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design by the book: film festival news!

by Grace Bonney

working on design by the book with the new york public library was one of the best projects i’ve ever worked on in my almost 5 years at d*s. watching 5 artists create such beautiful designs inspired by the library’s collections was so much fun, and such an honor for me. i’ve always wanted to delve deeper into the creative process behind the work we love, so the series was my chance to immerse myself in the actual work that comes before the finished product.

so many of you responded positively to the series and today i’ll thrilled to announce that scene:brooklyn (an brooklyn independent film & media arts festival) has, too! a short-film version of design by the book (created by our videographer james murdock) was accepted into the festival and will be the subject of its own panel on the first night!

on monday, may 4th the entire DBTB team, including artists julia rothman and mike perry, will be speaking at the galapagos art space in dumbo brooklyn (not the old location in williamsburg) following the artists in residence screening. the screening starts at 9pm so it’s a late one, but we’re so excited to be able to share our love of the brooklyn art/design/film scene and we hope you’ll come join us! the event is only $5 (and gets you in to see all the films that night), so come meet some of the talented artists behind the project if you’re free!

CLICK HERE to watch the full design by the book video series online.

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    • amanda

      they don’t sell them in advance (sorry), so you can just buy them at the door. hope to see you there! :)


  • We’re so excited to have your film in our new film and media arts series Scene: Brooklyn. You do not need advance tickets to attend the screenings. They’re all $5 cash at the door at Galapagos Arts Space in DUMBO, Brooklyn. I hope to see you there!



    Where can I watch the rest of the video series? It’s fantastic! I can’t wait to see what they find in the library and how that inspires them and what they make!

  • I just watched all four episodes on youtube. How fantastic. Thank you so much for this! I’m off to visit the digital library, and I wouldn’t mind owning one of those vases / tea lights that Lorena Barrezueta made. And I love the sailors that Julia Rothman made — I wonder if she’ll turn that into fabric. It’s fabulous. And the lamp and book and maps — ugh. Fantastic.

  • Yesterday my friend told me about his recent trip to Cuba. The library in Havana had ratty old books, nothing newer than 1960. The only newspapers available were government issued and no one seemed to bother reading them. The abundance of our own libraries is an incredible and almost infinite gift of knowledge, inspiration and possibilities. How very lucky we are.