards into little labeled baggies this spring! (I got too overwhelmed by the sheer bulk of them.)

    Now I’m going to use mine for letters, in this clever journal/book form, to friends & family. Thanks so much for the instructions!

  • Very cool; very easy. I made a little journal using a postcard my mother sent to me. Then I mailed the journal to my mom!

  • Thanks. Just made two of these. I’m not the “craftiest” of people, but this was fun, quick, and easy to do. Lookin’ around for more ideas now. Ta,

  • I love paper products so after I saw this I made 6 in about 20 minutes! They will be great presents for coming birthdays…I have pictures of my results on my new blog…they are so cute and made with postcards ads from a local store Frances. Thank you so much!

  • If any of you have postcards you no longer want, please send them to me. I work with handicapped children and this would be a great project for them. In the past I have collected Christmas cards from local offices – but after the holidays nice postcards would be even better, educational even. Thank you very much
    I live in Florida and you can email me at SweetOrange at Gmail dot com.

  • Any ideas on how to recycle/craft used picture postcards? I’ve been saving them for years! THANKS!