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interior inspiration: mikus’ greenpoint nursery

by Grace Bonney

these days, my life seems to suddenly be full of beautiful babies that my friends have had over the past year or two. everywhere i look, art studios and spare rooms have become nurseries and now i find myself shopping in cute baby stores more than cute shoe stores. although many designers have turned towards babies and children, i still find my favorite designs for children are those made by the parents’ own hands. so today i wanted to share one of my favorite diy projects from a child’s room- a beautiful hand-painted mural that belongs to mikus, llubav choy duerr‘s beautiful little boy. llubav was kind enough to share her thoughts and details on the project so i’ll let her do the talking. gracias, llubav and mikus!

click here for full-sized images of mikus’ greenpoint nursery. and click here to see the rest of llubav’s greenpoint home!

“Mikus’ room used to be our dining room/crash room with a table for four and a cozy long vintage daybed filled with hable pillows across from it. We knew we didn’t want to move to a bigger place when our son was born because we really like the neighborhood but at the same time we didn’t want to put Mikus in the closet. Hee, Hee. So we had to make our apartment work for us without it feeling too tight. There was a lot of cleaning and donating…amazing how much one can hold on to but never really use and i’m a collector–what can i say!

We wanted to give his room a playful transformation without it looking like a nursery room but more like a fun kid’s place. And because it’s next to the kitchen and we have to walk through it to get there, we wanted us and others to enjoy the scenery… I’m sure this is no news to people living in new york apartments with interesting layouts.

I first got the idea of doing a wall design versus just plain paint because i’m enamored with patterns, color and really enjoy drawing. But had to keep the design fun and unisex so, we chose rain forest with a mint green color. All the animal silhouettes are hand-drawn with pencil, then paint and brush and then painted around and in between the shapes. Then we added splash of colors with a great stripe rug from ikea and hand-made party flags above his crib. Also, above the crib we hung arts from family and friends and the poster where his name comes from (it’s my mother-in-law’s maiden name). My husband’s great-aunt who is an accomplished painter Eleanore Mikus gave the poster to Chris after birth and was hanging right above his bed when we first started dating–and i just fell in-love with the spelling and knew my first son will be named that. It’s a really great place for the three of us to meet, read books and play. We enjoy it very much.”

[Photographs courtesy of 3photographers]

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  • Hmmm… My first impression is that I’d be worried about having that chippy white paint in the top photo around a baby or toddler. Just saying…

  • Usually I enjoy ridiculously bright colors, esp for children’s room, but the subtlety here is made playful by the details of the design — definitely not a simple stencil, very children’s-book creative!

  • Lovely Llubav! I love seeing urban parents fit children into their lives. It’s always so cosy, and charming and warm, and speaks to me of starting a family that wants to be together, wherever they are.

    Much better than a minivan and a gigantic nursery in the burbs.

  • I’m with Cari J. Many babies (including mine) chew their furniture so if that set is vintage (i.e., before lead paint was outlawed) I would toss it asap. The mural is utterly wonderful, however!

  • I love this! So inspiring to see how spaces can be reconfigured and brought to new life (literally!) with the right attention to detail and some diy spirit. I think there are so many ways to incorporate great design into kids rooms, making both parents and kids happy to be in the space. My business partners have that same rug from Ikea and their son Everett loves it!

  • This is gorgeous, so fun! Murals allow so much more freedom than wallpaper. There’s no specific repeat size you have to adhere to. What a blast, I can’t wait to do this for my children someday.

  • Just a great idea..and it actually would make painting a wall fun. Love the pale blue..the shapes become almost invisible..