stop motion magic + new server

by Grace Bonney

yesterday my friend bryan was in town and we spent the better part of the afternoon watching seriously immature youtube videos like the cinnamon challenge and kittens book. but then he pointed me in the direction of this incredible stop motion video by israeli artist, oren lavi. whether you listen with or without sound, this video is a MUST-WATCH. it’s like a magical wonderland of bed-time fun. (in a non-dirty, work-safe way)

ps: just in case you loaded d*s yesterday and noticed that monday’s posts were missing, i just wanted to clarify that yesterday we switched servers, and unfortunately it didn’t pick up yesterday’s posts. thankfully i was able to recode everything, but we lost comments. i was able to get them in the cache and repost them manually, but today everything should be running smoothly. thanks for your patience!

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