cast away yarn shop + portrait day

by Grace Bonney

i don’t post about brick-and-mortar shops a lot because they’re so localized- but this shop was too lovely to pass up. the cast away yarn shop in santa rosa specializes in carrying a wide selection of yarn, knitting accessories and magazines for a huge range of crafting needs. in addition to supplies, cast away also hosts music events, parties and classes for local artists. but what drew me in most about the shop was its design. i love when a store makes me want to hang out inside- and i feel like i want to spend a whole week inside just checking everything out. i love all of the homey, vintage details inside the shop (especially the old stove with hot tea for customers) and the way the owners really carried the shop’s name throughout the store design.

in addition to the events listed above, cast away is holding a special event i thought might appeal to local readers in the santa rosa area. on april 25th, cast away is teaming up with photographer jessamyn harris (a favorite of mine) to offer a fun day full of offbeat portraiture and craftiness. crafters and non-crafters can come enjoy their mini portrait day and have a unique professional portrait taken by jessamyn. each limited mini-portrait session includes 20 minutes of shooting time, your choice of backdrops and crafting props to choose from, online hosting of the best images and a 5×7 print to get you started. it sounds like a great way to spend a day out with friends, so if you’re in the area be sure to drop by. if you’d like to schedule a session, just drop jessamyn an email to set up an appointment (or call 707-235-8953). if i was in town i would totally geek out and bring my cat with me for pictures.

whether you’re in santa rosa or not, i thought we’d all enjoy these interior shots from cast away taken by jessamyn harris. there are many more below the fold so click here to check them out after the jump. thanks to jessamyn for all of the details about cast away!



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  • Such a beautiful post! I love it! I was wondering if you might know of any interesting craft/yarn shops in the northeast, specifically the Boston area? I’m relatively new to the area and I’ve been dying to find somewhere just like this! : ) Thanks!

  • thank you for sharing these! I’m almost booked up on saturday and am very excited, definitely hoping someone brings their cat! :)
    justine of cast away always has a different cute window display, it’s a great little spot to hang out.

  • This shop is just like being in your best friends living room. The people are friendly, the knitting classes are great and the people you meet in them are so interesting. I just love this shop and travel to Santa Rosa just to go there even though there is a yarn shop in Sebastopol. I can not say enough positive things about Cast Away Yarn Shop

  • Thanks for featuring a local store that adds so much charm to our city. The entire Railroad Square district is what we who live here wish all of Santa Rosa could be like. Castaway inspires design and knitting projects!

  • This is my hometown shop and I can attest first hand, it’s as adorable in the shop as it looks from the photos! thanks for profiling this! So exciting to see a little piece of my town, and one of my favorite stores, showcased!

  • Wow, I’m so excited to have my shop on Design Sponge! Thanks to everyone for the complements and especially thanks to Jessamyn for taking such amazing photsos of my shop and for sending them to Design Sponge. And thank you Design Sponge- what an inspirational website!