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diy project: kate’s mirror stencils

by Grace Bonney

this third project using paint is good for people who like to change their house around a lot. these mirror stencil designs are easy to put on and take off, and they leave no marks on the mirror so you can change the design over and over again. if you have any contact paper left over from the window film project, you can put it to good use on this one! happy crafting! – kate

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What You’ll Need:
1. contact paper (found in drugstores and hardware stores, used for lining kitchen drawers, etc. get the clear kind)
2. exacto knife and sharp blades.
3. marker
4. paint (house paint or acrylic paint ill work)
5. mini foam roller
6. mirror (or glass)

1. Lay contact paper over your entire mirror and smooth out any air bubbles.

2. Draw your design on the contact paper. You can trace things or freehand draw. You can even draw over old designs, as long as you can see where you want to cut.


3. Using a sharp exacto blade, cut out the shapes in your design that will be filled with paint. any visible mirror surface will be rolled over with paint, so make sure you only cut what you want to be painted.

4. Roll an even layer of paint over the mirror, making sure you cover your cut out areas completely.

5. Let dry for a minute, then roll another layer of paint.

6. VERY carefully peel contact paper off before paint is dry. you can clean up any smudges or marks with glass cleaner and neaten edges of design with an exacto blade once paint is dry.


note: the blade does not cut the glass, so you should have no permanent marks on the mirror. if you are unhappy with your design or want to change it down the road, simply scrape off the paint with a paint scraper or straight blade and wipe the glass with glass cleaner.

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  • fab idea! i always wanted those modern shapes. dont want to sound stupid but i am not at all crafty or an artist – where do i find those designs? wanted to put those on my walls.


  • This is a brill idea! Wow! I love it and it’s easy to remove and redo when I get tired of the design. I change so often – this is perfect for me. ^^

    @Kath – I know it might seem silly, but try looking at the outlines of coloring book pages. The patterns are big and simple and by their very nature, easy to color in. There are lots of sites with coloring pages online. Then you can just print the page you want. ^^ Hope that helps!

  • Thank you for this great tutorial. I’ve wanted to decorate my mirror with the word ‘beautiful’ for a while, but was unsure how to do it. This is so easy, I love it ^_^

  • I have done this with glass etch before, and it makes a cute translucent frosty effect on the mirror. The paint is so sweet and fun too!

  • lovely! where is that fabric panel in the background from? i’ve seen it around…

  • this is fantastic! i just took a pair of mirrors out of their frames for another project and was wondering what i should do what them.

    pearlu, i think it’s actually the light coming through the window!

  • This is so cute. I did something similar but used Frosted Spray Paint from hardware store. The result looks like an etched mirror. I get tons of compliments on it!

  • This is great. I’m going to do this on my glass doors of a 50s display cabinet.

  • this is splendid! but will house or acrylic paint really peel off, or do you have to scrape it off? and scraping won’t damage the glass/mirror? i only ask because my friend owns the house and i want to make sure i can undo anything he doesn’t like.

  • If I want the paint to be permanent, what kind of paint do I use?


    If I use acrylic paint, what kind of cleaner do I use that will not ruin the painting?


  • Hi, I’m not at all a craft person, I just want to be able to place a stencil and peel it off when I want to change it — ferns, flowers, etc.
    Thank you Barbara Breyette

  • Such a great idea! You are very talented. I have a huge mirror in my room and i stencil painted a cute design on it so now it looks really cool. thankyou so much!