good morning, silver lake

by Grace Bonney

today is the day that i’m chopping my hair off (you can listen-in on my pre-cut freak outs right here) so i’m trying to calm myself with some soothing videos this morning. sarah’s weeder’s digest how-to video is coming up later this afternoon, so i thought i’d kick things off with a beautiful video tribute to one of my favorite areas of los angeles, silver lake.

this video, produced by pamela berger, is dedicated to the art, design, architecture and culture of silver lake. there is a great interview with barbara bestor (of bohemian modern fame) and tons of beautiful homes to check out. just click play to watch the show. [thanks, pamela and john!]

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  • This is awesome!! My boyfriend and I are planning a move to LA next summer and he’s never been there. I’ve been trying to explain Silver Lake to him because this is exactly the area I would like us to move into. Thanks for this!

  • I just chopped mine off, right before a big show. Probably not the best time, but I do feel a sense of relief! Do it do it do it…you’ll look great!

  • It seems all new brides must do the chop off :) I did it too, as did many others I know. You’ll feel so light afterwards! Have fun!

  • I lived in Silver Lake in the early 80s when I was a kid, then my parents decided to move us because they though it was a little too dangerous back then for small children. I still remember search helicopters flying over our house many nights.

    It has really come a long way in the past 25 years since we moved out, and this video has inspired me to go back and check it out again!

  • This was so very well done! I have spent many hours in Silverlake over the years and have seen the evolution Barbara talks about. I agree wholeheartedly with her comments and thought that the whole video was a perfect statement of what was, what is and what we all hope will be! Great job!

  • i live in silverlake! it’s a great town and it’s where i get most of my inspiration. really cute video. a little dated by the fact that reform school moved to a bigger location down the street last year.

  • I lived in Silver Lake for years. Parts of the neighborhood are so totally charming, and tend to feel like they aren’t part of Los Angeles. It’s best to live within some kind of walking distance to either the reservoir, or the blocks of Sunset Blvd where most of the shops and restaurants are. Love Silver Lake!

  • Great video! I grew up in S. CA and Silver Lake is by far the coolest neighborhood. The video didn’t mention “Millie’s”, the world’s best breakfast restaurant.

    As far as the hair chopping…it’s so cathartic. And it’s hair, it grows!

  • Oh I Love it!!! A Wanna Visit there!!!
    I live here on the westcoast in Vancouver British Columbia where the Main St/Mount Pleasant neighborhood is alot like Silver Lake CA. We have great shops, local fav, lots of local artists work from home,great local spots to eat, and the people are so nice.

  • represent! i have that book (amazing) and ive lived in silverlake for many years (on and off). best part of la, hands down.

  • I absolutely love Silverlake and especially reform school! They have great gifts for people. I love Silverlake but I don’t think I would feel safe enough to move there. Its such a bummer because the culture of Silverlake is awesome!

  • silverlake love!! they really captured some of the things that i love about my neighborhood. our shop is in atwater village, which borders silverlake and i have the amazing job of creating outdoor spaces for the people and homes that barbara spoke about. it really is an amazing place to live (or visit!)