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diy project: kate’s vintage wine clips

by Grace Bonney

this week’s diy borders on the frivolous…but all the more reason to make this little trinkets yourself, as opposed to spending money on ones that don’t have your personal touch! we want to have more dinner parties (who doesn’t) and i thought these would add that perfect hostess detail. i used a mix of single earrings i had left over from losing the mate and some vintage clip-ons i found at the flea market. these take two minutes and you are ready to throw a party. happy crafting! – kate

CLICK HERE for the full project instructions…

What You’ll Need:
1. earrings, all kinds
2. earring hoops (you can buy these in packs at bead stores or craft stores)
3. ribbon
4. scissors
5. pliers
6. exacto blades

1. cut your ribbon pieces and snip triangle out to form the pointed edges.
2. fold your ribbons in half and then cut a small slit in the top with the exacto blade so that it can be threaded onto the hoop.
3. thread your ribbons onto the hoops.
4. thread the earrings onto the hoop. for clip-on earrings, you can just thread closed clip-ons onto the hoop and they will stay put. for post earrings, take the pliers and bend the post down to the base of the earrings to form a loop.
5. use the pliers to bend the straight end of the hoop earring to form a hook that will latch into the other side.


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