2 things i’m loving: dept of eagles + happy sthlm

by Grace Bonney

i wanted to take a brief time-out between biz ladies posts to share two things rattling around in my head today: the first is happy sthlm’s collection of tea towels and runners i saw over at katy’s blog (click here for a sneak peek of happy sthlm designer katarina andersson’s home) and the second is this amazing video that julia rothman sent over.

the department of eagles debuted a new video directed by patrick daughters and marcel dzama. as julia put it, it’s like dzama’s work come-to-life on screen. it’s amazing– a must, must watch. it creeps me out a little bit but i’m totally mesmerized.

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  • I found that very disturbing. I can appreciate it for what it is, but I didn’t like it.

  • I’m intrigued, but confused- is there a back story I’m missing? What’s with all the leg amputation scenes? I feel like perhaps I’m missing the overall message. The choreography is lovely, but otherwise I’m lost.

  • I don’t know anything about the band, I like the song, but I love Marcel Dzama. I think he was at the University of Manitoba when my twin was going to school there. I could just kick myself, I wish I had known about him then. My sister was in the Natural Resources/ Forestry Graduate Program.

    I am not sure if I need to add the html around these links or not? But I guess copy and paste if I did this wrong.


    He was one of the founding members of the Royal Art Lodge.

  • Yay! My cousin’s band! Go see Grizzly Bear on tour – Daniel is the singer in both Dept of Eagles and Grizzly Bear. They are amazing!

    • caryn

      one of ac’s old co-workers used to date a guy in grizzy bear. i feel like they’re my own personal kevin bacon game. i’m always bumping into people who know someone in or around the band ;)


  • I have been obsessed with it since viewing it yesterday!
    I love the video and now am intrigued by both band and artist.

  • Grace – I’m always impressed with your sense of all things visual. This was surprising – in a good way. Quite brave of you to post something so edgy and off-beat. I’m smitten, and have a new artist and band to contemplate.

    • thanks autumn, but julia definitely deserves the credit. i don’t think i would have seen it had she not emailed it over. ;)


  • My daughter is one of the dancers in the video. She absolutely loved doing it. She said it was the most amazing experience and she loved working with Marcel Dzama and the director Patrick Daughters. She said is the most fun anyone could have. The 6 dancers who were in the video had the best experience and had so much fun. Glad it’s getting seen as I know a lot of work went into it by many people. I think it’s a work of art.

  • design sponge has never steered me wrong when it comes to music. i have dug on every band grace has ever mentioned. (new pornographers changed my world!) and now i thank you for department of eagles.