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A Florist’s Brooklyn Home

by Grace Bonney

today’s sneak peeks are some of my favorite from the past few months. this beautiful brooklyn railroad belongs to floral designer, nicolette owen of nicolette camille (camille is her middle name). i first saw nicolette’s work at joy’s site and have been following her online ever since. then last week sarah visited nicolette’s home and suggested i email her for a peek (click here to read sarah’s floral column on d*s). and boy am i glad did. i love the soft color palettes in nicolette’s home and all of the plants- it’s the sort of look i’d love to have, but could never master with my black thumb. nicolette was also kind enough to share some shots of her kitchen, which transforms into her flower studio when she needs to work. it’s always so great to see how people make their home and business life work at home. thanks so much to nicolette for sharing her home- you can see more of her beautiful floral work right here. nicolette’s home continues well after the jump so be sure to click “read more” at the bottom of the post to see the rest of her home. you can also click here for larger, and additional, shots on flickr (and “before” shots of the apartment!). [photographs by lesley unruh]

[image above: I live in a 100+ year old building on the williamsburg/bushwick border in Brooklyn. It’s a rail road style apartment with tons of beautiful old details- tin ceilings, molding and rich honey toned wood floors. I’ve accumulated all of my furniture and other decorative elements mostly from flea markets, stoop sales, thrift stores, family & friend hand-me-downs. I’ve painted all of my bedrooms some shade of blue for as long as I can remember. Each time I go into a paint store I force myself to look at colors other than blue and without fail I leave with 2 handfuls of paint chips in every shade of blue from midnight to bunny gray. This time around I fell for Blue Hydrangea from Benjamin Moore. Vanity above: I found a wonderful bedroom set from an estate sale on craigslist. Each area of apartment is a constant work in progress. I constantly have new ideas and compositions begin to grow out of something as simple as a twig taped to the wall. I’m fascinated by the natural world and have all kinds of pods, seeds, rocks, crystals, shells all over my house. ]

[image above: This lovely desk was a great yard sale find- i love the turquoise painted legs. The grape ivy and the lamp belonged to my grandmother. I collect old mirrors and am always moving them around the apartment to play with their light bouncing effects. ]

[image above: The apartment had this great old sink with these sweet little nooks built in above- perfect for all of my little bottles, plants and flowers! Hanging above is an antique Toran from India that I’ve had since high school.]

[image above: When I first saw this apartment each wall in the kitchen was painted a different color (bright orange, army green and a yellowish green and the molding was dark brown- actually the entire apartment was a mix of this palette). It was quite intense to be in the room and I immediately set out to lighten it up. After lots of primer (LOTS) and the help of many friends the kitchen was transformed! I decided on a soft blue (ok! it’s true! I adore blue!). I think the color is called cumulus cotton. The pale blue walls turned the kitchen into such a serene and peaceful space. This particular shade of blue I spend so much time in this end of the apartment working (it doubles as my flower studio), cooking and having friends over. ]

CLICK HERE to see 5 more photos of nicolette’s beautiful home after the jump…

[image above: kitchen dining table]

[image above: Cloud Wall, My cloud photos have graced a wall in every apartment I’ve ever lived in. This is just a small portion of my photographs, and it’s still growing! Perhaps one day I’ll have an entire room full of clouds? ]

[image above: left- book stack. right- sink nook]

[image above: (Living Room) Since my apartment is a railroad style the living room is open to the kitchen and does not have its own window. I wanted to embrace the rooms cozy feeling so I opted for yet another shade of blue. This time a rich teal blue. Its a dark color but it really adds to the coziness of the space. Initially I had ” what was I thinking!?” moment, but I have come to really love this shade. Naples Blue from Benjamin Moore. My bathroom is too tiny to get a good photo but just wanted to let you know I painted it a blue-gray. I managed to paint every room a shade of blue and I absolutely love it!]

[image above: nicolette’s kitchen, transformed into floral studio]

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  • wow. i love this so much! i love all the natural elements.. and the cloud photos are just beautiful.

