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diy project: kate’s sprouting shelf

by Grace Bonney

life has thrown me some curve balls as of late, so instead of finishing up my entryway i am giving you a project with fun summer colors. this shelf is sprouting modern wire flowers and could be a fab addition to a kid’s room, hallway, or even to an entryway for that matter! the materials are really inexpensive and this makes a fun project to do with your kids (or solo) in front a movie or your favorite tv show. have fun!! –kate

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1. bailing wire (also called “rebar” wire, available at hardware stores. i recommend this because it is a thicker, stronger gauge than craft wire but is also very bendable)
2. styrofoam balls of various sizes and .5″ thick styrofoam sheets (you can get these at craft stores)
3. small oval cookie cutter (or any desired shape)
4. acrylic paints
5. paintbrushes
6. wood shelf
7. cupcake liners
8. drill with tiny drill bit
9. hot glue
10. wire cutters

1. using the wire cutters, pull long strands of wire from the roll and snip to various lengths (between 4″ and 16″). loosely straighten them and wipe them clean with paper towels and soap (the wire is a bit greasy).

2. use the cookie cutter to press out shapes in the styrofoam. rub the edges to get rid of any flyaway pieces.

3. paint your styrofoam balls and shapes in your colors. paper plates make great color pallets and drying spot for the balls.

4. while the styrofoam is drying, drill holes into your shelf in a large cluster. the holes should go about halfway down into the wood, and not go all the way through.

5. now for assembly. you can do this two ways, you can put the balls on the stems first and then glue the stems in place. or you can glue all stems in place and then put the shapes on. i recommend doing the latter because it allows you to judge composition of shapes one by one rather than adjusting them all.

6. to place the stems in, dab a little hot glue on the end of the wire stem and then stick it into a drilled hole. when all the wires are glued in, you can use a hair dryer to melt away any hot glue threads.

7. stick styrofoam balls and shapes on at varying heights. you shouldn’t need to glue them unless the shelf will get a lot of handling. if so, dab a little hot glue on the wire and then place the stryofoam over it. for the cupcake liners, just pierce the liner and slide to its desired location.

8. hang your shelf.


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