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weeder’s digest: floral arrangment how-to video

by Grace Bonney

this week, i thought it would be fun to watch sarah ryhanen of weeder’s digest arrange flowers- rather than just write about them (even though i’d give my right arm to be able to write like her). so today sarah is sharing her how-to tips for creating two beautiful floral arrangements: a sweet, hand held bouquet and a simpler, ikebana-inspired arrangement. in addition to sharing her floral design tips throughout the video she also shares tips for creating a tape lattice- a trick i’ve often relied on to create more sculptural arrangements. i hope you’ll enjoy getting to spend some time with sarah in her beautiful brooklyn shop, saipua. and i also hope you’ll excuse my first-time filming and editing skills. i obviously have a lot to learn. (if you’d like to watch this video in larger form, click here to watch it on youtube)

the music from today’s video belongs to one of my favorite bands (our wedding band!)- the corduroy road of athens, ga. click here and here to check out their music. you can also pick up their cds at itunes.

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  • Nice video with great tips. A tripod and a little less zooming would make it a easier to concentrate on, but I look forward to lots more D*S videos!

  • hey, just wanted to let you know that this video was awesome, one of the arguements we have in our house is about who can arrange the flowers, my boyfriend is far better at it than I am, so watching sarah was SO useful in figuring out how people actually arrange flowers in a pretty and more modern way! thanks ***

  • i just sent it to my niece, who will be creating arrangements for her wedding next month.

    well done, and for some reason (the beautiful room or the willingness to share?), it reminded me of the movie Chocolat.

  • it would be kind of hard to type without a right arm. maybe you could handwrite everything? but only if you are left-handed. . . . :)
    the video is pretty great, by the way.

  • Nice video! Good music too! I’ve always enjoyed the flower arrangements on your blog but this is insightful. Thank you Sarah for sharing and D*S for posting!

  • great job, grace! i really liked being able to see how sarah creates floral arrangements, they always baffle me.

  • Wow. Sarah is awesome. I am in awe of her floral arrangement every week. It was great to see her working, and to see her shop. I learned so much in this little video.

  • So fun! I’m inspired and about to go out in my garden and try and create a floral masterpiece – wish me luck! Also – way to go with the movie making Grace – so much fun to see it all in action!!

  • the video is VERY nice, thanks a lot girls. and could you post pictures of the finished arrangements? i really missed that.

    • hi natalia

      the chapter intros are actually shots of the finished bouquets (the slides that said “arrangement 1” “arrangement 2”. i’ll learn to shoot them on neutral backgrounds in the future so they are easier to see. :)


  • Great addition of video. Really helps to see the arrangements from start to finish and the tips are so very helpful. Beautifully crafted arrangements!

  • Very charming and inspiring.
    After working for Kate Spade for some time..I had come to develop a love for flowers and arrangements.
    Shipment of fresh Peonys came in every Thursday and I was always somehow the florist of the store.
    Oh my Kate Spade Miami days :)

  • I loved how simple the arrangments are. I have 2 peony bushes in my yard ( Tennessee) and I and going to use them and some of my flowering shurbs for arrangments next weekend for my sons graduation brunch from McCallie!

  • that was so great! i just learned so much and i can’t believe how adorable sarah is. thank you so much for these great lessons :O)

  • I watched this video shortly before visiting home for Mother’s Day. On the Saturday before I made a beautiful tied bouquet with otherwise unremarkable grocery-store roses, mums and hydrangea. Mom loved it, especially since it was “hand-made.” Thanks!

  • Thank you Sara! Your work has always inspired me and it’s so great to actually see the process of how these flowers become lovely creations.

    I’m off to fill my vases with flowers!