  • i love this home! it’s gorgeous and looks a little surreal (in a good way, of course!)
    and the cloud wall is such a great idea!

  • This makes me so… nostalgic! it reminds me of an old french house in the country side (where i grew up). It’s amazing, i know Bushwick and it is nothing like it! that is what a genius artist/designer can do with its talent, make you travel without moving. I adore your Sneak Peaks (i am addicted to them in fact) but this one is really at the top of my list. I SO want my (next) apartment to look like this one. Bravo!

  • All I can say is WOW. This house is sooo amazing! It’s full of inspiration for me…such beauty in all the quiet arrangements of little things! I guess its not surprising, since your floral arrangements are so thoughtful and gorgeous that your own space would be, too! ps– I love all your mirrors!

  • I love how Nicolette brings so much nature into her living space. It’s sooo important in the city. Thank you for sharing this beautiful sneak peak!

  • I absolutely love this home. All the blue tones, the old wood pieces, the floral arrangments and the cloud wall. It’s amazing! It’s one of the prettiest and most creative homes I’ve ever seen.

  • I’ve been going back and forth and back and forth about what color to paint my bathroom. I see now that cumulus cotton will be perfect. Thank you

  • Love Nicolette’s style…very unique. Each piece seems like a one of a kind balanced perfectly with each other.

    Also, her place must smell so wonderful from all the plants.

  • This apartment is nearly identical to mine, except my landlord bulldozed over the lovely wood floors right before I moved in. I am so inspired to nick some ideas from you- namely swagging something over my sink nook! So, so, so gorgeous!

  • What an inviting and great space…inspirational. The sink is so sweet, I think most people wouldn’t mind doing dishes in this cute little spot, ha ha. Thanks. Mandy.

  • this is gorgeous–it really gives the feeling of it being an outdoor space, with the beautiful parts of nature so well integrated.

  • That may be the most amazing place to wash dishes EVER!!! I would cook a 5 course meal every night in that kitchen and take joy in the clean-up.
    WOW! Sigh. Beautiful.

  • Oh my goodness–one of my favorite sneak peaks ever! I simply love all the natural elements, the slightly chaotic look of all the little collected items, the blues that bring it all together… amazing! I’d love to see more sneak peaks like this–spaces that look lived-in and liveable, not perfectly sparse and staged. Thanks for sharing!

  • I could just sit and look at sneak peeks all day long…this one is in my top 5 list for sure. love all the bits of nature and all the blues.

  • Such a beautiful house!!! I love the combo of blue walls, green plants, brown furniture and other color spots of many things. I’d immediately move in ;) Thank you for sharing – so inspiring!!

  • I agree, gorgeous place. Would also love to know the source of that bedspread. Thank you!

  • one of the best sneak peeks ever! all the blue and the flowers and bits of nature all about….what a wonderful space!

  • Oh my, this apartment is a dream. The photography is absolutely beautiful. Who shot this apartment…?

  • Wow — I love this one too! So gorgeous. I’m going to steal the cloud picture idea, and I would love to know where she got that bedspread. And thanks for sharing all the paint names. Blue is in my future!

  • beautiful! and so inspiring. we just moved into a railroad in bushwick and while it’s bones aren’t quite as charming as yours, you’ve given me hope!

  • Thank you so much for all of the lovely comments! I should have you all over for dinner!
    The blanket at the foot of my bed (is that what you’re wondering about?) is a Berber wedding blanket. I picked it up at the Domino Bazaar last year. You can find them at most Moroccan import boutiques & John Derian (i think).
    all my best- nicolette

  • Thank you for sharing your lovely home. This is by far my favorite sneak peek ever! So incredibly beautiful. You are an artist!!!

  • I love this space! However I can not see the last 5 photos and I am dying to see what the rest of the apartment looks like!

  • what a beautiful home.
    nicolette has amazing style..
    an amazing eye..
    beautiful photography !!!!

    this should be published !!

  • Love the cloud wall. What a fabulous idea! I take lots of cloud pictures too. Now I know what to do with them.

