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diy project: umbrella caddy

by Grace Bonney

this month i am going to focus on a room in the house that needs some design love. for me, it’s my entryway. it’s the first impression for your guests and it’s the first thing you’ll see when you come home everyday, so you should love it, right? this umbrella caddy is the first step for me to organizing my entryway. it makes me smile and it is super inexpensive. good luck! – kate

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What You’ll Need:

1. 10″ diameter sonotube (these are cardboard tubes used for pouring concrete. they are available at big hardware stores like home depot, lowe’s, osh, etc.)
2. cork roll (also available at hardware stores, and office supply stores)
3. contact paper (used for lining drawers, available at hardware stores and some drug stores)
4. spray paint
5. tape measure
6. marker
7. scissors
8. box cutter with sharp blade
9. plant drip tray (to fit inside the 10″ sonotube)
10 glue gun


1. use the tape measure to place marks on the sonotube at 24″ (that’s the height i chose for my caddy, you can choose anything up to 24″).

2. draw a line along the marks you created. this is your cut line. slowly make cuts into the line with the box cutter. keep making connected stabbing cuts on the line all the way around the tube. this will work better than trying to drag the blade through the cardboard since it so thick.

3. cut the cork roll to the same height as your tube. use the blade and a ruler to cut it cleanly and evenly.

4. line up the bottom of tube with the edge of your cork roll. lay a line of glue along a portion of the bottom and flatten down the cork onto the tube.

5. work your way around the tube, laying down glue and smoothing down the cork, until the cork is wrapped all the way around the tube. cut any extra cork cleanly with your blade.

6. spray your contact paper with the color spray paint in a ventilated area. allow it to dry completely. the contact paper takes paint well and will act like vinyl decals. you need enough contact paper to line the tube and to cut out your decals.

7. trace a teardrop shape onto a scrap piece of cardboard and cut it out. use this template to trace the teardrop shapes on the back of the painted contact paper.

8. cut out all of your teardrop shapes. peel off the backing and stick the teardrop shapes on. smooth down as you would a sticker or decal.

9. once all your stickers are on, line the tube with the other sheet of painted contact paper. to do this, you want to leave the backing on and hot glue the sheet to the interior of the tube. this is because the inside of the tube is waxed so the stickers won’t stay put.

10. place in your desired spot and slide the plastic plant tray to the bottom to catch any moisture from wet umbrellas.



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