design by the bookvideo

musical interlude + design by the book party

by Grace Bonney

tonight is the finale party for the design by the book video series with the nypl and i just wanted to post a quick addendum because we’ve had to change rooms in the party to make room for the 350+ rsvps (we’ve hit our guest limit so unfortunately the rsvp list is now closed). we’ve been blown away by the response and are so excited to see everyone there. if you’re planning on coming, please meet us at 6:30 at the main library at 5th avenue and 42nd street- but please be sure to enter on the 42nd street side. in addition to an advance screening of the final episode, we will be selling tickets for a raffle (proceeds to benefit the library) to win items like ‘listen lady’ jewelry designed by lorena barrezueta, julia rotham’s luxury apts print, prints from mike perry’s LA show at tinlark gallery, and books by rob ryan, lena corwin, lotta jansdotter and more. we’ll also have a quick q&a with the artists so bring a question with you and we’ll see you there!

[also, come early to the party- the first 50 people to arrive with get a copy of the zine that mike perry made for design by the book as well as a copy of our series’ soundtrack- ‘brutal’ by the clear tigers]

also, i posted about wedding music today at martha stewart and in the process of researching that i came across some really fantastic ‘soundies’ from eikon productions in athens, ga. athens is home to such an incredible music scene it’s hard to even describe how good it is (it’s on my short list of cities to settle in when we start a family, along with chapel hill, nc). but needless to say, i’ve been watching these for hours and hours and they haven’t grown old yet. if you’re looking for a little musical break in your day, just CLICK HERE to watch the videos after the jump. the second band, corduroy road, is playing at our wedding (with ian thomas)! yay bluegrass!

CLICK HERE for a musical interlude after the jump (and to hear our wedding band!)…

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  • Grace, were we meant to rsvp to this event? I had planned on just showing up! Oops!

  • aw, these videos make me miss athens! i used to write for the flagpole when i lived there. the corduroy road will be a great savannah wedding band.

  • Grace, congrats on booking such awesome musicians for your wedding. (After one listen, I had to order a record from them!) Your bash is going to be a blast set to their music.

    By the way, if you like the Athens Soundies site, I bet you’d like http://www.thepennyjam.com, which is a similar gig out of Portland, OR. They record one-song “shows” in local businesses and other random spots–grocery stores, museums, bridges… Yay for local music everywhere!

  • these videos are amazing! look like they were filmed with a Nikon D90 or something. wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Shoot! I forgot to RSVP too! Was planning to attend. Hope the event is a blast. Sorry to miss it.

  • This is one of the hundreds of times I wish I was in NYC–I would LOVE to come to the party tonight, and I hope it’s awesome! Oh, and YAY Chapel Hill! I do miss the music there, as well as the people and the little shops.

  • Hi Grace!

    Thanks for an awesome event! And for my amazing new Mike Perry print via the raffle.

    Best wishes,

  • Durham NC is much more happening these days. I lived in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, NC for 14 years before moving to Durham. All are great places to live but Durham is the best.

  • Athens, GA represent!! Athens is my lovely and delightful hometown. It’s a great place to grow up.

  • I just purchased the corduroy’s CD after listening to it on this post…their voices!! Beautiful! I only wish I didn’t live so far away…I would love to hear them live. Thanks for introducing them to all of us!

  • Grace! I had so much at this event on Thursday night! All the way from Baltimore, but totally worth it. My friend won a raffle, and she gave me a Julia Rothman print!!! Its already framed and on my wall.

  • oh that’s so cool! thanks so much for coming katie :)

    were you behind the mic stand with the julia city print? i know i said hi to someone and told them to pick up a poster tube from julia :)