  • Beautiful home! I love how she used natural items like rocks, seeds and pods and vintage furnature. Thats my favorite way to decorate. I LOVE the antique mirrors everywhere. As I was looking through the photos I was wondering how she was able to have so many fresh flowers everywhere… then I saw the last two pics. That explains it! :)

  • Beautiful person, beautiful rooms,
    beautiful things and a talent for creating the most unbelievable bouquets from the heart.
    Check out Nicolette Camille’s web site small sampling of her amazing work!

  • i love the white walls and all the textures created by the plants and glass and pictures. it’s such a calming space and so personal. i am inspired! thank you!

  • What is the paint color in the bedroom? I’m moving soon and have been looking for just such a color.

  • Oh! How beautiful all the light shades of blue look in your home, Nicolette. I am not a major fan of blues but you just make it work.

  • Nicolette, your home is so beautiful! Possibly my favorite sneak peek, ever (tied with Domino’s photos of Blonde Redhead’s home). Good luck! I hope this exposure brings you lots of business ~ ~

  • it is so wonderfull to see whimsical, dreamy and light in a modern interpretation. bless you your mind!!!!

  • i JUST LOVE the flowers! they’re everywhere and they are beautiful, realy beautiful! thanks for sharing

  • I Love love this place, so inspiraring for me, who can’t keep a plant more than a month. Thank you so much, I will tresure these pictures!

  • Wow! Sooo pretty!
    I will be moving into a new space this upcoming May and have begun to think of the colours I want in various rooms… I keep coming back to blue as the answer. I wasn’t sure if blue would work in abundance but your place has convinced me otherwise.

  • Amazingly beautiful and inspiring. I love the unique, one of a kind look of the place. I have stopped during my hectic days at work to “visit” this sneak peek several times.

  • Cant resist admiring all these pictures.

    I loved her cloud of photos put together and the round framed mirror above the table and also in the dining room.

    Love the teal blue wall too. : )

  • This is inspiring, truly inspiring. Especially now that we’re climbing out of cold grey winter into spring

  • I keep coming back to look at this one. It’s probably the prettiest kitchen ever. Definitely one of my favourite sneak peeks, exquisite.

  • Wow…That’s all we can say. your work is absolutely incredible! Your apartment has such a calm relaxed vibe and just makes us smile :)

  • I frequently check this site. Sometimes I think people contrive too much when it is clear that your art just finds its way out into your home. You aren’t trying for something… it is beautiful.

  • Love your blue bedroom color. Want to use the same color for my bedroom. Could you tell me what is the paint color and who is it by?

  • I am a freelance florist from London England and have just stumbled upon her work, and its the first florist that has really blown me away……a beautiful home too really intricate…. i’m guessing she is one of those terribly annoying women, good at everything!

  • Your home resembles my idea of what heaven might look like. Tremendously lovely, thank you for sharing your photos.

  • Ah, the heaven house. How often I look at it.

    The ticking fabric below your sink is so practical and sweet, Nicolette. Where did you get it? I’m having difficulty finding ticking with wider stripes.

  • if i lived in this home i would probably just being going “ahhhhh” (in a good way) every time i walked into a room. it is absolutely beautiful! i love all the flowers and the cloud wall is fabulous! really really beautiful.

  • How are the clouds mounted to the wall? Are they done individually or mounted together somehow?

  • I have to leave a comment even tho I saw this post when it was first out..
    I love how this home has such a relaxed beauty. So inspiring!

  • Magical space… and what a surprise to find out that it functions as a floral studio as well! I’m curious (Nicolette, Grace, readers…) to hear how Nicolette especially, and others who’s at-home work requires more than a computer, how the balance is pulled off. Especially with flowers; I’m assuming there is no refrigeration? How is the challenge of keeping blooms fresh mitigated in a NY apartment in say, July?
    Amazing, and thanks for sharing!

  • Absolutely loved this post. Gave me so many ideas and inspirations for redesigning my apartment. So excited to have found this and can’t wait for the next!

  • Looking at this 8 years on from the original posting and there is something so timeless and fresh about it. I always enjoy artists’ homes but lately I have been enjoying florists’ home just as much. But then floristry is an art.