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weeder’s digest: daffodils

by Grace Bonney

To be frank, they’re a little ridiculous, no? Say the word to yourself over and over again. Daffodil. Daffodil Daffodil. The court jester of flowers, complete with trumpet and collar. And the color, how would one describe it? Limonata, lemoncello, yellow submarine? Papaya-lemon-jellow-whip-chiffonade-sundae? You’re welcome, Benjamin Moore.

Daffodilly. But irresistible in some strange way. The true harbinger of spring in the city; bottegas in every borough selling bunches of 10 daffodils for $5. How can one resist? I couldn’t, because between you and me, the shizzels are even cheaper wholesale. So I bought 40 or so. Daffodils are quick openers, and they were fully bloomed in an hour or so. I sat and looked over the yellow mess. What to do? What does one mix with daffodillius?

I furrowed in the back for a simple vase and dug out a petite Chinese vase. Voila – perfection with three stems. I found an old tin pail and packed some in there. I cut the stems at different lengths to get a bit of texture and then stepped back to bask in the florescent glow…I started fantasizing about stenciling blue ducks in a border around my kitchen…Alarmed, I quickly disassembled the mess and went on to create something a bit more varied. Three poppies, a bit of mimosa, then filled it in with daffodils. Teal ribbon. Now I rest easier. Narcissus (the genus to which Daffodils belong) deserve more attention than this, to be conquered in coming weeks…but for now au revoir mes petits! Next week I come to you from Paris, France.


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  • “I started fantasizing about stenciling blue ducks in a border around my kitchen…Alarmed, I quickly disassembled the mess”

    *wiping tears of laughter from eyes*

  • I have a particular fondness for daffodils as they remind me of my grandmother’s farmhouse. Every spring the entire house was surrounded by tulips and daffodils. (I am also reminded of that house and the land surrounding it when I think of plums, bird baths, vegetable gardens and peacocks… don’t ask)

  • do you ever do flower arranging type classes at the shop? i love your guest blogs and would love to learn more!

  • I think that daffodils are my favourite flowers because a) they’re so cheap and b) they are grown locally. I don’t like to buy flowers which have been flown in from Africa, ever since I saw a War on Want report about the effects on the pickers. So, daffodils have my vote! They are my favourite thing about spring.

  • Daffodils are my favourite non-tropical flower! I hurried past bunches of these outside the corner florist today. Guess I’ll be going back to get some tomorrow! I’m inspired!

  • Sitting in front of a bunch right now. Basking in the daffodilly glow if you will. Mine are in a big old jam jar. No blue ducks in sight.

  • I’ve never seen daffodils look as lovely as that first photo- love the simple ribbon tie! xo

  • Amazing, I love daffodils! Actually, I think my favorite spring flowers are crocuses, but daffodils are much more showy. Great photos!

  • my father-in-law calls them jonquils, which i know is not always correct, but i like the old-timey sound of it.

  • I absolutely love daffodils. AND to make things even better, Trader Joe’s had them at my location here in Charlotte for $1.50 for 8 stems!

  • So nice and bright, you’re so right they really are a sign of spring. I like your metal container

  • Daff’s are great performers, but the solid yellow varieties are such a cliche! I urge everyone to seek out heirlooms and new varieties if you can. There are double daff’s in shades of peach and white that look like baby peonies. Miniature ones that resemble orange birds, and the list goes on……

  • I would love it if you would stencil blue ducks around your kitchen! I could make you a duck napkin holder out of wood with a blue ribbon around his neck…..sweet, huh?

  • Oh man! I’m so jealous that you guys over there are beginning spring! I’m in Australia and the autumn is setting in – sigh. You lucky daffodils!


  • mom, I forgot we used to make duck napkin holders with the jigsaw! yikes!

    ladyface i’m thinking about a class thingy…check in with me in a few months

  • Loved this post-LOL, especially the blue duck reference! My husband loves daffodils and imagines planting thousands of them in the median between the highway like the yellow lines on the road. One day…
    Anyways, your arrangements are beautiful!

  • Maybe a litle ridiculous but oh so happy and a sure sign of Spring. Lovely arrangements.

  • This is such a great post. We all do this – come home with a multitude of flowers that get lovingly crammed into various containers that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Case in point… blue ducks. Thanks for a great laugh on this rainy morning.

  • I only like them in large groups. They’re lining some of the avenues in my city and that is really lovely, one large wave of yellow.

  • Having worked in floral for a short time, I learned that nothing should be mixed with daffodils. They release some sort of toxin into the water that will quickly kill the other flowers. Just be aware. I suppose it is possible that there is something that you can mix in with them that isn’t effected, but I couldn’t say what it is.

  • sarah i have a quick question, i have a jade plant (one single stalk) that seems to be swimming in a huge pot and have been thinking about moving it to something smaller. is it a problem to use a pot without a drain hole in the bottom?

  • can’t resist quoting dave chappelle in block party: “spell it with me now… BO-DE-GA. bodega!”(not bottega)
    great post though, as always!

    • amanda

      that’s what i thought, but i checked with sarah and that’s how she wanted it spelled. there’s a lot of fun spelling in this piece so perhaps it’s a little creative artistic license? if it’s not and she lets me know to change it i certainly will.

      grace :)

  • hannah – the size of the pot is not a problem, but the fact that there is no drainage could be – just make sure you’re only giving it a bit of water once a week. jade’s like to be dry for the most part, and without drainage in the bottom, you don’t need to water it as often as other plants…i guess it is BODEGA, whoops.

  • Unfortunately, IF you can find daffodils in Fl. they are really expensive. By the way,I cant ever think of yellow daffodils (one of God’s “smile evoking” creations) as a “cliche'” as Jessika commented. But then again, maybe I like cliche’s….I even named my daughter Jessica (with a c)…

  • Do you have any idea what the difference is between daffodils and jonquils? I love these peeps of spring.

  • I got 10 for $1.50 at a grocery store, and they blossomed overnight! Im going to have to get loads of these…they are so sunny and remind me of better days when its cold and rainy outside.

  • I have to admit, I have never been a fan of daffs (*gasp*)–so garish and in your face–though the double and fragrant varieties are finding their way into my garden…and heirlooms are always welcome.

  • I love weeder’s digest! And just to weigh in on the spelling debate — it’s totally fine to spell it bottega! That’s Italian for shop. The Spanish version, bodega, might be more common but it’s just an artistic choice which language to use.