alissa hunsaker

by Grace Bonney

alissa hunsaker is a los angeles based photographer who focuses on still life and interiors. she recently graduated from art center in LA and i’m completely smitten with her work. i want to blow up a giant version of her aprons print below and frame it for my kitchen. click here to check out alissa’s work online. [thanks, alissa!]

CLICK HERE for more beautiful photos after the jump…



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  • Gorgeous images, and even more impressive is her website. Love the look of it. That top pic is my fav, the green velour sofa beckons me!

  • These photographs are gorgeous…
    but does anyone know where does that fabulously ornate orange rug from the very top picture comes from?

  • i too am VERY interested in where the large colorful orange rug in the first picture is from! thanks!

  • wow, i must say, im smittenin’ along with you. i looove those shoooes. thanks to her for photographing and you posting, now i want a pair. anyone know where i could get them? :)

  • Thanks everyone and a huge Thank You to Grace!

    The living room and play room images come from a house belonging to Cindy of OneStopModern.com.
    I know some of the pieces are available on her site.

    The shoes are vintage, not sure what era (50s?). They are children’s shoes. I too wish they made them today and in my size!

  • hi. alissa took photos of my eichler home in granada hills, california. i have some of the stuff at my online store at http://www.onestopmodern.com . thanks again alissa! you are a very talented and amazing photog.

    here are the answers to your questions.

    round orange rug- purchased at cb2.com a few years ago

    rectangle orange rug- antique purchased in morocco.

    orange felt sunburst panels – you called it, ikea!

    green velvet sofa – vintage item. found at an LA thrift store

    chandelier wall print – available at http://www.onestopmodern.com under lightboxes