icff preview: lindsey adelman + chalk animation

by Grace Bonney

brooklyn designer lindsey adelman, will be at the icff this weekend (booth# #1942) and several other shows this week- and i’m currently swooning over her ‘knotty bubbles’ and ‘agnes candelabra’. can’t wait to see them in person. click here for more info on her show schedule this week.


i also wanted to start this morning with a beautiful short film that i thought would set the tone for the last day before design week kicks off. icff starts tomorrow, followed by the stationery show, surtex and all the off-site shows (stay tuned for coverage of everything staring this monday on d*s) so i’m enjoying this beautiful, calm chalk animation video by lucinda schrieber of sydney, australia. “autumn story” is a beautifully animated short and i love the way the birds fly from chalkboard to chalkboard. it’s pretty with or without the sound (if you’re stuck at work and can’t listen). [thanks, liz!]

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